Wei and Wing
The Wei to His Heart
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The Legend of Korra

Hey there! This lame-titled story is my entry for the Fanonbenders' contest round 10! I also missed out on writing something for round 9 which was 'Write in the Second-Person' so I thought I would also try writing in second-person for this too. Hope you enjoy :D

The Wei to His Heart


The metal disc swoops into the net, though with such little force it may as well have been dropped in there. Grunting a little, you straighten your body, a look of defeat strewn across your face.

The other metalbenders have this 'Power Disc' game down to a 'T' from what you can see. The guy next to you has already moved on to learning how to ricochet the disc off of the walls and pillars in the arena, yet you are still stuck on how to fire the disc.

Yet your teacher is patient, smirking a little as he approaches. You think perhaps he's finding it hilarious how bad you're failing, though you know when it comes to regular metalbending you're not too shabby. But instead of making fun of it, he positions his body behind yours, sliding a hand around your waist and guiding your knee downwards with another.

He smiles warmly at you, "You'll find you'll be able to gain power in your shot from a wider stance, lower to the ground, with your back straighter. Though remember Power Disc is a fast-paced game, so you can't always be so grounded to the floor of the arena. Still, this stance helps when learning the basics," He concludes with a wink. His eyes are so green, the sort of lime colour you'd expect to see on a sweet and delicious tropical fruit of some kind. And his skin rather tanned, as if he had spent much time under the warmth of the sun. He resembles both his mother and father, though even more so with his twin brother instructing another group of metalbenders on the other side of the arena. They are identical twins of course.

Smiling and nodding slowly, as if your determination and eagerness to try the move again is building, you collect the disc previously flung and place it next to your firing spot. As you prepare for your next attempt, you wonder what it would be like to purposely fail launching the disc just so your teacher could come over and show you how it's done again. Though unfortunately your hypothetical outcome becomes a reality; this time you launch the disc with too much force that after hitting the beam supporting the net the disc rebounds and clips the top of your shoulder, though it would have given you a black eye if not for your reflexes. The collision sends your body backwards into a sprawled position on your back, your head bumping the edge of the arena on your way down as you groan painfully.

This time, your teacher lends you a hand, his mischievous light green eyes shining and his lips curled into grin. As he helps you stand he can't help but chuckle lightly at your mistake, and in response you awkwardly scratch the back of your neck while laughing with him, showing off your teeth with a boyish grin.

He pats your exposed shoulder; you're wearing a pale green singlet which he suggested all of you metalbenders wear, given that Power Disc did not require the armour which you and your colleagues normally wore, and movements in the game would apparently be more graceful and easier to perform in your current attire.

"Do you like dealing in extremes or something? That last shot was way too powerful," His amused grin and words bring you back to reality. You had been inadvertently staring at his face for a few seconds prior, zoning out as you simply watched his lips moving with each formation of a new syllable. In response you again smile and nod your head, hoping you will actually improve your Power Disc skills.

You watch him walk to the middle of the arena with a sort of stride to his step, the sort like a magnet to all the eyes in the arena. Joining his twin brother in the middle, he addresses the group of metalbenders before him, "As its name implies, the power of your shots in Power Disc is crucial to gameplay." You notice how similar he is to his identical twin, Wing was his name right? You sometimes get the two mixed up, as did many, though it was understandable since you don't really see much of each other. Yet your eyes always seem to be only ever glued to one of them. The one who wears a rounded necklace, has his dark hair parted right to left. The one who when he smiles has only slightly larger dimples, and his grin is just that little bit cuter than his brother. You let your eyes dwell on each of those features before realising that once again, you have zoned out.

"If we want to hold Power Disc tournaments here in Zaofu among the metalbender guard than you will all need to shape up. Keep in mind that power is key; working out just how much pizzaaaam you need to give the disc in order for it to ricochet perfectly is what you need to master to become great at this game, like we are." Wing concludes with his thumbs pointing at his chest, confident smile beaming across his face. You decide to not let your failures thus far get the better of you, and stay for the rest of the afternoon until the sun begins to set.

That night, you and 'the boys' go out to one of the busier domes of Zaofu, one where the dazzling night lights glow under the protection of the domes, and the younger generation have their fun. You and your friends find yourselves in a popular bar down one of the main streets, near the monorail which passes through from the entrance to this metal city. Shots are downed, alcohol guzzled, though you don't let much of the vile drink past your lips. It's not your style to end up half-unconscious in the gutter somewhere, though you drink just enough to keep you fairly woozy and your tongue loosened up enough to actually hold a proper conversation.

