Chapter 3, Book 1: My Friend, The Last Airbender.
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The Way Sokka Sees It

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Chapter 3 is about Aang, Sokka and Katara's journey to Aang's home, the Southern Air Temple.

To The Southern Air Temple

The first thing I heard that morning was, "Wake up.....Air Temple....come."

"Sleep now, temple later." I responded between yawns. Then Aang yelled, "Sokka, wake up! There's a prickle snake in your sleeping bag!"

I jumped up and screamed, for prickle snakes were deadly poisonous. I hopped around in my sleeping bag, and when I fell forward and hit the ground, Katara laughter confirmed my suspicions. There was no prickle snake. Aang responded with a let's go.

As we flew along, I heard my stomach growl. "Hey, stomach, be quiet." I said, trying to mask my hunger.

As I searched our food bag, I noticed so jerky crumbs. "Hey, who ate all my seal jer
Southern Air Temple outlook

My first look at the Southern Air Temple, Aang's home.

ky!" I said angrily.

Aang regaled me with a story of how he used the jerky as wood. "Awww, no wonder the flames smelled delicious!" I said sadly.

As I said that, we approached the Air Temple. Katara began telling Aang to be prepared for what's ahead. I think I knew what she was referring too. Aang didn't know that the Firebenders wiped all the Airbenders out 100 years ago. I felt bad for Aang, it'll be hard for him to find out. We began to fly more upward, and after scaling some huge mountains, we found the temple. It was a wondrous site. I was astonished. As we climbed toward the temple, I began to complain. "When do I get to eat?" I said.

Katara began making fun of me, for I was one of the first non-Air Nomadic person to see the temple, and that all I could think about was food. Aang began to show us some places, like where the nomads played airball, where the bison slept, and so forth. He seemed disappointed, because no Air Nomads were there. To cheer him up, I asked him how I'd play airball. Big mistake. As I stood on the poles, Aang threw a giant ball at me. It hit me and knocked me threw the goal, sending me into the snow. I heard Aang say, Aang 7, Sokka 0 very excitedly.

As I got up, I saw a singed Fire Nation helmet. I began to feel sorry for Aang again. Katara then grabbed it and hid it, for she didn't want Aang to find out. "You can't protect him forever." I said. And she just gloomily walked toward the temple. I wondered how long it'd be before Aang found out.

Hall of Avatars

As we entered an outside rotunda, I began to bug Katara, "Firebenders were here, you can't deny that."

"I can for Aang's sake" she responded in a monotone, yet serious voice.

She began to explain to me why, saying it'd devastate Aang. Aang interrupted, showing us a statue. "Who's that?" I asked.

Aang told me it was Monk Gyatso, the greatest Airbender ever, and his bending teacher. Aang, after starring at it awhile, looked sad. Katara tried to console him, knowing that he missed the monk, but Aang walked up the steps. "Where are you going?" She asked

He responded, "To the Air Temple Sanctuary. There's someone I'm ready to meet."

I just shrugged and followed. More Avatar business I suppose.

We came up on a large door with a complex contraption on it. Katara began asking him how someone could live in there for 100 years
Air temple sanctuary door

This was the contraption that was the lock on the door.

, trying to lower Aang's expectations, which seemed to be riding high. But Katara, after Aang reminded her of how he was frozen in the iceberg for 100 years, conceided. I was excited, for the man Aang referred to might have some meat! I ran to the door, but upon trying to open it, I ran smack into it, falling backward. Aang then told me that the key to the contraption was Airbending. That would've been nice to know earlier, I thought.

We stood back as Aang blew to lines of air into the two tubes, and after the fancy machinery went to work, the door open, and we walked inside to the noise of Aang saying, "Hello? Anyone home?"

We began to walk into the darkness. As we looked forward however, we saw many statues lined up in a certain pattern. As we walked through the statues, I expressed my disappointment by saying, "Statues, that's it? Where's the meat!"

Katara began talking to Aang about something I couldn't hear. I just caught the last sentence, "There Avatars, they're your past lives!"

I confronted Katara, questioning her theory. She backed herself by saying "It's true. The Avatar reincarnates into the next nation in the cycle after he dies!"

Aang began starring intently at one statue. Katara ran up to him a shook him, for he looked hypnotized. He told us that was Avatar Roku, a Fire Nation Avatar. "You were a Firebender? No wonder I didn't trust you when we first met" I said jokingly.

Katara began asking him how he knew that that was Avatar Roku, for there was no inscription. Aang responded by saying he just knew. I grunted, "You just couldn't get any weirder."

As I said that, a shadow began to approach us. We hid behind some statues. "Firebender, don't make a sound." I said, with bone club ready by my side. Katara said, "You're making a sound!" This was followed by shushes by Aang and me. I was ready for a fierce battle, but what ensued next was anything but.


As I peeked out from the statue, I saw it. It was.....a lemur? Aang was excited. He screamed, "LEMUR!!!" and I screamed simultaneously, "Dinner!"

My first look at the lemur.

We both dived at him, with different purposes in mind. Aang had the offensive as the lemur sprinted away. I couldn't blame it. As we ran down the halls, I got in front of Aang. "I want to eat you!" I screamed. To get ahead of Aang, I swung my bone club at his legs, but he jumped over it and ran along the walls, getting way ahead of me. He ensured his victory by sending an airball at me, putting me on the ground quickly. I saw him run toward victory. Ahhh, more starvation for yours truly. Next thing I knew, he jumped of a balcony a was catching up to the lemur. "Hey, no fair!" I said.

After a while of searching, I found Aang in a room. He was on his knees, sobbing. "Aang I was really going to eat the lemur." I said. I though that was why he was sad, but then, next to him, I saw it. Monk Gyatso's skeleton next to a bunch of Firebender's helmets. "Oh man."

The Last Airbender

I tried to console him and told him that we should leave, but something happened. His eyes and tattoes began to glow. I stepped back, now I was really freaked out. A huge airball formed around Aang, destroying everything, and sending me flying backward. Katara had finally come. I told her that he found out what the Firebender had done. Katara said, "It's his Avatar Spirit, it must have been triggered!"

She decided to try to calm him down and began to approach him. She was blown back toward me, though, as Aang became more powerful. Katara began to try again. She said, "Monk Gyatso and the other Airbenders might be gone, but you still have a family. Sokka and I, we're your family." And then, he came down. He stood there, Katara had do
Katara comforts Aang

Aang is now part of our family.

ne it. Katara grabbed his hand, and he stopped glowing. He fell into Katara saying he was sorry. That's when he finally reasoned it, "I really am the last Airbender."

I was waiting in the statue room when the lemur brought me some food. Hooray! Saved! When Aang said I'd made a new friend, I said, "Can't talk, must eat."

Later, when packing to leave, Aang introduced us to the newest team member. He decided to call him Momo after he stole my fruit. I was mad, but Katara and Aang just laughed.

And as we flew away, I could see Aang starring at the temple.

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