Chapter 2, Book 1: My Change of Heart
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The Way Sokka Sees It

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Chapter 2 is about Zuko's attack on the Southern Water Tribe, and about how Katara and Sokka began their journey, as they go to save Aang from Zuko.


After seeing the flare, Aang and Katara finally returned. Although the younger kids were overjoyed, I was beyond angry. "I knew it!" I screamed. "You signaled the fire navy with that flare! You're leading them straight to us!"

Katara tried to defend Aang, saying they both wandered on to the fire navy ship that was frozen in ice years ago. Aang concluded by saying they "boobied" right into the booby trap. My grandma, Kanna was as angry as I was. "Katara, you shouldn't have wandered onto that ship. We could all be in danger now!" she said as she upbraided Katara.
Sokka banishes

My banishment of Aang

Aang began to defend Katara, saying he lead her on to the ship, that it was his fault. I grinned. A perfect time to strike back. "Ah ha! The traitor confesses. Warriors, away from the traitor! The foreigner is banished from our village!" I said angrily and happily at the same time.

Now Katara was furious. "Sokka, your making a mistake!" she said.

"No, I'm keeping my promise to dad. I'm saving you from threats like him." I responded quickly.

Katara began to go through a speech, defending Aang, saying he brought something to the village that it'd never had before, fun. Ridiculous, I thought. "You can't fight Firebenders with fun!" I said scornfully.

"Get out of our village!" I screamed at Aang.

Katara pleaded that Kanna prevent me from doing this, but Kanna made the wise decision to side with me. But, Katara was furious. She said" Well if he's banished, I'm banished too!"

Now I thought she'd lost her mind. She said that Aang was going to take her to the North Pole to find her a Waterbending master. Aang quickly agreed, as he seemed to do too often. What I said next, however, knocked some much needed sense back into her. "Would you really choose him over your village, your own family?"

This broke through to her senses. Aang, surprisingly, helped me with his next phrase. "Katara, I don't want to come between you and your family." he said.

Katara, unhappy that Aang was to leave the South Pole, was mortified. Aang said that he'd probably go look for the Airbenders and that he wasn't looking forward to cleaning his room, for he was 100 years overdue! After hopping on Appa, I began to make fun of him. "Let's see your bison fly now airboy!" I sneered.

And once again, I was right. His bison just turned around and began to walk. Then, one of the little girls started crying and ran up to Aang, begging him to not leave, for she would miss him. Aang said, "I'll miss you too."

I think I saw Katara's eyes water a little. Then, Appa turned his head, and the two mysterious Airbenders left. Kanna came up an tried to console Katara, but she flew into a mad rage. "You happy now? There goes my one chance at becoming a Waterbender!" And she stormed off.

Preparation for the Fire Nation Raid

"Everyone, ready our defenses! The Fire Nation could be on our shores any minute now!" I said, trying to rally our young troops. And one kid asked if he could go, I screamed, "No potty breaks!" A huge battle's about to start and all these kids can think about are potty breaks!

I began to prepared my self, painting a dressing myself as a traditional Water Tribe warrior would do. I stood on our village's wall, bone club in hand. Then, they arrived. The villagers began to get scared, and the wall began to slightly crack. Then, my watch tower, once again collapsed. I tried to conceal how scared I was by saying, "Oh man!"

The villagers ran inside their homes, and I think I heard Katara scream, "Sokka, watch out!"

The ship plowed through the wall, and instead of flinging me backward, it just slowly pushed me. Then, it stopped and the frontal part opened up. I had to fall backward to avoid being crushed. Then a scarred man and two helmeted soldiers walked out, along with some other guards. I charged at the scarred one, but he sent two kicks to my face, sending me backwards and disarming me, for I couldn't find my bone club. I hear
Sokka's club

My bone club, lost in the snow.

the villagers gasp. The scarred man began to question the villagers, walking in front of them. Then, he said, "Where is he?".

No one answered, and then the soldier pulled Kanna out of the crowd, saying, "He'd be about this age, master of all elements?" He must have been referring to the Avatar, but he had be gone for 100 years now!

Kanna was thrown back into the crowd, and the man threw a wave of fire at them, threatening them, telling them he new he was here, your hiding him. Then, I found my weapon, and charged at him, yelling at the top of my lungs. He flipped me over him and was sent flying. But I wouldn't quit that easily. I dodged a ball of fire he threw at me a sent my boomerang at him. It missed him, and he looked mad. But then, one of the little soldiers encouraged me, throwing me my spear, saying, "Show no fear!"

I charged again, using the spear as a lance, but he used he arms to destroy my spear easily, knock me in the head a few time with it remains and send me reeling backwards. My head killed. Then, my boomerang came flying back, and nailed him in the back of the helmet. He looked extremely mad now, and flames began to come out his fists. Then, the tid
Zuko interrogates

The villagers, most notably Katara and Kanna, are approached by the scarred man.

e finally turned as the recently banished foreigner had returned to help.

Aang's Return

Aang came riding in a penguin, and he tripped the warrior I'd been fighting up, sending him backward. The kids cheered, and Aang responded by soaking them in snow. He came up to us, after the penguin flung him of his back, and said, "Hi, Katara. Hi, Sokka."