As one of your good friends starts getting chatty with some random woman, your eyes drift outside to the plaza in between this bar and the next lot of buildings. There you see none other than the Beifong twins, and as it normally was on a Saturday night, they were each clung to a by a harem of elegantly dressed girls as they strolled down the main streets and plazas of this city. The two boys had fan-girls dangling off each arm, and Wing even had many milling about in his shadow. Their other male friends seemed to be left with whoever was left over, having nothing on the popular twin sons of the man and woman who made this beloved city what it is.

Whether it be from the alcohol or your slowly withering courage, you decide you want to leave the bar and say hello. At least you could thank Wei for his help and putting up with your incompetence today at Power Disc practice. Yes, that sounds like a reasonable reason to approach them. Pushing yourself off of the bar stool you've been stuck on for the last few minutes, you make your way out of the bar and onto the main street, trying to not let your dizziness get the better of you.

It's much cooler outside than in the overcrowded bar. You're wearing a short-sleeved top, seaweed green in colour, though it has a sliver trim that adds a bit of life to it. A matching section of material hangs from the belt around your waist, and over your legs you're wearing the white-grey pants you normally wear with your guard uniform. You were never fond of wearing necklaces yourself, though adorn your wrists with the material of your hometown.

With the crowd gathered around them, it's a bit of a mission to push past the girls and boys to grab Wei's attention. Though when your eyes meet his green orbs he immediately recognises you, and at first sight a small smirk forms on his face. Perhaps you really did do that badly today? Or perhaps you are simply over-analysing his expressions?

"Uh, hi Wei," You blurt out with a goofy grin, again showing off your teeth. You nearly topple over no thanks to the drinks you had earlier, your temples feeling warm and smothered by a blanket of haziness. "I... I just... Wanted to thank you for your help today in teaching me how to play Power Disc. I know I have a long way to go... But... I want to get better." You manage to say without badly slurring your words. Your head is still spinning and the veins around the sides of your head thumping in time with your quick heartbeat, though your beats are quick for more reasons than just the alcohol.

He smiles cheekily at you, his chiselled jawline moving as he answers, "It takes time, don't worry about it." He hesitates before continuing, glancing at some of the other bodies dangling off his sides, "You know, you could... always come around another time to practice. I mean... Groups like what we had today are fun and all," The girls around him cling to his body and laugh with high pitched and girly voices at his statement as he looks their way, "Though sometimes one-on-one is also more... productive." His lips almost form into a pout, though he maintains the playful look in his eyes as he waits for a response. All the girls around him 'ooh' in awe of him, somehow finding something profound and hilariously funny in every sound he utters from his lips.

It's times like these that you thank the spirits for alcohol. Instead of uttering awkward sounds and nervous half-manly giggles as your sober-self would, you manage to tell him you'll be there not tomorrow but the next day, so long as you're not still hung over from tonight's events, which prompts him and the collection of girls to laugh. You walk off again, telling yourself that this is indeed reality and not some sort of dream, and that you would be going to the Beifong residence in two days' time to practice Power Disc with Wei.

But you don't end up going there in two days. Instead, you find yourself seated in an interrogation cell, facing a dark-skinned man with white hair around the sides of his head and a bottle-green eyed stare so piercing it feels as though tiny needles are burying themselves in your cornea. His glasses do little to shield the examination, and you raise your eyebrows slightly as if to look relaxed and at ease. Not that you have anything to hide of course, but this whole act of being interrogated and the rumours of the attempted kidnapping of the Avatar last night has everyone on the guard a little worried.

"Give me your name, and tell me where you are from." Suyin's advisor begins the session. You sit before four others; Suyin and Lin Beifong, Avatar Korra, and the Avatar's friend, Mako you believe his name is. You answer Aiwei's questions, telling him your name and that you were born and raised in Zaofu. You don't elaborate but you know your parents had moved here several years before you were born, both of them aspiring artists hoping to further their talent in this city full of potential. They had assimilated perfectly into life here in the metal city, and as a result so had you when growing up.

The truth seer continues with his questions, asking you if you have any knowledge of the people who tried to kidnap the Avatar. Your brows lower a little, a serious and truthful 'no' leaving your mouth. In fact, you hadn't even heard of the attempted kidnapping of the Avatar until this morning.

You expect Aiwei to let you leave. You expect him to see that you're not lying. Though he doesn't, and instead leans forward as he narrows his eyes and his brows furrow. Heat rises to the back of your neck, and all you can do is wait for his next question.

