Book 1, Chapter 4: Beaten by....GIRLS!
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The Way Sokka Sees It

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Chapter 4 is about the gaang's landing on a mysterious island, Kyoshi. There, they meet monstrous fish and some skilled women warriors.

Ambush Beside A Monstrous Lake

As we flew along, I looked at our map and asked, "You really don't know where we're going, do you?"

I was as lost as he was, and I was a good map reader! "Well, I know it's near water," he replied.

I looked down and saw the vast ocean. I sarcastically replied, "Guess we're getting close then."

Katara was sewing a hole together in my pants. Aang, trying to impress her, had Momo grab some marbles. Then, he did a cool airbending trick, spinning them in a circle. I thought it was pretty cool, but Katara was too busy mending my pants. Aang felt a little disappointed that she didn't care, so I cheered him up by saying, "Stop bugging her, airhead. You need to give girls space when they sew."

Oops. Bad move. Katara questioned me, "What does me being a girl have to do with sewing?"

I tried to get myself out of the fix by saying that guys were better at hunting and fighting, (So True), and girls were better at sewing and cooking (Also True). And once again, I just worsened the problem.

"All done with your pants, and looked what a great job I did!" Katara said sarcastically as she threw my still ripped pants back at me.

I told Katara I was kidding, and that I couldn't wear these. Aang quelled my "fear" by saying, "Relax, Sokka, where we're going you won't need any pants."

And he turned Appa downward. We landed on an atoll-like island. "We just made a pitstop yesterday. Don't you think we should do a bit more flying?" I asked.

Aang agreed, but he said Appa was tired. Although obvious he wasn't, I conceded, saying, "It's hard to argue with a 10-ton magical monster."

Then Aang ran up to the water and pointed, "Look!"

He was referring to some giant fish jumping out of the water. I was surprised. "That's why we're here: elephant koi! I'm gonna ride it!" Aang said triumphatly.

As Aang jumped in the water, it's freezing aspects caused him to scream, "COOOOOOLD!"

I just moved my finger in a circle on the side of my head. This kid is nuts.

As he swam out, he dived under the water, and the next thing we knew, he was riding one of the fish that was jumping up and down. Katara was

An elephant koi.

amazed. I'd seen better, I thought.

Momo and Katara were shouting and jumping. Aang dived down and hopped back up. "He looks pretty good out there." Katara said.

"Are you kidding? The fish is doing all the work." I replied.

Then, Katara turned around and ran after Appa, who had begun to eat some poisonous berries. Aang seemed to look a little disappointed that Katara wasn't watching. Then, the elephant koi seemed scattered. I saw a shadow in the water. "There's something in the water!" I shouted.

Katara returned to my side, and we, along with Momo, began jumping and screaming, telling Aang to get out of the water. Aang didn't noticed until his koi dismembered him and
Unagi spewing water

My first look at the monstrous Unagi.

eswam away. That's when he saw it. All we could see was a huge black fin, but that was enough to make Aang swim like a maniac toward shore. He began running for his life, and he looked so hilarious running, I would've laugh, except I was as scared as him. He beat the beast to the shore, and ran smack into me, sending me flying. As I got up, Aang put his clothes back on, and we wondered what that thing was. "Well, let's not stick around and find out." I said.

Right as I said this, some green-robed warriors came down and attacked us. One pulled me back toward him. I was soon blindfolded and tied up. "Or we could stay awhile." I said, trying to lighten our moods. I wondered the whole time where the ambushers intended to take us. But what I soon found out was more surprising that I had ever imagined.

Ambushed by....GIRLS!

After a while, we were tied up to pole. (I assumed it was a pole, and I assumed that Katara, Momo, Appa and Aang had been captured as well.) I heard an old man's voice say that we had some explaining to do, and, surprisingly, I heard a young, high voice tell us they were gonna throw us to the Unagi. I guess that was the beast that chased Aang. "Show yourselves, cowards!" I cried. When my blindfold was removed, I saw 5 women standing before me. I wondered what they were doing here. "Where are the men who ambushed us." I asked questioningly.

"There were no men. We ambushed you." One women responded.

Now I was lost. "There's no way a bunch of girls took us down." I said.

"A bunch of girls, huh? The Unagi's gonna eat well tonight." She said, grabbing my jacket.

Katara interrupted. She said that I was an idiot sometimes and not to hurt me. Yes, I was a little stupid at times, but that girl would lay a finger on me if she knew what was good for her. Then, Aang spoke up, saying he was sorry that they came here, for he just wanted to ride the elephant koi. The old man, whom I heard earlier, questioned Aang, asking him if he's a Fire Nation spy. He said, "Kyoshi's stayed out of the war so far and we intend to keep it that way."

Aang told the man that he knew Kyoshi. I thought that was probably a previous incarnation of himself. Wrong move. The man told us that Kyoshi been dead for centuries. Aang responded by saying he was the Avatar. Bad move number two. The women began to approach us, prabably intending to throw us to the black beast. I heard Katara whisper, "Aang, do some airbending."

Aang leaped from his rope prison, over the pole, and floated down on the other side. The old man said, "It's true, you are the Avatar."

Aang responded by saying, "Now.....check this out!"

He did the same marble
Foaming mouth guy

This guy was so excited, he began to foam at the mouth!

trick Katara had earlier ignored. Kyoshi's citizens went bonkers. I saw one guy foam at the mouth! I think that we've found a place where we'll be treated like friends of the Avatar should be.


Later that day, I was sitting in a corner, while Katara and Aang were feasting. Aang asked what's wrong with me, for I wasn't eating. "Not hungry." I promptly responded.

"But you're always hungry!" Aang said.

That was true, but I was restraining today. Katara explained the situation to Aang. She said, "He's just upset because a bunch of girls kicked his butt yesterday."

