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As promised, here is an accompanying blog to talk about the episodes.

Episode 1: The Northern Water Tribe

This first episode is the beginning of a story that's going to lead us to some dark places. See what I did there?
First up we meet the Avatar. I knew Earthbenders weren't going to be heavily featured in this series so I figured the most powerful bender on earth should be an Earthbender. He's very stern and comes off as this angry man. The first scene he takes down a serpent and just goes on his way. He's very to the point, so he's not too happy about this oncoming revolt. Jong-Mu is even more disappointed when it turns out to be more serious than he wanted.

Toko is a bit of tyrant. He handles things just like Jong-Mu but he gets denied what he'd rather do fairly quickly. I needed a reason for this revolt to happen and I built Toko around that idea. He quickly becomes a leader who isn't right for the current tribe.

Taizo and Kyla are introduced and we find this passionate girl, obviously similar to Katara, who has a special gift. If there's a character to watch throughout the series, it's her. I love her interaction with the Avatar where he makes her question all the traditions she's been forced to live with. Taizo on the other hand took a different turn than I originally intended. His story is just beginning.

Kilo is just a guy who doesn't know where he's going in life. He's never had a special talent so he's just like a tin dog.

The episode ends with an attack on Toko's building. Then we see a bunch of water benders heading towards them. It's just the beginning of this tear in the city. There's a divide in their tribe and it will not be solved easily.

Episode 2: The Revolt

The Avatar and Toko get into this fight about one's own nationality. History seems to say that Jong-Mu favors the Earth Kingdom. It's understandable why Toko wants him to do something, but his tactics aren't great. Pushing the Avatar is not recommended.

Then we see the Avatar be awesome and completely get rid of the wall of ice and the entire hostage situation is abandoned. The Avatar, not wanting to use any more violence, puts the decision to a vote. I'd say this is out of character, except really it's a way to be fair without him having to do anything. Jong-Mu really just wants to return to some rocks.

Kilo is still the tin dog. He's Switzerland. He's trying to avoid this whole conflict. When some of the members of the revolt force him to join, he goes along with it not wanting to stir up trouble. When he meets up with Kyla they take an unexpected adventure. It's based on a lie, but we can see the dynamic between these two. They open each other up, pinpointing each other's vulnerabilities. And we get to see Hama's comb. How it eventually gets to Hama will be explained eventually.

This chapter also introduces Yinlo, Melora, and Wato. They're not too friendly, especially to a fellow Airbender, which really comes down to an eventual conflict of philosophies. Wato was originally just going to be a small role, but he eventually takes a much bigger place in the story. He is one of my most tragic characters.

We get to meet Dakko, a powerful waterbender. Their plan to get the Spirit Oasis as a hostage is rather brilliant. It's sacred and Dakko knows it means a lot to Toko's side. His vision is important, as later in this season we'll see him interpret it to an extreme, and begin his journey of seeing who he really is.

But at the end, we find Dakko isn't the leader, it's Mokolo. Toko is blind to his people, and to his guards.

Episode 3: Whispers of the Ice

Mokolo and his right-hand man, Dakko visit Yinlo and Melora in this chapter. Yinlo is very involved in this chapter. He takes us through the city and shows how divided it's becoming because of this conflict of values at the heart of the city. But then again, something is up. He's lying to each of them about his past which instantly gives us a clue that there is something up with this guy.

We also hear about the Air Colony again. In a time where the Air Nomads are still prosperous (and not down to one due to a genocide) I figured they would not stop at expanding where they live. It should be noted at this time there is no Southern Air Temple.

Kyla is continuing to struggle with her own future. She was happy being a healer but after her visit with the Avatar, she ends up leaving her own mother's side. She is so confused she let her mother go.

Kilo, on the other hand, is absolutely sure he does not want to stay. He's never felt like he belonged in the North Pole. Enter a spirit! I've always wanted more spirits to attack, and I felt something as important as the spirit oasis should have guardians.