"Did you help the attackers enter Zaofu last night?" You try calming yourself to answer his question properly, blinking and twitching your lips slightly involuntarily. You know you're innocent, and have nothing to hide. Perhaps he is simply asking another few questions to completely rule out that the culprit is you? You answer with a slightly rushed "no of course not", partly because you can see he is starting to doubt you.

And then the truth seer's words which you thought he would never say slip past his lips. "You're lying."

Your head perks up at his accusation, your eyes widening with fear. Something was seriously wrong. You know you had nothing to do with the attempted kidnapping, so why was this truth seer detecting otherwise? You object to his accusation, the anxiety and worry in your voice showing, though Aiwei makes no further response.

Instead, Suyin marches over to your seat, leaning her whole body forward as she bellows at you. Your reflexes cause you to arch your body back as she yells, and you try to think of something to answer her with. Though it was all so overwhelming and frustrating. How could they even suspect that you did it? You had told them nothing but the truth! She then lunges for the collar around your neck and slams your trembling body and chair into the wall behind with a clunk. As she hoists you up against the wall she asks you where the attackers are now, though you try to tell her that you don't know, stumbling over the beginning of your answer, and affirm that you didn't help them. Though her red lips are still and cold. Her green eyes, so much like his, are full of disgust and fury. You hate how they look.

"You're a traitor to the entire clan!" Her words spill out and her eyes narrow into a scowl. Her hands grip your collar tighter and you struggle to keep your breathing steady, though not only because of Suyin grabbing your collar but also because the reality of this whole ordeal is slowly sinking in. Someone has framed you. Someone needs a scapegoat to cover their tracks. You know without a doubt you're innocent, but all these people seem to think otherwise.

When Aiwei suggests searching your home you know it's the end for you. Your eyes now even wider with the terror within that grips your heart, your body starts to shake and limbs go numb. He had to be in on it. An earthbender who can detect the slightest changes in breathing and heart rate was the only one who could pretend that you showed those signs. But you have absolutely no proof. There's nothing you can do.

A pair of metalbender guards march in on Suyin's command, both of them much older than yourself though you do know them quite well. They strap your hands into a platinum set of handcuffs, forcefully pushing your cheek into the cold metal table as the do so, all the while your eyes like startled cat-deer's, your mind not ready to accept the fate bestowed upon you. Perhaps there was evidence planted in your apartment? Perhaps you would be found guilty? Perhaps you would be sent to prison? Perhaps you would be sent to a White Lotus prison, the one rumoured to be made of only wood and situated in the middle of the ocean somewhere, given that you are an earthbender.

You're led out of the room after the Beifong sisters, Korra, Mako, and Aiwei have all left. You take trembling strides as the guards force you along to your doom. You still couldn't believe this was really happening. You find yourself next in a lobby of some kind, a collection of other people waiting around. A line of your fellow guards extend from the hallway into the room, some of them you are quite close with. They all have their eyes glued to you, some of them in complete shock that you would be the one to betray them, and others with expressions full of hurt and anger. Your own orbs widen at the sight. How could they all think you did this? It was all happening now. Your body is directed to another hallway, the whole world seems to be spinning and crumbling around you. But before you reach the hallway your heart skips a beat as you see him standing there with his twin. His arms are folded. His eyebrows tilted downwards. His glare so full of betrayal and disgust at the sight of you in handcuffs being led to a prison cell.

A muffled gasp parts your lips, dread slowly creeping up your spine. You utter his name slightly, and he hears it. "Wei," You repeat, "You know I wouldn't do this!"

"I know?" He scoffs bitterly in reply. "What I know is that Aiwei is a truth seer, and he can tell when people are lying. I played Power Disc with you a couple days ago and I've hardly seen you before then, yet somehow you think I know you? I know nothing about you now. Not after this." He shakes his head with a look of pure hatred flashing in his green eyes. Eyes which you admire so much. His words feel like salt shards ripping into open wounds, the searing pain and gravity of this whole situation weighing down like a tonne of bricks. He marches off with his brother, and everyone else in the room seems to drift away as you near the hallway to your holding cell.

Except for one man. He wears a deviant form of your national clothing, a plum colour mixed in with the alpine greens and sliver on the rest of his body. He's always accompanied by that woman who runs after his every need, and if you can recall correctly they are both originally from the Southern Water Tribe. His eyes latch onto yours, though they're not full of hatred or disgust. He squints, but it's not because he thinks you've done it. He seems to be thinking, pondering something as he stares at you.

