By Gingalover Part of the Book Seven: Order continuity.

The Worldwide Cure is a phenomenon that affected both the Earth and the Spirit World; a launch of millions of orbs spreading across the globe.


Before it occurred, Caesar was in a confrontation with Meelo back at the Eastern Air Temple upon surrendering the temple to him. During the confrontation, Rohan was dropped in Caesar's cauldron, which Caesar previously was using for his depression orbs. When Rohan was dropped in, the lack of any negative energy or aura deeply effect the mixture, and the reaction was so great, that it caused millions of positive, life-giving orbs to launch out.

The orbs that were made, which appeared like shooting stars, traveled all over the globe. The orbs flying had a purifying effect upon impact, be it either purifying the animals or regrowing the plants, and didn't cause any true damage to wherever they landed. The event affected the entire world and even the Spirit World.


After the event occurred, the effects from the orbs resulted in many areas being purified. Many areas had newly grown plant life, and many populated areas were cleansed. Republic City became inhabitable by people again, and a new species of butterfly also appeared from the after effects.

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