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Aang and Katara's finale kiss
The World After
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


The Legend of Korra


This is an epilogue to the story Avatar the Last Airbender. It is mostly about the love story of Aang and Katara but also talks about the rebuilding of the world after the War. It is a slightly more mature version than the Nicktoon show its based on. Also it falls in line with the Legend of Korra. It takes place right after the epic kiss between Aang and Katara outside Iroh's tea shop in Ba Sing Se.

Feel free to edit the story as much as you wish.

Thanks for all your input, I am planning to write a much longer and more detailed story from this. A lot of the main themes will be re-used, but a lot will change. Thank you. Aftermath of The War


Book: 四 Chapter: 一 The Reunion part 一

Aang and Katara separate then lock into a loving embrace. The gang watches from the windows with their mouths dropped especially Sokka.

Sokka: "Waaaa?"

Suki giggles and puts her arm around him. Aang and Katara notice their audience and break swiftly from their tight embrace, both blushing intensely

Aang: "Hey guys, w-what you looking at? Ha-ha" in a guilty voice.

Sokka: "Ehh, nothing. Soooo you guys wanna head in, it's getting kind of late?"

Katara: "Umm sure" in a non-shallot tone.

Aang: "Yeah, sure" in an excited voice.

Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, and Toph quickly grab their things and say their goodbyes to Iroh, Zuko, and Mei. But while everyone is leaving Aang gently grabs Katara's hand and they walk together down the road with the rest of the gang, and Appa and Momo trailing behind.

Sokka: "last one there is a rotten platypus-bear egg!" he exclaims when their house is comes into sight.

Sokka, Toph, and Suki start sprinting down the street. Suki is first till Sokka sprints out in front with Toph close behind till Toph creates a ditch with Earthbending and Sokka trips into the mud.

Sokka: "hey" he says angrily "that's cheating!" with a face covered in mud

Toph: "you didn't say there were any rules Boomerang Head!"

Sokka: "Argggg"

Katara, Aang, and Suki laugh. Then they finally get home.

Sokka: "Hawky!"

Toph: "Were? Maybe it's a letter from my parents" in an excited tone

Sokka puts out his arm for Hawky but it flies by him and lands on Katara's shoulder. She takes the note out.

Katara: "Toph it's from your mom and dad! They say they are very proud of you and want you to visit them.

Toph: "Really! ... I mean, well it's about time they got some sense."

Katara: "Well we can stop there in a couple days while we are on our way home to go see Gran Gran and Pakku's wedding."

Toph: "Okay"

Aang: "Yeah, that sounds good."

Suki: "All right then, we are gonna have to wake up early tomorrow so I think we should get a good night's rest."

A couple hours go by and everyone is in bed sound asleep in there nice home in the inner ring of Ba Sing Se.

Suddenly Katara stirs and wakes up. She quietly gets up and stealthily tip toes past Toph and Suki's bedrooms. She walks out of the room and turns right, then slowly opens the door to Aang's small room.

Aang: "Katara?" he says in a soft barely awake voice.

He stands up out of his bed, disturbing Momo who was sleeping on the bottom of his bed. Katara runs toward him and hugs and kisses him. They fall backwards onto the bed.

The next morning Sokka notices Aang and Katara aren't up yet and they are already packing up and getting ready to leave.

Sokka: "Hey where is Aang and Katara?" he says to Suki and Toph.

Both shrug they're shoulders

Sokka: "Hmmmmm"

Sokka goes back in the house and goes to Aang's room. He throws open the door.

Sokka: "WHAAAAT??????" he says extremely surprised

Aang and Katara cuddling in bed, half naked, both turned bright red and threw the covers over their heads. Then abandoning the idea and jumping out of bed, Aang slams the door closed with a powerful Airbending move. Sokka, paralyzed by shock decides to go back and join the others.

Toph: "you find them Sokka?"

Sokka: "ummm, th-they're getting ready."

Suki: "well, you should go tell them to hurry up. We are leaving soon"

Sokka: "ahhh I am sure they will be out soon." He said awkwardly.

Aang and Katara walk out together holding hands.

Toph: "come on you two love reptile birds"

They both blush. While Toph and Suki were distracted by packing up, Sokka runs over and confronts Aang and Katara

Sokka: "What were you doing in Aang's room last night Katara!" in a hush voice, not wanting the others to here.

Katara: "We were just talking, besides it's non of your business."

Sokka: "Aang tell the truth what were you two doing?"

