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The Wind Cries Mai
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  • Part 1: 15 February 2010
  • Part 2: 12 March 2010
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With a Little Help from My Friends

The Wind Cries Mai is the fourth chapter of the fanon series, Avatar: Past Masters. It is divided in two parts.


Team Avatar continues searching the enemies in a Fire Nation island, while Zuko tells Kuroko about his past and Mai's death. Azula and Long Feng try to incorporate a powerful member to their side.



After some days, Team Avatar arrived to Kuzon Island:

- Well, we are finally here – said Sokka.

- Yeah, it was a long trip – added Katara.

- It was very fast for me, I mean, I think we have traveled faster than Azula. Maybe she's not here yet. What do you think, Zuko? – asked Kuroko.

- Well, the only way to know that is investigating.

- Okay. We should form three groups for a better and faster search. – continued Aang – Zuko, you'll go with Kuroko; Sokka, you'll go with Katara and Suki; and I'll go with Toph; Appa and Momo'll stay here. Everybody's fine with the plan?

- Yes. I agree – accepted Zuko.

- So, we have to be here in five hours. If somebody finds Azula or Long Feng, you have to come back here and wait, then, we will attack together – specyfied Sokka.

Azula and Long Feng were arriving to the island the same day two hours before. "My friend lives in the other corner of the island, we've to walk now over the island, Long Feng."; "So, let's go. The island is big, if we want to be there today..."; "We won't be there today, and we're going to walk in the night too; I'm suspecting somebody's following us, we have to lose that person". ", so, do you want to me now who's the person, "your friend" we're looking for?"; "Okay, if you're so interested, I'll tell you: Nenshou is a hitman, I met him two years ago. He's a strong firebender, and a really excellent Agni Kai fighter, he's also the brother of Kenzo, another hitman who Zuko "secretely" hired during the War with the mission of kill the Avatar, he died in the War. Nenshou told me everything while Zuko was hiding his mission. The fighting styles of the two brothers are very similar, Nenshou could create an explosion with a tattooed eye in his forehead, that technique is called "combustion"; Kenzo has two circular tattoos, one in each palm of the hand."; "Awesome, and why do you think he'll help you?"; "I know he'll want to. What do you think he's doing in this pacific island? He must be worried, he's a killer".

Zuko and Kuroko started walking. They kept quite for a long time, until she said: "Zuko, sorry for the question, but, why are you so reserved lastly? Suki have told me that you changed after the end of the War and you became more enthusiast. Why are you more reserved now? I tried to ask Suki, but she didn't want to answer me"; "Well, I had a girlfriend, Mai, she became the Fire Lady at the end of the War; she died two weeks after my coronation"; ".........oh, I'm sorry, I didn't want to ask, I understand now, sorry"; "Wait, I want to tell you her last days, my friends have told me that I'll recover myself if I remember the story frequentely, so that will became part of the past and I'll overcome it"; "Okay, if that helps you and you really want to remember..."; "yes, I want to overcome this fast, but I won't forget her, I don't want to. Well, this happens, as I told you before, some days after my coronation."


Ten days after the coronation, Zuko and Mai were in the palace talking about the wedding, "Zuko, four days aren't enough to prepare all the necessary things, we need at least three weeks if we want a perfect wedding"; "But, Mai, I don't want to wait three weeks"; "Zuko, me neither, but we have to wait, what could happen if we wait some days more"; "Okay, but if we're going to wait, we need, as you said, a perfect wedding"; "Of course", laughed Mai; "I love you, Mai"; "I love you too".

Team Avatar was in Ba Sing Se. A man knocked the door; Katara went to open it. "Good morning, I have letters from the Fire Lord", said the messenger. "Good! Thank you", said Katara receiving them. "I have news", she said to her friends, "Zuko is going to marry Mai in three weeks, he sent us invitations for the wedding in the Royal Palace!". "Great!", said Sokka. "I didn't think they'd marry so fast", said Aang. "Are we going to go to the wedding?", asked Toph. "Of course, Toph; I think we should go right now, we could help to prepare all with anticipation". "You're right, Katara, we'll go right now, it's one of the more important moments of Zuko's life, we should be there".

When Team Avatar arrived to the Fire Nation, Zuko told them about Mai'disease, she was very sick and she had been in her bedroom for two days. "Zuko, have you called a doctor?", asked Katara frightened; "Yes, we have. We have called the best doctor in the world; he lives in Omashu and he's coming right now, maybe he has arrived". They went to the harbor and found the doctor:

- Good morning, doctor Kaoku, I'm Zuko, and these are my friends. We need you in the palace, Mai is very sick and we're going to marry in some weeks more.

- Okay, let's go. How many days has she felt bad?

- A week ago.

- I'll see what can I do. What symptoms does she have?

- She has paralysis of some parts of her body, involuntary spams, headaches, convulsions, she's very bad, doctor.

