Ty Lee sat in front of the Fire Navy pond, which was located in the garden of the royal palace. She looked around, making sure nobody was watching her. Ty Lee flicked her long brown her and moved her hand over the water in a circular motion. The water began to ripple, then, almost scaring Ty Lee, a small bubble popped out of the water, floating under her hand as she moved it around happily.

She didn't know how she got the ability, but it came to her when she was younger, with her friends Zuko, Azula and Mai, when they were at a vacation at Ember Island when they were much younger. Of course they didn't know. Knowing Azula, the word would spread quicker then a strong breeze.

"What are you doing?" yelled a voice behind her.

Ty Lee turned around, drooping the water bubble back into the water.

"Azula, it's not what it looks like..." Ty Lee babbled.

"Yes it is !" Azula bellowed. "I asked you not to play with the ducks, they bite, plus, you should be preparing to leave for the Southern Water Tribe." She added.

She walked off, her royal robe flapping around in the wind. Ty Lee wiped the sweat off of her forehead and cartwheeled to the war balloon, still shaking inside because she nearly got caught.


Azula, Ty Lee and Mai looked upon the newly built Southern Water Tribe. Large ice houses towered, people walked around happily, until they saw the war balloon, floating over. "We must get the Avatar." Azula informed them.

"This is going to be the most boring thing ever...." Mai muttered.

The war balloon landed and the three deadly girls stepped out, seeing how Waterbender's rushed around, informing that the Princess Azula had just landed. Azula flipped forwards, her legs sticking out a shooting large amounts of sapphire flames which melted the ice in front of them.

Fire Navy soldiers were coming in more war balloons, shooting banks of ruby flames from the sky down to the village.

Three Waterbender's jumped backwards but moved there hands forwards, where they were standing jaggered upwards and large ice spikes shot from the ground, piecing the floating war balloons. The war balloons landed slowly and the Firebender's stepped out, shooting many simultaneous fire blast.

Then, to Azula's horror and happiness, Team Avatar ran out of a tent. Immediately, the annoying Waterbender of the group, Katara, did something awesome, but not from Azula's point of view. Katara raised her hands, the water on the shore of the bay raised up into a curling wave and enveloped the whole back of the Firebender's, pulling them into the icy waters.

"I can barely see here!" Toph complained.

Azula gave a smug grin and punched her hand forwards, a blast of blue flames heading towards Toph. Aang raised his hands and snow floated from the ground and acted as a shield. Toph stomped her foot, from the depths beneath the ice, large boulders came out, making Toph happy. She jumped up and smashed her dirty feet of them, sending rocks towards Mai. Mai ducked and threw a few knifes, but were caught from some water tentacles Katara was controlling.

Azula launched forwards kicked, fire blasting and hitting Toph, sending her backwards into a tent.

"Toph!" Zuko yelled, then shooting a fireball towards Azula. Azula jumped, the large ball of fire hitting the remaining of the fire navy soldiers. "I will finish you off!" Azula screamed.

She moved her two front fingers around, blue sparks conjuring and creating lightning as her anger grew more intense. Then, as she lashed her hand forward, something grabbed onto it. Lightning zigzagged into the middle of the air. Azula turned, seeing Ty Lee controlling a tentacle of water that wrapped around Azula's wrist. "That wasn't very nice Azula." Ty Lee said grimly. "What do you expect?" She replied calmly. "I expect that you're outnumbered greatly," said Mai, pulling out a blade.

Katara jumped forwards and brought her hands up, icy crystals enveloping every part of Azula except for her head. "Let me go you peasant." Azula spat. "You're not exactly in the right place to bargain." Katara backfired.

"Toph..." Mai reminded Katara.

They all ran into the tent were Toph landed, seeing master Pakku looking at her burns, which sizzled through her green clothes. Two bowls of water were placed either side of Toph, Katara quickly raised the water, which enveloped her hands and started to glow a bright blue. "Pakku, could you help ?" Pakku nodded and did the same thing. The sun went down and a full moon rose, sudden power surge in ever Waterbender.

"I can't heal her, it's too difficult." Katara sobbed. "She's going to die." Tears flowed down Katara's face, then something besides her started to glow with a white light.
"No she isn't," said a thousand voices. Aang's eyes and arrow's glowed and he raised into the air, where the moon's rays shone over him.

"I shall give you the power of a million healers," said Yue from the moon.

Aang bent the water in the seas, which began to glow the same color as Koizilla, a bright blue. Thousands of liters rose in front of Aang and compressed into a tiny glowing ball of water, which lowered onto Toph.

Toph opened her eyes slowly.

"I'm hungry!"

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