Aang opens his mouth but Katara interrupts.

Katara: "I told you we were just talking! Now go help pack and stop being so nosey."

Sokka: "Katara! me and you both now what happened and I have have the right mind to tell dad."

Katara: "I don't know what you're talking about. Come on Aang lets go pack up."

Sokka: "Ahhhh Katara!"

She ignores him and starts loading up Appa. After everything is ready the gang jumps on Appa's back.

Aang: "Yip Yip"

They soar into the air above the massive city, everyone below looks happy and relaxed now that the war is over. After four days of traveling and stopping to rest at night, they land in front of the Bei Fong's house in Gaoling.

Toph jumps off Appa

Toph: "Mom.... Dad!"

Lao and Poppy Bei Fong step out of the door of their home. Toph runs over to meet them.

Poppy: "Oh Toph we have missed you so much, we cannot say how sorry we are for being so overprotective toward you."

Toph: "It's okay I forgive you"

Lao and Poppy: "Thank you"

Katara: "Sorry we have to go so soon but we have a wedding in the Southern Water Tribe to go to, and it is in three days, come on Toph."

Poppy: "Well it's getting dark, you should come inside to rest."

Katara: "We would love to but we will not make it in time if we stop now."

Toph: "Actually Katara I think I am gunna stay here for a while and be with my family and help rebuild the city."

Katara: "Okay I understand, I'll tell Gran Gran congratulations for you"

Toph: "Thank you"

Aang: "Well I guess this means goodbye for now"

Sokka: "Aww Team Avatar separated again"

Toph: "Haha, goodbye Twinkle toes, Sokka, Suki, and Katara"

Appa licks Toph picking her up off her feet and Momo swoops down on her shoulder.

Toph: "Haha and goodbye Appa and Momo"

The gang: "Goodbye!"

They soar off on Appa heading towards the Southern Air Temple. After a day of non-stop flying they decide to rest at the Southern Air Temple. They all get off Appa and get ready to go to sleep.

Katara: "Come on Aang, we have a long day tomorrow and we are gonna need some rest."

Suki: "Yeah Aang we are gonna have a busy day tomorrow you should get some sleep."

Aang is standing at the edge of the temple looking down upon it.

Aang: "Wait Katara, there is something going on down there"

Katara: "What is it?"

Katara and Suki join Aang at the edge of the temple while Sokka is already asleep in his tent. Suddenly from down at the bottom of the mountain a large group of creatures start to fly up towards them.

Katara: "Are those..?"

Aang: "Flying bison!" interrupting Katara

A large group of 30 or so flying bison arise from the foggy bottom of the mountain and land in a nearby stretch of earth.

Aang: "I can't believe it! Where have they been hiding for so long"

But then Katara notices something even more surprising.

Katara: "Look there are people on them!"

Aang flies towards them on his glider.

Suki: "Sokka wake up"

Sokka: "Ugh, can't it wait till morning" he says sleepily

Suki: "No, come quick"

Sokka walks out of his tent

Sokka: "What is it..... Suki look there are flying bison and monks over there!"

Suki: "I know, now come on we are going over there, quickly"

They both ran over and reunited with the rest of the gang

Book: 四 Chapter: 二 The Reunion part 二

Suki, Sokka, Aang, and Katara are now amongst 30 flying bison each with two airbenders sitting on their backs. A very old man is sitting next to Aang.

Aang: "I want you guys to meet Guyatson." speaking to the gang

Aang: "Guyatson this is Katara, Suki, and Sokka"

Guyatson: "I am honored to meet the friends of the Avatar."

Sokka: "Wait, wait, who are you guys?"

Guyatson: "I am the great grandson of Gyatso but let me start from the beginning first. 100 years ago the Fire Nation planed an attack on the Air Nomads, but days before the attack Monk Gyatso was visited by a spirit and it told him of Sozin's plans to wipe out the Air Nomads. So before the attack 5 monks or sisters were selected from each temple to go and hide in the Earth Kingdom in order to keep our traditions and culture alive. Now there are hundreds of us that up to recently were in hiding but when we heard the war was over we knew that we could return home again."

Aang: "But where did you get the flying bison?"

Guyatson: "We found them on our way here on Whale Tale Island. They were hiding in caves, much like we were hiding in the Earth Kingdom."

Aang: "Wooow I thought me, Appa and Momo (Momo jumps on Aangs shoulder and Appa flys over) were all that was left of this place."

