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The Water Warriors
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After making my decision to join the Water Warriors, I am forced to duel with several warriors, in order to earn my rightful place in the Water Warriors.


"Wow! So that's how you survived the maelstrom back when we were kids, I picked you wrong." Tarrlok said. "So, how did you become Amon, and start the Anti Bending revolution?" He asks.

"Well, there's more to this than just surviving the maelstrom. It was about finding myself."

As I walked up to the courtyard where everyone sat on the ice bench, I greeted myself to the masters. I had to duel the waterbending masters, and stay undefeated as the incense burned.

"Would any of you masters want to duel with Noatak?" the Chief asked.

Everyone sat still as they thought to themselves.

"I'll duel him," a Water Warrior replied.

He ran into the circle, standing opposite to me, and asked me of this battle. He then assumed a fighting position, one I have never seen before, as Dad never thought me waterbending like this before.

The duel began as he made the first move by attacking me with an ice ball. I deflected the ice ball, and said, "What is your next move."

I then rolled, and evaded his attacks, until I got pushed into a corner, before I got into a whirlpool, and sent him flying, before I froze him stone cold. I then releases him, before thanking him for the duel.

"Would anyone else like to duel with Noatak?" The Chief asks again.

Everyone looks among themselves.

"He's not bad. Go in the ring against Noatak Master Fong," the Water Warrior who dueled me said.

"Alright then," Master Fong replied.

Master Fong then jumps into the ring, before asking me to duel him. I then began the duel by throwing several water blasts, towards him. He then redirects my attack, before turning it into a huge wave. I barely dodged that one. We both traded blasts, until we got near the waterfall. There, he was about to deliver an ice drill, but before he could do so, I got myself into an ice sphere, then launched an entire barrage of ice shards at him. The master couldn't keep up, fell to his knees, and eventually surrendered himself.

"Thanks for sparing me," Master Fong said.

"Is there anyone else who wants to duel Noatak?" the chief asks. "No one?"

"I guess it's my turn then," Tonraq said.

As he was in the ring, he said, "You have really proven yourself. Now, I'm your final test."

"Let's have the battle," I said.

Both of us got in our fighting positions before we dueled. It was harder, as I could not show my ability to bloodbend, otherwise my identity would be known. Alright, I'll stick to what I've got.

Tonraq then throws two fast coming ice punch at me, before sending a wave to knock me over, which he did successfully. He then attempted to freeze me, but I rolled out of his range. I then threw several water blasts to his body, before finally sweeping him over. As I stood on a whirlpool, Tonraq hid himself under the snowy capes of the battlefield. I knew this wasn't good. He then comes out, freezes my whirlpool, and me in it. I knew I was no match for the general without my bloodbending.

"Welcome to the Water Warriors. You show great talent in waterbending, and it would be a great opportunity for you," the general said.

"It would be my honour," I replied.

"Alright men, we are going to train here for the next few weeks before we leave for the eastern tundras," Tonraq said.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement to the General's plan, even his father.

"Be careful, and promise me not to do anything too rash," the Chief said to his son.

"I won't, I promise," Tonraq replied.

So we then begun our training as we had to jog around the courtyard ten times, before heading to the base, where all our training gear were. As we walked there, I saw these amazing waterbenders, who used waterbending, not just as an extension of themselves, but as an extension to help build a better society. I remember those days when father only taught us the merciless techniques of waterbending, to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible. I am so glad he was wrong. As I, along with the other men walked into base, I saw armory, weights, targets, mitts, boomerangs, everything a water warrior would need.

"First, let's begin with learning how to train with the dummies that we have at base. Firstly, you cannot take out all your fury on it, otherwise, we might not be able to replace it. However, you may do so on the ice dummies, as we can easily recreate them. You will practice your waterbending for the next hour." Tonraq ordered.

I immediately found a spot for myself, where I bent up three ice dummies. Suddenly, I reminisced bloodbending those wolves when I first mastered dad's psychic technique. "Ahh!" I cried.