"Hi, Aang, thanks for coming." I said reluctantly, because I knew now we needed him.

The Fire Nation soldiers surrounded him, and he got in a fighting stance. He used Airbending to blow snow on all the soldiers, but that didn't hinder their engrossment of him. "Looking for me?" Aang said sarcastically.

"Your the Airbender, your the Avatar?" the scarred man said in wonder.

I was astounded. This kid was the Avatar? I couldn't believe it! The scarred man apparently didn't care that he was the Avatar, because he sent fire blast after fire blast at Aang, who blocked them all with his staff. But when Aang saw all the villagers were scared, he said," If I go with you, will you leave this village alone?"

What brave
Aang's capture

Aang lets himself be captured by Fire Nation soldiers.

ry this kid had! I definitely regret banishing him. He just handed him self over to the Fire Nation to save some people, including me, that he'd known for about a day or two? What gallantry! The soldier agreed, and Aang was lead away. "Aang, don't do this!" Katara shouted. She began to console her by telling her he'd be alright., and to take care of Appa until his return. The scarred man said, "Head a course for the Fire Nation, I'm going home." And just like that the ship left, with the kid I now considered a friend.

Saving Aang

The village was in low spirits after that. Everyone was really sad that Aang had been capture. Katara began to go through a long chant that we should save Aang, even though I didn't like him. And every time I tried to tell her that's what we were doing she interrupted me! Once, I finally got the point along, she lightened up and gave me a hug. Then, Kanna snuck up on us. "Where are you going?" she said.

I got afraid. "You'll need these. She handed us some sleeping bags

"It's been so long since I've had hope, but now you given me that again." She said. "Aang is the Avatar. He's the world's only chance. Now your destinies are intertwined with his." We both nodded. Then, Katara said, "We'll never catch the war ship with this." She was referring to the canoe.

Then Appa walked over the hill and growled. Katara ran toward Appa. I said, "You just love taking me out of my comfort zone, don't ya."

After trying to get Appa to fly, which, unsurprisingly, didn't work, the beast began to swim to where we thought the ship was. I began to blandly say, "Go, Fly, Soar."

Katara begged that Appa fly toward the ship, for Aang was in danger. I started again, 'Up, Ascend, Elevate."

Katara kept on begging the beast to fly. Appa's movements began to increase. "What was it that kid said? Yeehaw, Hup-Hup, Wahoo...... Yip Yip?"

Appa began to rumble, and, to my amazement, he leaped in the air and soared over the water. I began to scream, astonished, "He's flying, he's flying, Katara, he's...."

But she cut me off with a look of, "I told you so." I replied, knowing when I'd been humiliated, "I mean, yeah, he's flying." Trying to sound bored. And the beast flew off, for we were on our way toward saving Aang.

Aang: The Avatar

As we approached the ship, we saw Aang battling that same scarred warrior. He looked up at us, overjoyed. But that was ended when the man threw fireballs at him, which he deflected with his staff. He's a pretty good fighter, I thought. He was, however, quickly overpowered, and his staff was soon lost. Then, the scarred man blew him off the ship and he began to sink. I was scared. Katara screamed, "Aang, No!"

She repeated this many times, until something amazing happened. The kid flew out of the water, riding on a huge typhoon. He landed on the ship, and threw the water at the Fire Nation guards. They flew off the ship. I was amazed. "Did you see what he just did!" Katara said, as amazed as I was.
Avatar Aang waterbends

Aang using Waterbending to own a Fire Nation ship!

"Now that was some Waterbending!" I said.

Then, he collapsed on the ship, probably from fatigue. Katara caught him and asked if he was okay. He greeted us and thanked us for coming in return. I said, "I can't let you have all the glory!"

He then asked me to get his staff. I grabbed, but at the same time, the scarred man grabbed it! I was freaked out. We wrestled over it, then I hit him in the head three times, like he had done to me back at the village. "That's from the Water Tribe!" I said mockingly!

Katara placed Aang on Appa when the guards approached her. She tried to freeze them using Waterbending, but instead she froze my feet. "Katara!" I screamed.

She tried once more, and, surprising herself and me, freezing the guards. She hopped on Appa and told me to hurry up. I was still trying to thaw my feet out with my boomerang. "I'm just a guy with a boomerang, I didn't ask for all this flying and magic!"

I thawed out, grabbed Aang's staff, and jumped on the beast. And we made our getaway. But as we did that, two men threw a fireball at us. Aang jumped up and threw a sheet of air at it, which sent the ball reeling into the iceberg near us, which buried the Fire Nation ship. We all laughed as we got away.

As we flew along, Katara began to cheer Aang on, asking him how he did that wondrous Waterbending technique. Then she grew monotone, and asked "Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?"

"Because....I never wanted to be."

Katara then said that Aang would need to learn Waterbending, then Earthbending, then Firebending. "If we go to the North Pole, you could master Waterbending!" She reasoned.

"We could learn it together." He said excitedly.

Then Katara said that I'd get to knock some Firebender heads on the way. I was in it after that.

"But before we get to the North Pole, we have to make stop here, here and here."

He pointed to spots where we could ride elephant koi, hopping llamas, and other beasts. And I just groaned as flew along.

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