Guyatson: "Haha young Avatar you will are never be alone, the memory of your loved ones will always be with you."

Katara: "So what are your plans now? Are you going to start rebuilding?"

Guyatson: "In due time my dear, in due time"

Katara: "Well I think you should tell the world that you are back, some people don't even know that you ever existed and most think you died out 100 years ago!"

Guyatson: "What did you have in mind for us to do such a thing?"

Katara: "Well you could go to my Gran Gran's wedding in the Southern Water Tribe, there will be people from every nation there."

Guyatson: "That sounds great. Me and a smaller group shall join you, while the others stay here and rebuild."

Aang: "That's great! We will leave at dawn then"

They go to bed. The next morning they pack up and fly out with Appa leading the way for 8 other bison. After a day and a half of travel they land in the Southern Water Tribe surrounded by a large crowd people. In the crowd there were many familiar faces such as Chief Arnook, some members of the Freedom Fighters, King Bumi, Iroh, and Fire Lord Zuko.

Aang: "Woooow look at all the people"

Katara: "And look at the village it is three times as large and everything is all cleaned up!"

The crowd looked very surprised to see the other Airbenders.

Aang: "Hey guys!" he said excitedly now on the ground.

The Duke: "Who are those guys?" in a very hush voice

Aang: "Guys, meet Guyatson and the southern Air Temple monks."

The crowd is shocked and ohhhhs and ahhhhs explode from the crowd.

Guyatson: "Hello" while bowing towards the crowd

After a while of chatter amongst the crowd and the monks, everyone took their seats facing a large ice stage. Then the ceremony started. Gran Gran dressed in a beautiful white fur dress followed by five young women carrying blue elegant lanterns walked up and stood on the stage. Then Pakku followed by five young men carrying spears and wearing warrior paint took the stage. In the center of the stage was Hakoda and Arnook

Hakoda: "Settle down, settle down." he said to the crowd

Arnook: "Today we are gathered to show the unification of two people"

Hakoda: "And the unification of two tribes"

Arnook: "With the authority of the Moon"

Hakoda: "And ocean spirit"

The men and women holding the lanterns and spears created a ring of water around Gran Gran and Pakku.

Arnook and Dakota: "We pronounce you man and wife"

The water ring shoots up in the air and explodes into snowflakes. The crowd stands up and cheers. Aang steps up on the stage after the crowd died down and Gran Gran and Pakku took their seats.

Aang: " I wish to say congratulations to Kanna and Pakku" the crowd cheers "And I have something else to ask" he pulls out a stunning blue necklace "Hakoda I wish to ask for your daughters hand in marriage" the crowd was shocked and whispers broke out from it

Hakoda: "I would be honored greatly for you to marry my daughter"

Aang: "And Katara..." who is sitting in the front row "...will you marry me?"

Katara: "Yes!" standing up and running into his arms.

Aang puts the necklace, with an Airbending symbol on it, around her neck then they hug and everyone cheers. Then there was a huge feast with a vast assortment of food. After the celebrations were over everyone said good night and went to bed. The next morning there was black cloud drifting towards the village.

Aang: "What's going on?" he asked Katara as she was packing up hastily and looking very concerned.

Katara: "Fire navy ships are coming and they look angry."

Aang: "What??? But the war is over and..."

Katara: "Zuko says that they are still loyal to Ozia, and want to kill you and Zuko."

Aang stands up quickly with his glider in hand.

Aang: "No, I will not let them hurt anymore people. Where is Zuko?"

Katara: "He is preparing his guards and ship for battle"

Aang kisses Katara on the cheek then flies on his glider to Zuko's ship. There he finds 30 Fire Nation soldiers, 40 Water Tribe warriors, the Freedom Fighters, and the Kyoshi Warriors. Aang jumps on the deck of Zuko's ship that was surrounded by Water Tribe boats.

Aang: "Zuko, what's going on, how many fire navy ships are there, and who is leading them?"

Zuko: "There are about 15 ships and I think I know who is behind it." He turned to face the army "Quiet down, Quiet down! These men out there are trying to rip the balance of our world, they are traitors to their nation and traitors to humanity. We shall show them no mercy! They are led by the once admiral, Zhao and he will stop at nothing to try to destroy us. But he is clearly out matched and is a fool! We must teach these traitors a lesson!" the crowd erupts with cheers.