- There're not good symptoms. It's a neurological disease, probably a demyelinating disease. It seems like Balo disease, or maybe Marchiafava-Bignami disease, but she's not alcoholic, right?

- Of course not! Why do you ask that?

- Because the last disease I named is related to alcoholics usually. Maybe NMO, Devic's syndrome, or, less likely, Krabbe or another type of leukodystrophy. Does her father or her mother have similar symptoms?

- No, they are fine. Why?

- So, maybe there's not the last thing I said.

- And... that's good?

- I don't know, yet...

"And how...?", asked Kuroko; "...wait, we haven't ask to anybody about Azula"; "That man, I'm going to ask him, wait here, Zuko". After two minutes, she came back, "he didn't know anything; so, what did the doctor say when he saw Mai?".

Doctor Kaoku arrived to the palace and examined Mai:

- How do you feel? – asked the doctor.

- No changes – answered Mai.

- Okay, I'm going to make an MRI and I'll see if it's Balo.

- What's Balo? – asked Mai.

- I prefer to tell you tomorrow, when we'll sure about that.

- Okay. Thank you, doctor.

Doctor Kaoku made the exam and went to prepare the results. Next day, doctor Kaoku went to the palace with the exams done.

- She has Balo disease – said the doctor when he was in Mai's bedroom.

- What does it mean? – asked Zuko.

- As I said yesterday it's a demyelinating disease, in this case, it's mortal, the disease is very advanced; the point is that Mai probably won't survive more than three days. I'm sorry.

- Three days!? – said Zuko crying – No! Mai!

Zuko and Mai cried for hours while the doctor, with the permission of the Fire Lord, told the new to the team. They didn't belive him at first, but when they saw it was true, they couldn't carry the grief and cried. They decided to leave Zuko and Mai alone for a while.

- Mai, we were planing or wedding, and now.... – he stopped a moment to mourn – we won't...

- I'm sorry, Zuko. I don't want to die,...

- No, why do you say I'm sorry?! It's not your fault, Mai.

- Okay, Zuko, promise me that you'll continue with your life normally after my death,...

- How could I continue my life normally after that, Mai?

- I mean, with the restauration of the peace in the world.

- Okay, I promise you.

They stayed together until the morning, when they called her friends and family to say goodbye. In the evening of that day, Mai died serenely next to Zuko, who cried all night in the room.


- I'm sorry, Zuko – said Kuroko trying to hide her tears – I didn't know it was so hard for all of you.

- Yes, my uncle helped us a lot. He went to the palace immediately when he heard about the news.

The royal funeral was two days after the death. Many citizens went to the funeral. Team Avatar tried to cheer Zuko and stayed with him, he couldn't be calm. He didn't want to talk to the people of his nation, he couldn't.

- Zuko, you'll..., we all are going to overcome this together, we are always going to be here with you to help you – Katara tried to encourage him after the pitiful funeral.

- Thanks, friends, thank you very much, but, now, I need to be alone for some days; thank you.

- It's okay, Zuko, we'll return in a few days to see how you are... Bye – said Aang, but Zuko didn't answered.

During that days, Zuko was depressed and couldn't do his normal activities as Fire Lord. Three days after the funeral, Iroh arrived to the palace:

- Hi Zuko, how are you?

- Uncle! I didn't know you were coming here. I'm happy to see you.

- How are you? Better?

- Yes, I'm just trying not to think about it.

- No, Zuko, that's exactly what you don't have to do.

- Why?

- Zuko, you should not simply escape from a problem, you have to confront it.

- How?

- You have to accept what happened, you shouldn't forget it.

When Lu Ten died, I and the troops left Ba Sing Se, we could take it, but his death caused me so suffer that I couldn't keep with the battle. It's fine to cry when a loved being dies. You should not act as if nothing had happened and continue your life normally because you can't and bad things would happen, that's because I dind't continue the invasion, suffering within me would affect me and make me take bad decisions. I suggest you to take some days to think about it and the impact it will have in your life and accept that.

- ...okay, that's what I'll do, thanks, uncle. I don't know what would I do without your help. Thank you – said Zuko crying.

He did what his uncle said. He took time to think, two days. He felt better after that. "My uncle was right", he thought, "I'll go to visit my friends".

Aang opened the door:

- Zuko! Why are you here? How are you?

- Hi Aang. I'm fine now, thanks. I wanted to visit you. Where is the rest of the group?

- They went to buy some food. I'm alone. Are you sure you are fine?

- Yes, I am. My uncle helped me and talked with me.

- Where is he now?

- I don't know. I think he returned with the order.

- And the things... of the... nation?

- Hmm... I haven't been worried about that, you know why.

- Are the guys going to come here soon? – said Zuko trying to say something, he didn't know what to talk about.

- Yes, they went out an hour ago.

- Why did you stay home?

- Momo is sick and I wanted to take care of him.

- Oh! Is it serious? – asked Zuko scared.