"Is everything alright?" Tonraq asked.

"Yeah, just a little nervous," I replied.

He then gave me a weird look, twerking one of his eyebrow towards me.

As our weapon and bending training continued through the week, this is the time when we will spar the other members of the Water Warrior. So as we choose our sparring partners, Fong requested to have a duel with me again, which I agreed to.

"Are you ready? Fight!" Tonraq referred.

Fong then went into a defensive stance, asking me to attack him first, but I replied the same to him. We both found ourselves in a sticky position, and didn't want to make nothing out of this battle.

"Somebody strike already!" A Water Warrior called.

As soon as I heard that, I created a wave to knock Fong down, however, he split the wave in half, before coming at me. He then rode on water, and using his bending, he attempted to cut me with an ice spear, while riding on his wave. I rolled, and knocked him off his wave. I then attempted to return the favour by striking several ice spears at him. He then created a 'weird' water octopus, stuck inside, and using it's tentacles to deflect my spears, before freezing my right arm.

"I could easily just bloodbend him, but wait..." I thought to myself.

"Alright, this well packed, adrenalin rushing sparring match is over, and Fong is the winner!" Tonraq announced.

"Nice work!" I told Fong.

"Same goes for you." Fong replied.

"Alright men, we are leaving five sharpish tomorrow morning to do some real training." Tonraq said.

Everyone then cheered. We sat at dinner, reminiscing about our trainings this week. This has been the best recount of my life, especially without 'dad' grilling at me for my mistake and weakness.

"Tomorrow..." I whispered in my sleep.

I heard the candles clapping four times, as it is now four in the morning. My fellow comrades and I gathered in the courtyard. Tonraq, and his father, presented us with our new Water Warrior's uniform, and a spear, and sword, as a resemblance to our dedication in this army. We then swore an oath, one that a solider must be loyal to the Tribe at all costs, and serve it in every way possible. As we all got changed into our uniforms, Tonraq waterbends one of the four ice walls that surrounds the courtyard.

It revealed, a Water Tribe canoe, cutter sailer ship, and the state of the art waterbending powered boat. The General then assigned us into groups of four to learn how to use these transports. I went with Fong and another warrior, as we learnt how to ice dodge, using a cutter sailer ship.

As we finished our training, I finally got the grasp to ask the general on his knowledge of bloodbending, he said, "It is a dangerous art, outlawed by Katara, and I don't know any bloodbender." This left my mind in tranquil, as he didn't know my father's existence in the Northern Water Tribe. For the next three years, we trained hard by the clock, from sailing to crafting. I remembered what the Chief said on Day one, and that will dwell inside me. Tonraq told us we had a mission in to investigate the Eastern Tundras.

"In two days, I am headed to our sister tribe, and I need some bodyguards to escort my family and I as there have been threats on my life. Who would you recommend General?" The Chief asked.

"I know Master Fong has been with us for awhile, and is skillful, however, Noatak should come along as well. He is an excellent waterbender. Actually, take all our water warriors to come with you. [To his men.] Our proposed trip to the Eastern Tundras is cancelled, and all you men and I are going to head to the Southern Water Tribe tomorrow," Tonraq said.

Some of us were excited, others were a bit nervous, but I knew this would be a great opportunity to learn about the rest of the world.

"So it's set," the Chief announces. "In two days, we head to the Southern Water Tribe. You are dismissed," the Chief announced.

"Noatak, before our big expedition, shall we head over to the restaurant at the corner to get some sea kwankwats, and some seaweed stew?" Fong asked me.

"I'd love to," I replied.

"Good, I'll meet you here with some other Water Warriors ten past seven," Fong said.

"Alright, I'll see you all here then," I told them.

All of us at dinner shared our thoughts on our journey for the past three years, about are fears, struggles. All that shaped us to become whom we are now. There was so little time, for so much to talk about.

"Thanks for the dinner guys!" I told them.

"Anytime", "Pleasure", "Get some rest tomorrow," the Water Warriors told me.

"Same for you guys," I joked with them.


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