The World Like it Shouldn't Be
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Vaznock and Waterkai

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Destination: Fire Nation

"The World Like it Shouldn't Be" is the first chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


When brought to a prison, Mina finds a message from a retired Kyoshi Warrior who died long before Mina was born. She finds an escape route out of Zula Island, and decides to escape and save the world. When she's released, she tries to convince the other civilians to escape with her, they call her crazy and leave her all alone. Mina then escapes alone, leaving Zula Island behind.


The episode starts in a dimly lit room, where Mina and another girl are forced to mop the floor thoroughly, while a guard supervises the girls. Mina shares her discomfort of the Fire Nation's rule of Zula Island to the other girl, but the guard quickly silences her. The girl tells Mina to keep quite, as Supreme Fire Lord Azula does not allow the Fire Nation to be spoken of negatively. The guard, now very angry, forcibly separates Mina and the girl. He takes Mina out into the yard, and orders her to dig an extremely large hole, and then refill it as punishment. Mina refuses, but the guard whips her as hard as he can in her head, forcing her to cooperate.

As Mina and some other slaves are punished, a nobleman and his family walk by. The child ventures too close to the slaves, and the mother grabs him and tells him to never go near those filthy animals, angering Mina. The nobleman then expresses his disgust at how the slaves are not caged up, angering Mina to the point of spitting at the man. The nobleman, disgusted by Mina's actions, orders the guard to do something terrible to her. The guard tells Mina she will not get any dinner, but Mina tells him she does not need any of his food, so the guard throws her in a small prison for slaves who still cling to their rebel ways. Mina yells at the guard to let her out, but the guard laughs and walks away.

Mina angrily bangs on the walls of the prison in anger, but she is ignored by all the guards. Eventually, she gives up. As she gets ready to lie down, she spots and old piece of toilet paper on the floor, much to her disgust. She soon notices, however, that the toilet paper has not been used, but that it was written on. Mina observes the paper, and she finds a message written by a former Kyoshi Warrior. Mina asks a guard about the warrior, and he tells her it was a Kyoshi Warrior who went insane, tried to escape, but got herself killed in the attempt. Mina then read the message, and saw it contains information on the warrior, and, much to Mina's utter surprise, an escape route of the island.


Mina after trying to convince her fellow slaves

The next day, Mina is released from the prison, but she is told her work load has doubled. Mina's mind was too focused on escaping, however, to care. Later that day, Mina tries to convince the slaves of Zula Island to escape with her. She tells them they are warriors of Kyoshi, and that not even a global empire can bring them down. Some children agree with Mina, but their parents quickly stop them. The citizens then tell Mina she is crazy, and the guards just laugh her off, not even punishing her. Despite not feeling right, Mina decides she must escape, whether alone or not. Later that day, she prepares to escape her bunk, hiding the necklace and the coin her mother and father hid in her clothes before they were separated in her hair, and quietly saying goodbye to fellow slaves without them hearing, saying she'll free them someday.

Mina slowly sneaks out of the bunk, moving out of the cabin. She is soon spotted by a guard, though she quickly pins him to a wall with her bow, and covers his mouth with a piece of cloth. She slowly creeps past the island's outer limits and travels through the passes on the escape map, and eventually comes across a poor fisherman. She asks him what he has caught recently, and the man tells her proudly that he was able to catch a giant Koi, and that is being exported to the Fire Nation. Mina, realizing she has a chance to escape on the ship, thanks the man, and leaves happily, leaving the fisherman puzzled.

Mina finally finds the Fire Nation ship exporting the fish, but it is already leaving the port. Mina, however, is able to make it to the ship by shooting an arrow with a rope attached to it at the ship. She swings on the rope into the ship's deck. Luckily, the entire crew is fast asleep, and Mina is able to sneak through the ship's deck into the lower areas. At the bottom of the ship, she spots the dead Koi Fish. Much to Mina's disgust, she is forced to bury herself in the fish's cut up organs. She then falls asleep, but is awoken very early in the morning by the sound of the boat's horn. She peeks out the ship's window, and sees a Fire Nation flag waving in the air, realizing she is in Fire Nation territory.

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