Chapter 5, Book 1: Jennomite
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The Way Sokka Sees It

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Beaten by....GIRLS!

Bonzu Pippinpaddle-Oppsokopolis the Third and the Postal Service Slide

We were following Aang up a snowy hill when we heard him proclaim, "The Earth Kingdom City of Omashu!"

Aang said he used to visit his friend Bumi here all the time. Katara and I were astounded. "They have buildings....that don't melt!"

I said. Aang, after calling us slowpokes, told us to head inside, for that's where the real fun began. Katara stopped him, telling him it might be dangerous, considering he was the Avatar. I reinforced her point. "You need a disguise," I said.

"What am I supposed to do, grow a mustache?" Aang said sarcastically.

And that's just what we did, sort of. He made a mustache and huge hat out of Appa's fur. "How do you live in this stuff?" Aang said when he felt the itches the fur gave him.

I told Aang that he looked like my grandfather, and Katara backed Aang by saying he really was 112 years old. Aang twirled his staff around, and began leaning on it like an old man. "Now let's get going, young whippersnappers. The big city awaits." He proclaimed.

Good impersonation. This might actually work. As we made the trek toward the city's entrance, Aang, or as I thought of him Grandfather Aang, told us about the friendliness of the Omashu civilians. As he said that, a guard screamed at a cabbage vendor for bringing in "rotten cabbages" and Earthbended them off the cliff. We, along with the frenzied merchant, looked down in disbelief. Yeah, real frienydly. "Just keep smiling!" Aang said, obviously faking a humongous smile.

As Aang approached the head guard, the guard put a huge rock above Aang's head, saying, "State your business."

Aang went into an old man-like frenzied rage. He began questioning the guard, saying his business was his business, and other things. Katara and I looked at each other. We were done for. The guard didn't seem too shaken however. He asked Aang for his name, and Aang quickly replied, "Bonzu Pippinpaddle-Oppsokopolis the Third."

He introduced Katara, or June Oppsolopolis, and I as his grandchildren. Apparently, the guard bought it. He told Katara to watch out for Aang, her "grandfather". "Enjoy Omashu," he said as we walked by.

Then, he grabbed my shoulder. "You..."

I thought our cover was blown. Katara and Aang thought so too, as they turned around. "Show some respect for the elderly and carry you grandfather's bag," he said.

I was relieved. Aang had some fun with it. "Great idea!" he pronounced as he threw his bag at me.

Then, the doors were opened, and we went inside. And we were more than amazed. This place was huge! It could be bigger that the whole Water Tribe! It could be bigger that the whole Water Tribe! Aang told us the miles and miles of shoots were Omashu's delivery system. "Earthbending brings packages up, and gravity sends them down."

I said it was great they got their mail on time. Aang said that's true, but his friend, Bumi found a better use for it. I wondered what it was. I soon, unwillingly, found out. We got in an Earthy box, and Aang said after one ride, we'd head to the North Pole. Katara said, "At first this sounded fun, but now I'm having second tho..."

But her last words were drained out by us flying down the chutes. Aang was having tons of fun, while Momo, Katara and I were scared ut of our minds. We soon where beside a box with spears in it. As our lanes merged, the spears almost stabbed Katara and I, but we ducked. Aang, seeing our predicament, lunged the box off the chute and onto a house's roof. We ran through a group of Earthbenders, and then burst through a lane perpendicular to ours. We, somehow, landed back in a chute. Katara must have said something to Aang about Airbending because the next thing I knew, we were going faster. Good going Katara. We twisted and turned. As we headed down a hill, we saw a stationary package in front of us. We were going to collide! "Ahhhhh!" we all screamed.

Luckily, the guard moved it out of the way in time. We were relieved, until he pulled another one up. We hit. We sent flying through the air. Aang, with his Airbending, pulled us back in the box, and we hit another roof. We ran through a window, destroying an artist's pot. "Soooooorry!" Aang yelled.

We ran through a house, and then hit a rut, and fell to the ground. We landed on top of a cabbage stand. "MY CABBAGES!" screamed the owner.

We were quickly surrounded by guards. "Two cabbages, please." Aang said.

We were done for.

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