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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Final Avatar.

The World of The Final Avatar is a world similar to the World of Avatar in many ways. It is also different in many ways.

Locations Edit

Earth Kingdom Edit

The Earth Kingdom is the largest part of the World of the Final Avatar by far. They are also the most powerful nation.

Ba Sing Se Edit

Ba Sing Se

Ba Sing Se

Ba Sing Se is the capital of the Earth Kingdom. It is very large, taking up most of the Northeastern Earth Kingdom. It is most famous for its large walls protecting the city. Earth King Boli's palace is in this city. It is considered by some to be the safest place in the world, due to the large army, gigantic walls, and good law enforcement.

Omashu Edit



Besides Ba Sing Se, Omashu is the largest city in the Earth Kingdom. It was known for its large military activity, as much as storing many Earth Kingdom tanks there. The rebel army called the Stone Soldiers attacked this city, and it fell. Most of it was destroyed by Avatar Zaru, but rebuilding efforts were put in place, and the Stone Soldiers recruited help to hold Omashu.

Stone Cave Edit

The Stone Cave is a large cave in the Earth Kingdom. It is hidden inside a mountain in the mountain ranges of the Southern Earth Kingdom. It is strategically located near Omashu. After the Battle of Omashu, the Stone Cave is mostly just used by Stroe Vintrel and Heesu Saro.

Fire Nation Edit

Next to the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation is both the biggest and the most powerful nation.

Fire Nation Capital Edit

Capital harbor

The Fire Nation capital

The Fire Nation Capital is the biggest and grandest city in the Fire Nation. Fire Nation royalty lives in this city. This is where Avatar Zaru lived before the war. It was largely destroyed in the Attack of the Fire Nation Rebuilding efforts have started on the city, as well as the rest of the destroyed Fire Nation.

Water Tribes Edit

Northern Water Tribe Edit


The Northern Water Tribe

The Northern Water Tribe is very powerful, though not as strong as the Earth Kingdom. It has been able to hold itself during the war. The Earth Kingdom has not attacked very the Northern Water Tribe very much, though they are closely watching them to avoid to much power in the Water Tribes.

Southern Water Tribe Edit

Southern Water Tribe

The Southern Water Tribe

The Southern Water Tribe has mostly recovered from the last war. They are now hiding from the Earth Kingdom. Only the idea of bigger threats has kept the Earth Kingdom from attacking.

Foggy Swamp Tribe Edit

The Foggy Swamp Tribe is a small Water Tribe in the swamps of the Earth Kingdom. It was mostly unknown by the world, but Boli had heard myths. He sent his army in, telling them to destroy the tribe. The tribe was burned down, and all of its people killed. Only Patola had survived.

Air Temples Edit

Southern Air Temple outlook

The Southern Air Temple

The Air Temples were once great temples at the corners of the world. During an earlier war, all of the Air Nomads were killed. When Boli took the throne, he claimed all of the temples as his own.

Bending Edit

Bending in the World of The Final Avatar is much like it is in the World of Avatar. There are special ways to bend though.

Crystalbending/Gembending Edit

Crystalbending or gembending, is a form of Earthbending that allows the bender to control crystals. The most notable crystalbender is Voe, who has two poison knives made of crystal for this purpose.

Plantbending Edit

Main article: Fanon:Plantbending

Plantbending is a form of Waterbending that involves controlling the water in plants. Patola is known for his skill in this.

Woodbending Edit

Main article: Fanon:Woodbending

This was invented by Patola when he discovered wood was just tree, which can be bent. He uses it many times in The Final Avatar.

Lightningbending Edit

Main article: Fanon:Lightningbending

Lightningbending is a form of Firebending.

Organizations Edit

Earth Kingdom Edit

Military Edit

The Earth Kingdom military is a large group of high paid soldiers hired to defend and fight for the Earth Kingdom. They are loyal to Boli.

Kyoshi Warriors Edit

The Kyoshi Warriors are an all female group dedicated to protecting Kyoshi Island. After Boli's rule started, all but three were killed. They now fight to defeat the Earth Kingdom. They are lead by Paal.

Stone Soldiers Edit

Main article: Fanon:Stone Soldiers

The Stone Soldiers are a group of rebels in the Earth Kingdom. Stroe Vintrel is their leader.

Fire Nation Edit

Military Edit

The Fire Nation military is a very power force, but it isn't as strong as the Earth Kingdom's army. It is mainly for defending the Fire Nation.

Water Tribe Edit

Military Edit

The Water Tribe military is split on two groups. The Northern army, and the Southern army. They are not as powerful as the Earth Kingdom or the Fire Nation, nut they are still a strong force.

Not Specific to a Nation Edit

Order of the White Lotus Edit

Main article: Fanon:Order of the White Lotus (The Final Avatar)

The Order of the White Lotus is a group dedicated to knowledge and peace. They are against Boli.

Team Avatar Edit

Team Avatar is a team consisting of Avatar Zaru and all of his allies. They are working together to stop Boli.

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