Hope. That's all you can think right now. If even one person thinks you're innocent, there's hope. You yell out to him that you think you're being framed, though you didn't dare say who you thought it was in case it landed you more trouble. Plus you weren't entirely sure anyway. But the man simply walks off with his arms folded, making no gesture to show that he heard you, or even cared. Instead he mumbles something about pumice stones and callouses to his partner, and in some ways you're actually quite glad that you didn't catch the rest of his conversation as you're led into a cell.

You were naive to believe that some random man watching you slightly differently to everyone else would help you. Why on earth would he even care? This whole situation was hopeless. You had no way to prove that you were innocent. As you hear the door to your cell slam shut, you curl up with your head resting on your knees and back against the wall. Your whole body is still in shock, though the numbness is beginning to wear off.

You try to make a mental list of anyone who would want to frame you, though the list reaches a grand total of zero. You just can't think of any enemies you have. Perhaps someone from class who you beat in a duel or something? It seemed far too petty. There was also your theory that Aiwei simply lied and he was the one who framed you, and even though that one seemed logical it did seem too far-fetched. You place your head in your hands, no tears shed though your eyes growing warm and anxious. That one image of Wei's disgust towards you burned itself into your mind. You just couldn't believe that anyone would think you would help a bunch of criminals try to kidnap the Avatar. You spend the rest of the afternoon crouched in the dark, wondering what in spirit's name you could do to prove that you were innocent.

Harsh light announces the opening of your cell door. Your shivering body is already curled on the ground, though you twist around slightly to get a glimpse of your visitor. Your breathing quickens, the muscles around your throat burning from overuse. Your heart races a million miles a minute, your mind and whole body not wanting to accept your fate. Suyin is the one who stands in the doorway, and you know she is here to pass the final judgement. What would your parents think of you right now? How would they react knowing their son was thrown into prison for a crime they thought he commit? What would all your friends think? You shakily stand to your feet, your handcuffed hands making it a little harder to do so.

But Suyin doesn't scowl at you, or yell, or pin you up against the wall by your collar, like she did last time you met. Instead, a look of distress and regret has formed on her face. "Hong Li, I... I am sorry that this has happened to you. We now know who helped the Red Lotus; it was Aiwei. And we believe he also planted evidence in your apartment."

You shake your head, almost unable to even hear what the matriarch of Zaofu had just told you. All these hours in the cell you've been trying to come to terms with the fact that you had been framed, but now you have been told that you have been proven innocent. It was almost surreal.

Another metalbender steps forward, and you recognise her as the Captain of the Guard, Kuvira, "We do have some follow up questions however Hong Li, just to rule out that you had any part in working with the Red Lotus and Aiwei, though based off how this whole ordeal played out I'm sure you'll be proven innocent."

A small but thankful grin forms from your lips. Slowly, this incredible news was sinking in. This terrible nightmare was over, and although it had only lasted a number of hours it still made your stomach turn and your heart gripped by a fear like no other.

Before long, you're once again led to an interrogation room, though this time there is no Aiwei to question you. Suyin and Kuvira take his place, asking you all sorts of questions relating to your whereabouts and involvement with the attempted kidnapping of the Avatar. You learn from them that a witness had reported seeing the city's Truth Seer around your neighbourhood last night, and they both presume that Aiwei managed to plant evidence in your home at this time. It makes you feel uneasy thinking about that man sneaking into your home. Perhaps since he could sense one's heartbeats he could also tell when you were fast asleep? No one could be exactly sure how he did it, though thankfully Suyin and Kuvira knew that you didn't do it, and release you from the prison.

Unfortunately, not everyone else in Zaofu is so quick to accept your innocence.

It started with icy glares from some, even a few words like 'traitor' being muttered in your direction. It wasn't everyone, but it certainly was enough to make you anxious and fearful of going near anyone in case they do and say these things again. Eyes wide and sweat trickling down your temples, you manage to scramble your way back to your home, locking the door and breathing a sigh of relief.

The radio becomes your best friend for the next few days. You start to understand just why people had yelled those things at you the other day. The city is ablaze with conspiracy theories concerning the Red Lotus; sleeper agents, secret government officials, corrupt businessmen, everyone and anyone the fearful public and those with the loudest voices can get their hands on. And given how rumours of your arrest have spread like wildfire across the city, even in the few hours you were held in prison, your name has come up quite often in their talk.

