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Hired and contracted for either combat and war, or bounty hunting, or assassination.

The Wolves are a mercenary company composed entirely of waterbenders. Founded and led by Ralyn, known as the She-Wolf. She named them after the wolves found in the North Pole.


The Wolves were formed by waterbending master Ralyn. She had previously been a member of the Seasons, when she decided to make her own company of waterbenders. She trained the Wolves in the North Pole where there was open grounds where they could train without notice.

The Wolves began their new service as one that completed the mission and always honored the contract. They kept this record, which was only matched by Ralyn's previous employers, the Seasons.

As of 319 AG, the Wolves were hired by Grand Marshal Rishu. First Ralyn was to protect his wife, Lira during the eclipse while she impersonated him. Then the company within the same month was sent for a mission to capture high ranking leaders. By using bloodbending the night battle on the full moon went to the Fire Nation who used the bloodbenders as a way to capture leadership.

The Wolves have had a change when their leader Ralyn betrayed their employers and destroyed their containers of a special coma gas. She has since fled to Omashu, leaving an unknown member of the company in command of the mercenaries.

They are still active and serve as a waterbending group to fight for the Earth Kingdom siege of Omashu.


The Wolves are taken to the North Pole and pushed to extremes. Training to their limits in the harsh cold, the mercenaries are incredibly fierce. All members learn bloodbending when they reach a level of mastery.


This is the most common companion animal of the mercenaries and the namesake of their Company.

To further exemplify their immersion into the Company, they often take and train a "scout". These "scouts" are personal war pets that serve the mercenaries' needs. The animals and their purposes could be for whatever need the individual needed but they often included hunting, war, tracking, messages, scouting, protection and warmth. 

Originally, all mercenaries would find and take a wolf pup from the North Pole; a challenge of its own sneaking there and stealing a pup from a pack. But other similar animals have now been chosen for their skills, such as Raven-eagles for messaging, hunting, and interception. The most common is still wolves as it has become a rite of passage to brave, but so are Raven-eagle eggs, and are the next most common for those who use messaging and hunting birds.

These scouts are not mounted animals, as those are often provided by the company. Other but rare kinds are Boar-q-pines, Armadillo Lions, and Bull Antelope. At least one mercenary has forgone a "scout" in order to have and train a Shirshu for mount and tracking.


They are often Southern Tribe Waterbenders who were exiled or felt restricted. They are taught Northern Style and bloodbending by Ralyn. Despite the advances in technology, the mercenaries wear armor, often keep blades, and ride mounts. Their logic is "you can't feed grass to a car". A few of these mercenaries have training in sword combat like the Southern Tribe Wolf Warriors and carry katanas, but they are few.

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