The fire navy ships are now less than a mile away, and the armada of Water Tribe ships starts heading right for them lead by Zuko's ship. Aboard is Zuko, Iroh, Aang, Sokka, the Kyoshi Warriors, and Zuko's guards. While Katara and the other women were in the village setting up a makeshift hut to house the injured.

Book: 四 Chapter: 三 Captive

Fire balls from the Fire navy illuminate the early dawn sky. But none of them hit there mark because they were blocked by Guyatson and his group of Airbenders on flying bison.

Switch scene to inside the fire navy ships.

Zhao: "Hhhm, everything is working to plan. They will not suspect a thing....hahahaha"

Back to Team Avatar.

Zuko: "what is he doing? He knows he is greatly outnumbered and out skilled yet he isn't retreating. Maybe he is a greater fool than I thought."

Iroh: "How do you know it is Zhao?"

Zuko: "I just know uncle"

Now the ships are only a couple hundred yards apart and the battle begins. Aang fly's to one of the ships and lands on its deck, then 20 soldiers start shooting fire balls at him which he quickly blocks them with a swipe of his staff. Then he makes two huge waves of water that crash onto the deck that knocks the men to their feet. Then he freezes them in ice. Meanwhile a massive battle is going on and no one seems to be winning. In the haze of the battle no one notices a small submarine launch from Zhao's ship and head toward the village. Aang now at the top of Zuko's ship, is standing watching the battle from above. Then his eyes and tattoos flash and he raises all 15 ships with water and then freezes them in ice and shots powerful fire balls that puncture the ship's hulls. The fire navy surrenders to the defenders. All of the traders are captured and brought aboard the defenders ships.

Zuko: "Where is Zhou!" talking to one of the helmsmen

Helmsmen: "Who? I have never heard of a Zhao."

Zuko: "Liar! Take him below." talking to the guards. "I don't understand, I was so certain it was him."

They return to the village but something is wrong. There are scorch marks on some of the tents and Kanna was lying on the ground crying.

Aang: "what happened?"

Kanna: "A man came in an underwater boat and with his men, they.... They..they took Katara!" she starts breaking out in tiers.

Aang: " I will not let them get away!"

Kanna: "they left a message, it says if you want to see her alive again to hand in Zuko and Aang to them."

Zuko: "let me see that letter." She hands him it. "Zhao!... It says to meet him in 3 days at Whale Tail Island."

Aang: "Then we will go and when we get there we shall capture Zhao and get back Katara!"

Zuko: "No, he will be expecting that. We should beat him over there and find his hide out."

Aang: "how do you know he has a hide out on Whale Tail Island?"

Zuko: "There was an old Fire Nation base on the island and it would be perfect for a hide out. Very few know about it, and since he was an admiral I am guessing he knows."

Aang: "okay, we should leave now in order to beat them there."

Zuko: "yeah"

They loaded up their thing on Appa and were about to take off...

Sokka: "Wait I want to go with you"

Aang: "Sorry Sokka but it says only me and Zuko can go and if he finds you he might hurt her."

Sokka nods his head. They fly off towards Whale Tail Island.

Book: 四 Chapter: 四 Whale Tail Island

They flew for one and a half days straight till they finally reached the island at midnight. They stealthily landed Appa and got off his back. The island was for the most part a flat wooded area except for two massive peaks in the center of the island that cut the island in two.

Aang: "So where is the hide out?"

Zuko: "It is closer to the base of the mountains, come on this way."

They stealthily ran thought the woods till they finally reached the hide out. It had four guard towers around it and very tall, and thick walls. The base was next to the beach and had a makeshift dock attached to it.

Zuko: "How are we supposed to get in there are guards everywhere."

Aang: "Hmmm"

Then Aang creates a large wall of fog from out of the ocean and makes it slowly drifts over the entire base.

Aang: "Follow me"

They walk through the fog till they get to the wall, then he Earthbends a hole in the wall and they slip in. He closes the wall then makes a huge hole in the ground which they jump in and then he seals it up.

Zuko: "Now all we have to do is wait for Zhao, then we jump up and attack. I'll distract him and you get Katara and bring her back to Appa. I'll catch up with you later."

Aang nods his head in agreement. They wait all night till the next morning they hear commotion.

Zhao: "Tie the girl to that pole, and would someone shut her up!"

The guards tie Katara up and stuff a piece of cloth in her mouth

Katara: "Mmmm!! Mmmmmmm! Mmm!" unable to talk

Then Zuko springs up out of the hole behind a crate and then starts blasting fireballs.