You sit with your head resting against your knees pointing up, head tilted as you listen to more of the wretched device that seems to be stealing your life away. How could anyone have even considered you to be the traitor from the beginning? Had you not proven your loyalty with years of training to be one of this great city's protectors? The way that some of your friends had looked at you when you had been arrested was something you never wanted to see again. They had thought you had betrayed them, but now you felt like they had betrayed you.

Various people knock at your door over the next few days, some of whom you open the door for. Your parents are two such visitors, trying their best to care for you and love you like parents do. But even they can see your gaze, the lack of motivation in your eyes. They see you not wanting to brave the world which you had believed to reject you.

However, on one such day you reluctantly plod along to the front door to answer another knock, this one seemingly more persistent than the others. As you slowly pull open the door, you thank the spirits yet curse them for giving you the courage to answer the door this time. The boy in your doorway was bright emerald eyes, sleek black hair parted right to left, and his neck adorned with a rounded metal necklace. He doesn't wear his usual grin, and instead looks rather uncomfortable and almost regrettable in his expression.

"Hey... Hong Li I..." Wei's voice trails off as he shifts his arms about. You can tell that he wants to say something, yet wants to be anywhere else but here at the same time. Much like how you want to listen to every word yet hide away in your room and never see anyone again. But he straightens his body, and an ever so slight smirk peeks from his mouth. "You know the other day I said that I 'know nothing about you'? Well, I was thinking that maybe... Maybe I should do something about that. Maybe... I should get to know you more so I do know something about you."

With an awkward expression you tilt your head to the ground. So Wei didn't believe all the conspiracy rumours about your involvement with the Red Lotus? Still, part of you simply wanted to hide away from everyone until this whole ordeal had died down. You let your eyes glance behind you, noticing your companion chirping out the daily news from your bench top. You knew you couldn't waste any more time hiding away from everyone and everything. Turning back to the boy in front of you, you let your eyes trail up to his. "Yeah... That would be nice."

The next few days are some of the happiest you've had for a long time. The areas in between the great metal domes of Zaofu are truly remarkable, though shadowed by the great city of metal which was why many didn't think to come to these parts. Swirling trails of deep blue rivers snake under the monorails and around the rolling hills. Dirt paths weave in and around farm fields and through alpine forests. You even decide to climb one of the mountains overlooking Zaofu, though being two earthbenders you both have no trouble reaching the top.

Lazy clouds hover like airships over the city below, the picturesque blue sky stretching from one side of your view to the other. You find yourself seated on a table-shaped rock, and you take a big gulp of mountain air, the freshness and sweetness of this world around you working its way into your nose. Wei takes a seat next to you, and with a slight flick of his head his hair slides so elegantly across his forehead into the perfect position it usually sits, the wind having blown it around moments before. You find that not only you enjoy staring at the scenery around you, but you also enjoy staring at Wei himself.

Your thoughts are interrupted however when you feel something crawl over your fingers. Like a spider-cat you immediately retract your hand, staring down at it after a small gasp to locate whatever insect had crawled over you. But there was nothing. You glance back at the rock where you had rested it, yet all you see is Wei sitting there with a surprised look on his face and his hand resting near where yours would have been.

Cheeks turning bright red, you desperately try to think of a way to explain yourself, though only strange mutters manage to spew forth from your mouth. "I... Er... I'm sorry Wei I... I thought it was like, a caterpillar or some insect that crawled over my hand... Not that your hands are hairy or slimy like a caterpillar, but..." Your face grows even more desperate as you continue your futile attempt to express your thoughts, "I mean, your hands are perfect they're... Really nice. Not that I like, like them in that way or anything, but... Well... I just think that..." Heart beats pulse in your veins as you notice his weird look he's giving you, as if you had suddenly grown a second head or something. Finally, something sweet and genuine had happened in your life since the whole nightmare with being framed, and now you were ruining it simply because you had too many butterflies in your stomach to even speak properly.

You calm yourself with a loud sigh, sucking in deeply, and turning back to face Wei, "What I'm trying to say, is that I am sorry for mistaking your hand for a caterpillar. Does that make... Any sense?" You nervously chuckle afterwards, hoping to any spirit who would hear that you hadn't just blown everything.

At first Wei just continues to stare, but after a moment longer the ends of his lips curl upward, as if he's trying to suppress something. But even he can't help it; his head flies back as roaring laughter forces its way from his lungs, his arms gripping his sides as he rocks about. He even has to wipe tears away as he continues to cackle.

