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"It's a never ending cycle, we didn't have this much trouble in Ba Sing Se"
―Kento to General How.
The Winter Deadlock
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Earth Kingdom Blitz


Fire Nation Rebellion


Cease Fire


Hundred Year War


Late 101-Early 102 AG


Mid to Western Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom victory


Earth Kingdom

Fire Nation


General How

Fire Nation Generals

Forces involved

Earth Kingdom Rifleman

Fire Nation Army, Dai Li


Five Hundred Thousand

Seven Hundred Thousand


First appearance

The Cartographer


The Winter Deadlock was the last major battle in the Hundred Year War before the cease fire. It began when the Fire Nation Generals issued an order of no retreat after the Earth Kingdom Blitz had reclaimed much of the Earth Kingdom. What was supposed to be a simple matter of driving out the remaining Fire Nation forces quickly morphed into trench warfare.


After the route of Fire Nation Forces from Ba Sing Se, almost all of the occupied Earth Kingdom Territory was reclaimed by Earth Kingdom forces armed with the new firearms. General How conducted massive offensives, reclaiming massive amounts of land and battering the Fire Nation Army.

Reaching the edge of the burnt out sections in the Western Earth Kingdom, The Fire Nation Generals gave the order to retreat no further. When General How's forces slammed into the Fire Nation lines, he was utterly shocked when the Fire Nation Troops didn't retreat like they had before.


The opening days of the Deadlock were by far the most bloody. Thousands were slain on both sides by the large amount fighting. With their comrades being slain, both sides began to dig trenches in order to take cover. Understanding that they had come up against a wall, General How settled into a holding mode, attacking only with the a small offensive.

When Kento, younger brother of The Day of Black Sun mastermind Sokka arrived, General How found himself with a possible way to break the deadlock. It was around this time that the weather took a turn for the worse, starting one of the worst winters on record.

With supplies running low and the men freezing in their trenches, the Fire Nation Generals began to consider a withdraw. However, this consideration became a full plan after word reached them of a rebellion in the homeland.

In early spring, with the help of banished Dai Li members, this plan went into effect. During the middle of an Earth Kingdom offensive, the Dai Li built several tunnels under The Fire Nation trenches.  The Fire Nation lines were then hidden with massive dust clouds and the men smuggled out of their trenches with the tunnels.


With the withdraw of all Fire Nation forces from the mainland, a cease fire was instated. The Former Fire Nation colonies reorganized into the Unified Independent Territories.

Behind the Scenes

The Winter Deadlock was largely inspired by the battlefields of World War One.

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