Zhao: "Zuko how nice of you to join us, and where is your little pall, the Avatar?"

Zuko: "Not here."

Zhao: "Now, I thought the girl was the Avatars girlfriend, not yours. Oh well, it doesn't matter at least I have one traitor."

Zuko: "Traitor! You are the traitor" he attacks and the battle begins.

Aang quietly moves over towards Katara and breaks the chains with ice and removes the cloth, she hugs him and Aang uses his glider to fly out of there.

Guard in one of the towers: "The Avatar! Look!"

Zhao: "My lucky day"

He shoots a fire ball at Aang and Katara but it misses and they make past the wall. Aang places Katara down in the forest and blows the bison whistle.

Aang: "You stay here and wait for Appa while I go get Zuko."

Katara: "Okay" she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Be careful."

Aang flies back into the base and knocks all the Guards out of the towers.

Zhao: "Ah, look who has decided to join us" talking to Aang

Zuko: "What are you doing I told you to wait with Katara!"

Aang: "I am not leaving you behind."

Ten guards come charging out into battlefield. Aang quickly turns around to face them. The guards start charging towards him with their spears. Aang jumps up and doges them, then while there backs are facing him he knocks them down with a powerful gust of air. Meanwhile Zhao and Zuko are in an Agni Kai. Zhao is wildly throwing fireballs at Zuko till Zuko knocks him of his balance and he falls to the ground.

Zuko: "I showed you mercy once before..." looking down at Zhao "That was my mistake, Ahhhh" he throws a fireball to Zhao's face but it is blown away by Aang.

Aang: "No Zuko, don't there is a better way" he walks over to Zhao and places his hand on Zhao's head. Both glow (Zhao orange/red) (Aang blue) within seconds they are both blue and Zhao passes out.

Aang: "There, he can no longer Firebend. Here tie him up." Handing him some chain.

Zuko ties him up and drags him across the ground out of the base, to Appa and Katara.

Katara: "What did you do to him?"

Zuko: "Wasn't me, it was him." Pointing to Aang.

Aang: "I took his bending away, like I took Ozia's."

Zhao: "You did what?" he said fluttering into conciseness. " you didn't" he tries to Firebend but nothing happens. "Why wouldn't you just kill me? Please!"

Zuko raps a piece of cloth around his mouth and throws him on Appa's back then Katara, Aang and him get on and they fly off into the sunset.

Book: 四 Chapter: 五 The Vision

Aang and Katara are lying down next to each other, in each other's arms. Katara leans over to kiss Aang but he softly pushes away

Katara: "What's wrong Aang?"

Aang: "It's just that...I can't believe it, even after all this, the world is still divided. People still think that just because you're born somewhere you are better than other people born elsewhere!"

Katara: "Ohh Aang, everything is gunna be alright"

Aang: "No Katara, I almost lost you and it's because of people like him!" pointing to Zhao angrily "How am I supposed to keep the balance when everyone hates each other?"

Katara: "Not everyone hates each other, I don't hate you. I love you."

Aang: "I love you too, but that's not the point. There must be some way to bring people from all nations together!"

Katara: "Ohh Aang" kissing him on the forehead then falling asleep.

Aang brushed Katara's hair off her face, and then went to sleep himself.

After a long journey they finally get back to the Southern Water Tribe. They are warmly greeted by Sokka, Suki, Gran Gran, Pakku, and Hakoda

Hakoda: "Katara are you alright?"

Katara: "I'm fine dad." hugging him

Sokka: "So where is Zhao?"

Zuko reached up and pulled Zhao by the collar into the snow. He took the cloth out of his mouth and stood him up.

Sokka: "Watch out! He can Firebend out of his mouth."

Aang: "No, he can't I took his bending away."

Sokka: "Wow, so this is becoming a regular thing?"

Aang: "I guess. I think I am getting better at it too, haha"

Sokka: "so could you give people bending?"

Aang: "I don't know, do you want me to try on you? I could give you Zhao's Firebending" Sokka: "Yeah! Sokka the master Firebender! I like how that sounds."

Katara: "Aang be careful you don't know what could happen."

Sokka: "Come on Katara let us have some fun"

Aang: "Okay, are you ready?"

Sokka: "Yep"

Aang places his hand on Sokka's Head, but this time Aang was the only one glowing in the begging then Sokka was consumed by an orange glow, then they both were normal.

Sokka: "Did it work?"