You find in yourself as well an uncontrollable laughter bursting up like a geyser, after realising your stupidity in this whole situation. Well, at least Wei wasn't offended, you think to yourself.

"You know Hong Li," Wei manages to speak while clutching his sides, "I don't know how, but you somehow manage to make me laugh even when you're not trying to be funny," he remarks while wiping a tear away.

As his laughter and yours begins to die down, you both resume your gaze into the scene around you, taking in a few breaths of the cool air to rest your lungs from all that laughter. You smile while staring out into nothing, thankful that something amusing could have been made out of your mistake. Perhaps that was also an indication of how your current ordeal would work out? Although there were still some who questioned your loyalty, although there were those who dreamed up conspiracy theories that you were indeed a member of the Red Lotus, perhaps something good could be made of this situation. And if that was the case, then you knew not to let this opportunity go to waste.

Sliding your hand over the cool stone, ironically just like a caterpillar, you wriggle your fingers over until they reach something warm. You weave your fingers into Wei's, smiling fondly as you grab his attention, "I just thought... After I ruined the last moment that I should try and do this properly." You grin awkwardly, both of you laughing once again at the thought of what had just happened earlier.

"You know Hong Li," Wei's laughter ceases as a playful grin forms from his lips, "Do you want to know how to drop down from the metal dome surrounding our estate so you can sneak into my bedroom?"

The fall is thrilling. Invigorating. Your muscles tense as the cold air rushes against your falling body. You quickly launch out another cable, your first attached to the hole in the metal dome from which you had just launched from. Thankfully you had managed to convince the guard at the top that you were switching shifts with him, the sleepy man all too happy to let you take the graveyard shift. And now you were nearly at your destination.

The second cable takes you down the side of one of the domes, hopefully keeping you as out of sight as possible. With everything that had been said about you and the rumours flying it would be terrible for you to be caught sneaking into the Beifong estate. Though it didn't matter; the reward was worth it. He was worth it. And somehow, being the thrill-seeker that he was, you imagine that this act of stealth would surely impress Wei.

On the ground you pass plants and patches of grass alongside the paths, running silently as you press on. Around one corner you slow to a brisk walk while passing another guard, the other metalbender giving a slight nod of acknowledgement without a second glance. Luckily for you he didn't seem to think twice.

Soon you find yourself outside the back of the main building, an open glass window being your way in. Your hands are shaking slightly from your nervousness and adrenalin coursing through your body. With one hand you grip onto the wall, using your earthbending as leverage, and then with the other you flip yourself through the open window into Wei's bedroom.

The boy is sitting on his bed, and he grins at you with a slightly surprised look on his face. Perhaps he didn't expect you to be so early, or maybe even to show up at all, given how much of a close call your mission had been. You want nothing more than to stroke your fingers through his hair, or pull yourself closer to gaze into those eyes you found so appealing. You waste not another second before claiming your prize; you think back to all those times practicing power disc, all those times you were there as extra protection for the Beifongs, watching Wei and being completely mesmerised with everything about him. And here he is right in front of you, and he also wants you too.

You smile almost like an excited child, though you hope much more 'manly', and make your way over to him. With a hand on his cheek you pull your own lips towards his, the collision of your mouth with his like electricity through your blood. He doesn't respond at first, though slides his own had around your neck as you continue. In between kisses you grin madly, your longing desires finally coming true. You run your own hand down his neck, your finger sliding along the cool metal necklace which ends with a point.

But then the unthinkable happens. You hear footsteps, then a voice from someone approaching the bedroom. Heat rises to the back of your neck, but before you have time to react the visitor's whispers reach the room, "Hey Wing bro, can you tell me if you see Hong Li? You know, that metalbender guard? I think he may have gotten lost or..." You pull away just in time to see Wei standing in the doorway, "...Something."

You gulp with guilty eyes glued to Wei standing in the doorway, knowing that this was in fact the second time today that you have ruined your chance at love.

Author's Notes

  • Inspiration? I saw this a while ago and thought it was too cute to not write a fanon about it XP. Plus I've also wanted to write something for Hong Li for a while (I don't know why but I always seem to be obsessed with minor charcaters) so there's that motivation too. Anyhow, it's my first time writing anything like this so I hope you liked it. :)
  • The prompt for Round 10 for the competition was, "Create, Develop, or Ruin a romance between two characters" though I think I ended up doing all three in this story :L haha.

Oh, and if you like what you read remember to check out my fanon updates page for all my fanon I'm working on/plan to work on. :)

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