I told her that they snuck up on me. "Right, and then they kicked your butt." she said mockingly.

I concieded. I walked away, mumbling to myself. I grabbed some food, which was tasty. I was headed toward the girls' training building. As I approached the building, I saw them doing some technique with their fans. I went inside, saying I was sorry for interrupting their "dance lesson". She responded, "Well, you're in the right place."

She said she was sorry for ambushing me yesterday, and that she didn't know I was friends with the Avatar. I cleverly responded, saying that I'd normally hold a grudge, but seeing that they were girls I'd make an exception. They continued our chat, saying, "I should hope so. A big, strong man like you, we wouldn't stand a chance."

I could hear a hint of mockery in hear voice, but I was on such a roll I didn't bother myself. I told her it's okay, for I was the best warrior in my village. She mocklingly responded, "Best warrior, huh, in your whole village?" I agreed. Then she asked if I'd give them a demonstration. My stomach sank. I sputtered, "Well...I....uh."

Now she was on a roll. She asked her teammates if they wanted a demonstration, they all quickly agreed. I concieded, and told her to try to block me. I sent a punch toward her, but she easily blocked it wit
Suki and two Kyoshi Warriors

Suki and some of the warriors of Kyoshi.

h her fan and sent me backward. I knew I was in for it now. I said that I just went easy there, and she responded, "Of course." I could hear the mockery now.

I sent a kick toward her, but she went under me and thrust me up and back. I landed with a thud. "That does it!" I said angrily.

I charged at her, and she grabbed my arm and spun me in a circle. I yelped a little. Then, she took my belt off, and quickly tied my foot to my hand. I began to hop around. Then, I fell flat on my face. "Anything else you want to teach us?" she said laughing. I was extremely embaressed.

Awhile later, I was outside kicking a rock. I was trying to shut my pride up and go ask to be trained by those women warriors, but I was having trouble. I finally went in. Suki, the head of the warriors who had pummeled me earlier, asked me if I wanted another dance lesson. I sputtered over my words. "Spit it out! What do you want?" She said demandingly.

My pride then accpeted defeat. I knelt down and said, "I would be honored if you would teach me."

She didn't seem convinced, "Even if I'm a girl?"

I told her I was sorry for insulting her earlier. She lectured me that the Kyoshi Warrior rarely let in foreigners, and even more rarely boys. Nonetheless, she said if I followed all their traditions, I could join. She repeated that line twice, and I soon found out why. I came out wearing a Kyoshi Warrior dress and makeup. "Do I really have to wear this, it feels a little....girly."

I said somberly. She said it was a warriors uniform, and that each part represented a warrior aspect, bravery and honor. I began to feel confident. "Bravery and honor." I said perking up a bit

"Hey Sokka, nice dress." Aang said mockingly as he walked by.

I lost my confidence and sulked over. I could tell Suki was enjoying this. She had every right to.

Later, I was practicing my moves. I was moving my feet and fan pretty skillfully. Suki told me that I wasn't going to master it in one day, no one had done that. "I think I'm starting to get the hang of it." I replied.

I did the move correctly, and then accidentally threw my fan at a tree. Suki told me that it isn't about strength, that it's about using the opponents force against them. I think I remember Katara telling me something about that, but I couldn't remember. "Think of the fan as an extention of your arm. Then look for an opening and.."

But I cut her off, pushing her to the ground. I grinned, I'd gotten her. "I fell on purpose to make you fell better." I responded that I got her, which I did. She concieded, and then bent my fingers backward. I could tell her ego was a big as mine. She told me to do it again. We began to circle each other, like we were in a draw.

Zuko Attacks

Later, Suki and I were practicing, and I'd gotten pretty good. After getting into a stalemate, the old man ran up and said, "Firebenders have landed on our shores. Girls, come quickly!"

Suki ran off. I sputtered, "But I'm not a....oh whatever."

We hid behind the houses in the village, but soon ambushed Zuko's warriors. We were decisively winning, but I saw Suki get hit by Zuko's rhino's tail. Zuko prepared to launch a fireball at her, but I ran in and blocked it with my fan. Then, another warrior knocked Zuko into a nearby house. I ran toward him, saying, "I guess training is over."

The three of us surrounded him, but we quickly were defeated, as he spun around in a circle, make a wheel of fire. He jumped to the center of the village, telling the Avatar to come out, for some "little girls" couldn't defeat him. I, and Suki, felt offended. Aang then appeared, signaling Zuko to himself. Zuko muttered, "Finally." and threw two fireballs at Aang, which Aang blocked with his staff.

He went to some hand-to-hand, but his staff was quickly lost. He picked up two fans, and charged at Zuko. He sent Zuko into a house, and then flew above the village. He, and I. were said to see the destruction brought upon this unassuming
Suki kisses Sokka

Suki and I part ways.

little town. I saw him land near Katara, and they began to talk. Later, I was talking to Suki, who said there was no time for good-byes. I said I was sorry for treating her like a girl instead of a warrior. " I am a warrior." She said. She kissed me on my cheek. "But I'm a girl too." I was dumbfounded. "Now get out of here!" she screamed.

I hopped on Appa, and we flew away. I heard Katara talk to Aang as I wiped the makeup of my face. Then, I saw Aang jump. "What are you doing?" Katara yelled.

He landed in the water, and seconds later came up riding the Unagi. He used it to spray water on the village, putting out the flames. Then, he jumped back up, and Appa caught him. I was astounded. This kid was amazing! "I know, I know, that was stupid and dangerous." He said when he climbed back up.

"Yes, it was." said Katara, who gave him a big hug. He was overjoyed. And we flew off into the sunset, with the Unagi swimming around in the lake behind us.

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