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The White Lotus
General information





June 21, 2014-???




It All Ends


Spirit War Trilogy


A dark spirit from the past returns! What is his purpose? It will be up to the relatively young Order of the White Lotus to put an end to it.

Dramatis Personae

The Order

- Argho: Avatar after Korra

- Hizumi: A Kyoshi Warrior and strong hand-to-hand combatant, the current Grand Lotus

- Yari: A swordsman

- Lyre: A Waterbender

- Uzzu: An axe-wielding Earthbender

- Sera: A Firebender


- Lin Quei: Spirit of Chaos

- The Shinigami: Spirit of Life and Death

- Kenshin: Spirit of Ice

- Lu Ten: Spirit of Dawn

More will be added as the plot moves along to avoid spoilers


Feel free to add your username if you want to receive chapter updates!

  1. AvatarRokusGhost
  2. Sep0815
  3. Suzon99
  4. Bomochu
  5. Omashu Rocks


Arc 1: A Game of Pai Sho

Prologue: Demon

  1. The Return
  2. Surveying the Board
  3. Examining the Pieces
  4. The Guest's First Move
  5. A Proper Response
  6. Poor Moves
  7. Moving Tiles
  8. The White Lotus Gambit, Pt. 1
  9. The White Lotus Gambit, Pt. 2
  10. The White Lotus Gambit, Pt. 3
  11. The Finishing Move
  12. Deliberation
  13. The Owl
  14. Adjustments
  15. Liung
  16. The Avatar and the Dragon
  17. A Poisoned Spirit
  18. Desperate Plans
  19. Yoriko's Choice
  20. A New Life

Arc 2: The Avatar's Journey

  1. The Avatar Returns

Hub Page

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