The Waters of Earth
The Waters of Earth
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The Waters of Earth is the first serial of the upcoming fanon series White Lotus, written and created by Rassilon of Old.


One day, water freezes, every drop. All across the world, water freezes. Next day, frozen. Next day, frozen. And the next, and the next. Every drop of water has frozen. No one has claimed responsibility for "the Event", and the world looks to Air Temple Island, but the Avatar and his family remain silent.

The United Republic Intelligence Organization's (URIO) investigations lead to two words only - "White Lotus". As URIO field agent Naro Sonechi attempts to discover the roots of "White Lotus", he becomes entwined in a mystery that transcends the Four Nations. Suspected of treason, Naro is under attack by URIO, and his only hope is the very organization which ruined his life - The Order of the White Lotus.

It's a race against time as Naro learns of the origins of The Order, "the Event" claims its' first dehydrated victims, and without water or help from the Avatar, the cracks in the governments of the Four Nations begin to show, and the society of the world begins to fall apart. After all, humans can function up to ten days without water, but how long can society?


No. Title Summary
101 "Day One" One day, water freezes, every drop. All across the world, water freezes. Every drop of water has frozen. URIO agents around the world are sent a message, just two words - "White Lotus". Next thing they know, every drop of water in the world has frozen. Panic outbreaks amongst the citizens of United Republic, and Naro Sonechi finds himself hunted by a lone man in a trench coat.
102 "Day Two"
103 "Day Three"
104 "Day Four"
105 "Day Five"
106 "Day Six"
107 "Day Seven"
108 "Day Eight"
109 "Day Nine"
110 "Day Ten"

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