Western Air Temple
The Western Air Temple (Justiceforall17)
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Feasible Differences, Personal Expectations, and Personal Wants




The Western Air Temple

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The Firebending Masters

([{Watch until Katara tells Sokka that Sokka is a master of surprises}].)

Beneath the shady skies, the blue spreads over, behind the covering clouds. A vivid reflection of Avatar Aang reflecting on the water. Aang and Sokka carry Toph to the fountain and dip her feet into its water.

Toph exclaimed in enjoyment and said, "I don't how you manage to see without your feet." While Toph enjoyed the bath she saw with her earthbending, Combustion Man had tracked her and the rest of Team Avatar to the Western Air Temple.

Western Air Temple fountain

Combustion Man loomed over the campsite of Team Avatar. He highlighted Aang in his vision and readied his third eye to aim at the target. Before Combustion Man could fire, Zuko arrived to the rescue. Zuko swung on his rope and kicked Combustion Man away from the sight of Aang. At that moment, Combustion Man fired his combustive visual cannon, which instead of hitting Aang, hit the Temple wall, alerting Team Avatar to his presence.

"The mission's off. I don't want you hunting the Avatar anymore." Zuko revealed himself toward the Team Avatar.

Aang was more surprised than he had ever been in his life at what Zuko had just said to Combustion Man.

Zuko told Combustion Man, "I won't pay you if you keep hunting the Avatar."

Combustion Man grabbed Zuko's collar.

"Alright, I'll pay you double to stop," Zuko promised, hopes that he will put himself down.

Combustion Man threw Zuko away from him on the ledge. Combustion Man fired his combustive visual cannon at Zuko who deflected it with a blow of a fire. Zuko fell off the ledge and hung on for dear life. After attempting to fight Combustion Man, the members of Team Avatar ran away to take cover. Combustion Man continued to destroy everything in sight with his visual cannon.

Sokka said, "If we don't stop him. He's gonna blow this whole place up."

Katara said, "I can't get a good enough angle to waterbend at him from down here and I can't get around him without being blown apart."

Sokka drew out his boomerang and said, "Come on, buddy. Don't fail me now." Sokka launched his boomerang, which span around in the air until it hit Combustion Man square in the third eye and continued to spin in mid-air.

Team Avatar got out of their hiding place. Sokka caught his boomerang.

"Yeah, boomerang." Sokka cheered up, ready his boomerang off.

Just then, Combustion Man got up.

Sokka said, "Aww, boomerang."

He and his friends retreated to their hiding place.

Combustion Man rubbed his third eye and aimed his combustive cannon for its previous target. However, nothing came out. He closed his eyes in concentration, but his visual cannon did not fire. Team Avatar came out of hiding to see the cause of Combustion Man's pause in attack. The four heroes looked on in awe as Combustion Man glared down at them by means of blasting them with his combustive cannon, but his third eye did not fire no matter how hard he tried. He snarled angrily at his victorious enemies and ran away from the Western Air Temple.

Aang asked Sokka "What did you do to him?"

Zuko climbed up the ledge to safety.

He answered "You blocked his chi. He won't be able blow things up with his mind again for a few weeks."

"My bad. Way to go, boomerang," Sokka said.

([{Watch this episode from this point onward.}])

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