Chapter 1: The Frozen Airbender
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The Way Sokka Sees It


Book One: Water

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Chapter 1 of The Way Sokka Sees It is about Sokka and his sister's, Katara, finding of a mysterious 12-year-old boy frozen in an iceberg along with his bison.

Can My Sister Do Anything Right?

Hello people. I'm Sokka, a simple Water Tribesman. I've known how to hunt, fight and do all those things a Southern Water Tribe boy should do. My father's off at war and my mother is dead, so things are pretty dull around here. That all changed the one day my sister insisted to go hunting with me.

We were riding along in our canoe, and I wanted to show my sister how to hunt and catch a fish.

"Watch and learn, Katara. This is how you catch a fish." I said.

The fish I had my eyes on was an agile one, however. While I was busy trying to spear the fish, my sister just had to start distracting me.

"Sokka, look!" she pronounced.

"Shhhhh! You're gonna scare it away." I whispered. "I can already smell it cooking..."

And just as I was about to catch the fish, SPLOOOSH! Katara dropped a huge blob of water on me!

"Why is it that every time you play with magic water, I get soaked?" I said angrily.

"It's not magic, it's Waterbending! And it's..." she replied.

"Yeah, yeah, an ancient art uniqiue to our culture, blah, blah. All I'm saying is that if I had some weird powers, I'd keep my weirdness to my self." I replied jokingly.

After she made fun of me being weird because I flex my muscles when I see my reflection, her joking voice suddenly ended when the canoe began to rock back and forth. I whipped around and saw we were headed for a field of icebergs! As I maneuvered through the field, Katara screamed, "Go left, go left!"

And after that, the ice got the best of me, as our canoe smashed into an iceberg, leaving us stranded on an iceberg.

"You call that left?" she asked angrily.

"Well, maybe you should have Waterbended us out," I told her.

"So it's my fault then?" she asked.

"I knew I should have left you home. Leave it to a girl to screw things up," I said.

Oops. Not smart. Katara flew into an angry rage, calling me names and screaming at the top of her lungs how stubborn and stupid I was. Then came the part that scared me. She began to throw rows of water back at an iceberg behind us, which began to crack after each hit of water it took. I shouted "Katara, settle down!"

But It was too late. The iceberg gave and our piece of ice flew backward. Katara, in amazement at watch she'd just done, said, "You mean I did that?"

"Yep, congratulations," I replied

Then, the most peculiar thing happened. A huge iceberg popped out of the ice! But it was what was inside that amazed me. Inside was a boy, a young-looking 12-year-old boy.

The Airbender

Katara, curiosity overrunning her, took my club and said, "He's alive! We have to help." She ran toward the iceberg and hit it repetitively until it broke. A huge shining blue beam of light shot up. I stood there in awe watching the celestial light.
Aang in the iceberg

Our first look at the frozen Airbender, Aang.

Then, the trapped boy climbed out, then fell forward. Katara caught him, and I began to poke him with my club. Katara exclaimed, "Stop it!"

Then the boy's eyes opened, and he whispered something to Katara, about penguin sledding or something?

I was horribly confused, so I began to question him, "How'd you get in the ice, why aren't you frozen?"

He didn't know, he seemed as confused as I was. He then, oddly, quickly ran back into the iceberg, then said, "Appa, are you alright? Wake up buddy!"

Now I was lost. Who was talking too? But when I walked around the corner, I should have said what he was talking too. A giant furry, 400 pound, 6 legged beast was lying on the iceberg's floor. "What is that thing?" I sounded less afraid than I really was.
Appa in a cave

Appa, Aang's Sky Bison.

"It's Appa, my flying bison!" the boy replied.

"Yeah, and this is Katara, my flying sister." I jokingly replied.

Appa must not have liked the joke, because he sent two tons of mucus flying at me. The nasty, sticky, yellow substance was all over me. "Ewwwwww" I said.

The boy then asked us where we lived, but I told Katara not to answer it. "He's probably trying to signal the fire navy."

Katara, after mocking me for my comments, introduced us to the boy. He began to tell us his name, which started with an "a", but he choked on his words when he began to sneeze. The most odd thing then happened. He shot way up in the air, high as a bird, the floated gently down, like it was totally commonplace. He finally spat out his sentence. "Hi, I'm Aang!"

Then something hit Katara, mentally that is. "You're an Airbender!" she announced. Aang confirmed her assumptions.

After seeing tons of weird, unorthodox things happen it just a few minutes, I decided it was time to go home. Riiiiiiight. No canoe. "Well if you guys are stuck Appa and I can give you a lift," said Aang.

Katara quickly accepted, but I was reluctant. "What, are you waiting for some other monster will come by and give you a ride home" Katara said jeeringly.

I couldn't respond and reluctantly got on the beast. Aang told us, as first time flyers, to hold on tight. Then the beast leaped into the air, bellyflopped in the water, and began to swim. "Wow. Truly amazing." I said sarcastically.

Aang said that after some rest, Appa would be flying again at full speed. Sure. I then confirmed my boredom by making a loud, obnoxious groan. A while later, bored to tears, I fell asleep on a beast that would take me home, and away from life's irregularities.

The Southern Water Tribe

Southern Water Tribe village

My home village, the Southern Water Tribe.

I was sitting outside of Aang's tent when Katara awoke him. Finally, I thought. Katara introduced him to the villagers, who were shocked at the sight of him. Kanna, our grandmother, told Aang that they were just shocked because they'd all thought the Airbenders had been extinct for a 100 years. Katara, seeing Aang's growing fear, interrupted by introducing Aang to Kanna, or Gran Gran. I then walked up to him, grabbed his staff and said, "What is this, a weapon? You can't stab anything with this!"

Aang said that it wasn't for stabbing but for Airbending. Then, two red wings came out from its center, causing me to cautiously back up. The villagers, however, thought it was cool. Aang told us how the "winged stick" worked and helped him "fly". I was in complete doubt until he, again, blew my mind. He jumped in the air and began to soar around. Katara was astounded, and even I thought it was pretty cool, but those feelings left when
Aang gliding merrily

Aang, using Airbending, flies around the village with his glider.

he ran into my beautiful watchtower. Nooooooo!

Kanna broke up the villagers little group by telling Katara that she had chores to do. She began to talk with Katara, while Aang did some tricks for the little villagers.

After some sitting around, I began to instruct the young men of our tribe how to be fearless in battle. They, however, were, so far, a hopeless cause. This was confirmed when one boy said, "I gotta pee!" Uggggh. Katara then asked me where Aang was. I found out quickly. He began playing with kids, who turned Appa into a slide. I flew into an angry rage, shouting at Aang, telling him that there was no time for messing around with the war coming. "What war" he answered.

Now I was shocked. He seriously didn't know about the war? This kid was really, really weird. Katara then chased after him. I didn't see them for a long while. Kanna told me since it was getting late, I should look for those too. I reluctantly agreed, but when I started the search, I saw something that made me shiver. A flare. "Oh no....."

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