The Wedding Singer
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31st January, 2014

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The Wedding Singer

"Why are they always late!?"

Sokka was grumbling and groaning, pausing at random intervals no greater than a few minutes apart to check the time, before he went back to whining. Aang and Katara were just ignoring him by this stage, which only seemed to further his agitation. Aang gave an amused smile when the older boy shot off into the kitchen at the sound of a car pulling up; he didn't notice that Katara's wasn't quite so large, or as honest.

"Suki!" They heard Sokka cry out happily, however it was cut short as his voice drifted sadly towards them. "Wh-where's Toph?"

Suki walked into the living room, Sokka close behind. She waved to Katara and Aang in greeting, who only offered confused looks back.

"She didn't wanna come this week," Suki shrugged. "She said she felt sick, or tired, or something-"

"Which was it?

The whole room seemed to freeze; Suki gave Sokka a strange look, and Katara and Aang suddenly became very focussed on each other's hands.

"I don't remember," the red haired girl said. "Does it matter?"

Sokka shuffled slightly from side to side, frowning as he muttered, "I guess not..."

There was no conversation as everyone settled down in front of the TV, with the only noises coming from the sofa as Aang and Katara settled their weight on it. No one was comfortable as the tension refused to leave the room, and everyone seemed afraid of breaking the delicate silence. Sokka leaned forward to put the movie on, only to realise that he had no idea what they were watching.

"I thought we were going to watch Toph's movie?" Suki said, looking at Sokka intently. It was as though a spell had been broken as he turned to face her, disbelieving.

"But that's Toph's movie. We can't watch it without her," he said, as it were the most simple thing in the world. Sokka half-turned around to look at the other options, when Suki's voice once again permeated the room.

"Sokka, does it matt-"

"Of course it matters!" He cut her off with the sharp words and a fierce frown, causing Suki to jump slightly. "She's been excited about this for ages, and we were going to watch it last week, only we didn't. I'm not gonna watch it this week coz she isn't here."

Sokka paused to catch his breath, and in the silence he seemed to realise just how loud and aggressive he must have seemed. Lowering his head, he sighed.

"I'm sorry for snapping," he said to the floor. "I'm just... worried..."

"It's okay to be worried, Sokka." All heads turned to Katara, who had spoken through the thick silence. She shot Suki a strange look before turning back to her brother. "But it's Toph. I'm sure she's fine."

It was impossible to stay negative with Katara's hopeful smile radiating the room, but Sokka still looked at her with a sad frown. "Yeah, I know she can take care of herself... Sorry for yelling, Suki." He leaned over and placed a clumsy kiss on her cheek, which did nothing to placate his girlfriend. Even so, she let the gesture pull a forgiving smile onto her face as he continued. "Let's just watch something else. Aang, you wanna pick?"

The bald boy nodded, selecting a random movie from the massive pile that everyone was likely to enjoy. No one said anything as The Wedding Singer began playing. Suki snuggled into Sokka's side, placing her arms around him in a sideways hug. She watched him turn down the brightness on his phone as Aang turned the lights off, and even as Adam Sandler met Drew Barrymore, she caught him sneaking glances at the small piece of technology every few minutes.

Frowning slightly, she snuggled into her boyfriend further; the hand that was around his front slowly but surely making its way across his abs and up to his chest. She rested her head on his shoulder, biting back a smile; the effort soon proved futile as he continued to ignore her. Suki was all but thrown away as, halfway through the movie, the phone rang.

"Hi! Yes, Kyoshi! How are you? How's Toph? Is she feeling any better? Suki said-"

"Suki?" Sokka's small ramble, which had prompted Aang to pause the movie, and Katara to glare at her brother for the disruption, was cut short by Kyoshi's questioning tone. "And how is Suki, might I ask?"

Sokka shrugged, and with a quick, "She's fine," jumped right back into his previous train of thought. "Toph hasn't caught a bug or anything? Because we were gonna watch her movie, but she's not here so we had to postpone, and I was looking forward to-"

"Sokka, shut up. Toph is fine-"

"She is? Then why didn't she come when Suki picked her up?"

There was a heavy silence before Kyoshi's voice rang tinny through the phone.

"I'm going to ignore the fact you just interrupted me, Sokka. Now shut up and listen. Toph was fine when I left three hours ago to set up for class. A class that Suki is supposed to be at. I told them all yesterday. Now, if she isn't at the dojo in ten minutes," Kyoshi continued through the line, "She can forget about leading the girls next week at the semi-final matches."

Sokka opened his mouth, then shut it again, unwilling to relay the message. Suki frowned at him, raising her voice slightly to reach through the phone. "I heard you, Kyoshi," she said before muttering several obscenities under her breath.

"Good. Class finishes in an hour and a half. She can text you then." Without waiting for any formal (or informal) goodbye, Kyoshi hung up the line. Sokka turned to Suki with a confused look.

"How did you know what she said?" he asked. Katara facepalmed, and Suki glared at him.

"Do you really think the volume of your phone is the most important issue here?" she asked. Sokka frowned at her, his jaw set in a hard line.

"Hey, don't blame me if you shirked your class. I could have picked Toph up, and you could have joined us next week."

Suki let loose a frustrated groan, standing up to collect her stuff.

"Katara, can you walk with me to my car?" she asked, sounding very much like a demand to the males in the room. The brunette offered a small nod, sending a glance towards Sokka, who was watching his girlfriend. His eyebrows were furrowed, and he kept glancing between Suki and the phone in his hand.

"All right, what's wrong?" Katara was straight to the point as soon as they got outside, away from the boys. "What's with you two tonight?"

Suki was silent for a moment as they made their slow way down the front path. "I don't know..." The simple admission, when coupled with the red haired girl's low tone and crestfallen expression, would usually be enough for most people to pull her into a tight hug and let her know it would be all right. Katara wasn't most people, and she had a sneaking suspicion that whatever was wrong was certainly tied to Toph; a girl she liked, and wasn't about to side against without any information.

"Is it Toph?"

The brunette was right in thinking that the direct approach, at least that night, would work. Suki's eyes narrowed, and she kicked a small pebble over the fence.

"What makes you say that?" she asked, not giving an inch. Katara merely shrugged.

"No reason. So, what did you want to talk about, then?" She didn't need to look at Suki to know the expression that would be on her face. "Oh, please. You asked me to walk you to your car. Of course you want to talk about something."

They arrived at said vehicle, although Suki made no move to open the door. She opened her mouth instead, finding it more difficult to form the words she wanted than she expected.

"I want... could you... I don't like how much time Sokka is spending with Toph," she finally got out, looking away ashamedly. It was a stupid reason, and a silly, jealous act, but after the eventful beginning, and they way he carried on with Kyoshi, Suki felt her fears were justified.

Katara looked at her friend cryptically. "I'm sure Sokka wouldn't try anything. Toph is too young. And anyway, he's dating you," she added, feeling as though it would be a better reason for the girlfriend of her brother.

Suki ducked into her car, winding the window down to level a stare at Katara. "I know, and that's not who I'm worried about."

Katara's mouth dropped open. "You mean..." Suki gave an ambiguous shrug, putting on her seatbelt.

"I have to go. Can you just..." she trailed off, and Katara nodded. "Thanks." She drove off without another word, speeding slightly down the quiet streets. Katara watched as she turned the corner, before making her way back up to the house. Her head was buzzing, and through the midst of disbelieving, "Toph? No way," and "That's impossible. I would know," one lonely little thought popped out.

"Toph... I'm really sorry..."

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