Aang: "I don't know, try this." he shoots fire out of his fist.

Sokka tries and at first nothing happens then a ball of fire lazily shoots out of his fist.

Sokka: "Wooooooooow, look at me! Master of Fire!" he wildly starts shooting fire.

Katara: "All right, now you've had your fun. Now Aang take his Firebending away."

Aang: "Uh, can I do it later I am exhausted."

Katara: "Fine, but don't get to use to it Sokka."

Sokka: "Aww"

Katara: "Didn't you say that you hated Firebending?"

Sokka: " just feels so cool! To have that much power!"

Zuko: "You're starting to sound like my father, ha"

Sokka: "Oh, all hail phoenix king Sokka!!! Pow, pow, pow!" shooting little flames from his hand.

Aang, Katara, Suki, and Zuko: "Hahahaha"

Suki: "Well it's getting late; I'm going to go to bed"

Zuko: "well I guess this is goodbye for now, Zhao, and I are heading back to the Fire Nation. Also I need to drop uncle off at his tea shop."

The group says their goodbyes and went into a group hug. Then they headed off for bed.

Aang: "Katara, wait." He said as she was about to enter her igloo.

Katara: "Yes Aang?"

Aang: "I thought of a way how to bring everyone together. Come in here, I'll tell you my plan." gesturing to his igloo.

The next morning Aang and Katara emerge from the igloo and meet the rest of the group, who are huddled around a fire."

Aang "Hey guys."

Gang: "Hey"

Aang: "We have something to tell you."

Sokka: "I knew it! Katara your pregnant!"

Aang: "What? No. Why would you think that?"

Sokka: "Oh, never mind." hiding his face.

Aang: "Okay, so as I was saying a couple days ago when Katara was captured I realized that even though the war is over, that there is still hatred amongst the four nation."

Katara: "So Aang and I came up with the idea to build a huge city were people from all four nations can live together."

Suki: "Wooow. Where would it be?"

Aang: "Whale Tail Island."

Suki: "This is great, but shouldn't you be planning something else right now?"

Katara: "What should we be planning?"

Suki: "Your wedding!"

Aang: "Oh, well we were gonna wait two years when Katara is old enough."

Sokka: "But you will only be 14 then, Aang"

Aang: "Technically I'll be 114."

Sokka: "Oh yeah, I forgot sorry."

The group: "Hahaha"

One week later in Zuko's Palace

Zuko's advisor: "Sir, we have bad news."

Zuko: "Well, What is it?"

Zuko's advisor: "Your father has escaped from prison."

Zuko: "What! How, he can't even Firebend."

Zuko's advisor: "I also have good news."

Zuko: "What is it?" he says angrily

Zuko's advisor: "Your mother is here."

The door opens and out comes Ursa.

Zuko: "Mom"

Ursa: "Zuko" her eyes welling up with tears of joy.

Book: 四 Chapter: 六 "卡塔昂 City"

Two years later in Kataang (卡塔昂) City.

The city is exploding in excitement as the two major founders, Katara and Aang, are getting married that day. Throughout the city there are celebrations and parades. The dream of people of all four nations living together in harmony has been achieved.

In the center of the city is a huge lawn leading up to a massive palace were a stage has been made right in front of it. Surrounding the stage is a crowd that goes in every direction for miles and miles.

Guyatson: "We are gathered here today to unite two people in eternal love. The beautiful Katara" the crowd roars with cheers

Guyatson: "And the savior of our world, Avatar Aang" an even load roar comes out of the crowd as Aang and Katara walk onto the stage from opposite direction till they meet in the center facing each other and lovingly looking into one another's eyes.

Hakoda: "By the power of water" a ring of water forms around the two.

Kuei: "Earth" a loop of earth forms around the two.

Zuko: "Fire" a lively ring of fire forms around them

Guyatson: "And Air" a loop of air circles them

Hakoda, Kuei, Zuko, Guyatson: "We pronounce you man and wife."

They have along beautiful kiss and the crowd cheers louder than ever and the elements shot back to their benders.


One year later Aang and Katara's son Tenzin is born who later becomes an Airbending master taught by his father Aang.

After Aang dies in 158 AG a monument commemorating Avatar Aang's life is erected, but quickly the city has taken a turn for the worst. Now controlled by an anti-bending movement known as the Equalists, the city was renamed Republic City and crime rates exploded.

Now Korra, the new Avatar is left to fix the once great city of Kataang and restore balance


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