- No, it's just stomach. He ate a lot yesterday – answered Aang yawning.

- Ah... What have you.... – Zuko was interrumped by the arrival of Katara, Sokka and Toph.

- Zuko! – yelled Katara – Have you been here for a long time?

- Hi, Katara. No, I have been here for five or six minutes.

The Team talked with Zuko. It was helping him. Later, Zuko said goodbye and Toph went with him, she thought he wanted to be with a friend on the way to the palace.

- Thanks, Toph. I value your help, but I can return alone, it's not necessary.

- No, I'll go. It's necessary – said Toph.

- Okay, thank you very much.

They left of the house and walked towards the palace and Zuko asked:

- Toph, I know you met your parents last week.

- Yes, I did. They have forgiven me. They had read the letter I wrote them moths ago, well, Katara wrote it. They knew about my help to the end of the war and understood that my escape was necessary and they allowed me to live with my friends.

- That's good. Did you traveled alone?

- No, I went to Gaoling with Aang, Katara and Sokka. We saw also the Earth Rumble. I didn't participate, but I liked it. What are you going to do now?

- I... I'm going to continue with the things I was doing. We need to calm down some small revolutionary groups in the city and there are still some destroyed colonies we need to rebuild. Nine colonies in the whole Earth Kingdom exactly. There were forty-two at the beginning.

- You have worked fast. Thirty-three colonies in a few months!

- Yes, it's a hard work. Well, we're in the palace. Thanks for everything, Toph. See you tomorrow. When are you all going to return to Ba Sing Se?

- Tomorrow. In the morning.

- Okay, I'll be there to say goodbye. Thanks.

- You're welcome. Bye.

"That's what happened", said Zuko. "So, you got better thanks to your uncle. I hope to meet him some day". "I'm sure you'll meet him, I........."; "Zuko?"; "Look! Azula!", said Zuko looking for a hiding-place. "What should we do now?", asked Kuroko. "She's with Long Feng, and that guy, I don't know who is he, but he looks like Kenzo...., oh, now, I remember he had a brother, Nenshou, very dangerous like his brother. I think we should tell this to the gang, we can't win, they are three". Zuko and Kuroko tried to get out of that place, but they were seen by Long Feng, who attacked them, allowing Azula to notice the situation. Zuko blocked the earth attack.

- Zuko! – said Azula laughing and trying to hide her surprise – as you can see your prison can't stop me.

- Azula, why are you trying to do? – asked Zuko. Kuroko kept hidden.

- I'm going to become the Fire Lord, I'm going to recover my power. That's why my friends Long Feng and Nenshou are with me, they are going to help me.

- You can't. Many people, including Aang and the team are looking for you.

- Nenshou have told me that the "fire lady" have died. I suppose she's Mai or she was Mai. That's good, she deserved that after betray me.

- This is not about Mai, don't talk about that now!

- Oh, - said Azula noticing the presence of Kuroko – I see you have reeplaced Mai in two seconds, you replaced a noble of the Fire Nation for an Earth Kingdom warrior – she laughed.

- That's not true, this is enough, Azula! Stop with your plans! You won't obtain anything.

- Okay, Zuko – answered Azula making a sign to Nenshou, who shot a combustion attack making explode the place where Kuroko was hidden.

- Kuroko! – cried out Zuko.

Zuko breathed and shot a lightning directly to Nenshou, who fell to the ground. Kuroko started running towards Long Feng and took out her katana; Long Feng tried to defend himself and attack her with earth balls, but Kuroko hurt him in his right arm with her sword. Azula, noticing she was alone now, attacked Kuroko with a blue fire whip that Zuko blocked, then he made a giant fire ball and disappeared with Kuroko from the sight of Azula. "This is not a defeat – thought Azula – Zuko won't sruvive the next time". Kuroko opened her eyes and saw they were in other place.

- Where are we? Where is Azula?

- We are far away from her.

- How did yo do that?

- It's a trick that my uncle taught me.

- That's impressive.

- We didn't do a bad battle. We defeated Long Feng and Nenshou. I'm impressed with your handling of your katana, you could hurt Long Feng.

- But, Azula is... What are we going to do now?

- I don't know, we have to talk this with the guys, I think it's time to return to the agreed place.

The team gather together and Zuko told everything to his friends. "Wait, who is Nenshou?", asked Sokka. "He's the brother of Kenzo..... Combustion Man", said Zuko. "Brother? Another combustion man? It can't be real!". When he finished, Sokka said: "Perhaps Azula is planning an attack to some city". "When we were trying to escape, I heard Azula talk about Hing Wa island!", informed Kuroko. "Okay, we're going to go there, we have to avoid the attack", said Aang.

Lear and Hira were thinking how to stop the revolution. "Okay – said Hira – this revolution will end tomorrow, your plan will work perfectly, Lear". "I know it will".


  • The title of this episode is a reference of a The Jimi Hendrix Experience song, named "The Wind Cries Mary".

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