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The Western Air Temple
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The Western Air Temple is the second episode of The Life of Team Avatar.


It's been one year later and Aang is two years old, who is under the care of his mother. Aang starts to walk and goes with his mother outside in the Western Air Temple and enjoys his time. He adapts to how the newborns live but gets lost need help.


Aang and his mother had always the same routine and love what they do. Aang liked how his mother cared and his mother was proud of her to have a chance to have a baby that loves him and give her a chance to show what can she do.

Talk about showing the temple

When Aang's mother decided that it's time to take him out so he can see how the Western Air Temple looked. She talk with other nuns to talk if it would be fine to show the Western Air Temple.

"I think it's time to show Aang, how the temple is like," said Aang's mother.

"Well, okay." replied the head nun.

"Okay, so tomorrow, I'll start showing Aang, how the Western Air Temple looks," said Aang's mother.

The Next Day

So the next morning, after eating, the morning took him out to show him. They first go to stairs then down to the fountain and teach Aang, how to crawl, when he started crawling, he fell into the fountain but was caught by his mother and was to be learn how to crawl around the foundation.

Later, his mother took him to the mediation room for her to mediate and later they went to eat lunch. She put Aang in the nursery box, where he sits, eat, and interact with other Air Nomad babies.

"It's seems like Aang is interested seeing the temple," said Aang's mother.

"Yea, I knew it would," said the head nun.

"So are you gonna after lunch," said Sister kio.

"Yea," said Aang's mother.

Later, his mother pick him up and took him to the wall of statues and shows statues of the nuns.

After that, they went to the giant Pai Sho table to show Aang, how they play. Then to the all-day echo chamber, where Aang start crying a lot and she took him out so he could stop crying. Then the mother took him to her sky bison and took the bison to the obstacle course so Aang can feel how they ride a bison and how fun it is. In the end, they went to the dorm and the mother decide that Aang needed a nap and the mother went for a nap.

Each day, she decide to show the temples' chambers and places in the Western Air Temple.

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