And then the next mystery: an army in the cliffs. Is it Toko or Mokolo's? Or something not involved with either? At a time when the city is at its most vulnerable, an outside enemy could do a lot of damage.

Episode 4: Hail Storm

Kyla is beginning to develop her waterbending, just at an unnatural rate almost. She doesn't really know how she's doing it, but it certainly brings an added element of interest to her. Why is she so powerful?

Wato is explored further and we learn he can heal. As the author, I didn't see it fit that healing and bending be exclusive to genders, and thought this would be a tension in the revolution. One side thinks only females should heal, the other thinks it's a valuable skill for all.

As we continue with Dakko's tale, this is the beginning of a bit of bad luck for the character. He's just accidentally killed a bunch of people. He spilled innocent blood. This is really the point where Dakko begins to change.

Melora is pregnant! I never intended her to be at the start, but as the story was outlined, I found it essential to the plot and the development of other characters. Right now, it's just a mystery as to why it interferes with whatever these two are plotting.

Avatar Palokk was meant to be a contrast to the previous Water Nation-born Avatar before Korra. Instead of being all go-with-the-flow he is rather certain of what must happen next and acts dilligently.

Palokk also contrasts to Jong-Mu in that Jong-Mu would much rather deal with problems quickly and be left alone than act slowly. We also meet Gwali. I figured Gwali was the perfect companion as badgermoles taught earthbending and Skybison's taught airbending (and that was Yang's companion).

Of course, it ends on this off putting note. A vague hint that Jong-Mu's time is coming to an end.

Episode 5: Moon

Kyla and the Avatar journey into the Spirit World. They end up on the same lily pad Aang ended up on, though their entrance was different. I figure there are multiple ways to enter the Spirit World. This is one of them. We also get some back story on the guardian spirit and another previous Avatar, Okko. Okko, in my view, is a full realized Avatar solely on the act of sacrificing himself alone.

We also learn of Yinlo's beef with Toko and the Water Tribe. Though, given his past, we can't say for sure if this is the truth, or he's just manipulating Taizo to steal the Moon spirit.

We also meet Sokka, not the Sokka that is friends with Aang, but another waterbender from the past with the same name. He and Mokolo are lovers, a very new idea for our reality that I decided should play a role in the Avatar role. I used the name Sokka to shed any gay stereotypes and instead make you think of Sokka from The Last Airbender.

Dakko turns out to have a love interest as well. But upon learning of his actions, it makes it all the more easy to break it off. Koko abandons him, leaving Dakko to do anything to get her back, including being manipulated by Taizo to steal one of the spirits.

Episode 6: Ocean

Kilo finally wakes up from his journey into the Spirit World. We find out Mokolo is rather manipulative. He essentially blackmails Kilo from learning waterbending unless he joins the revolution. Then Mokolo yells at Dakko for his reckless attack. He only softens when Sokka offers to risk his life. Mokolo doesn't allow it. It's probably the only time he seems human.

Kilo wakes up again to Kyla, who is happy he's alive. Perhaps something's between these two? But then Kilo tells of his vision. He saw a city in the South Pole. This vision is what will lead the rest of the tribe to the South. This is probably the first moment Kilo feels of any importance.

Meanwhile, Yinlo immediately gets the Avatar to protect his wife by creating a wall of ice in the city, just as he had done in Ba Sing Se. This of course backfires. They just use it as a weapon.

Dakko ends up stealing the Ocean spirit, causing the weather and ocean to act up. He unknowingly releases a guardian named Whatali. This spirit's first act of terror happens to another character though.

Wato makes an appearance and he is about to be put through a really difficult test. He and his family show a stunning feat of strength in taking out the other waterbenders, but are ultimately defeated by the spirit.

Episode 7: One or the Other

Wato wakes up to find both of his parents are dying. And while a revolution is going on, a core principle of it shows up. Jong-Mu can't heal. He never learned it, as only females typically had. And so Wato has to choose. Who do you save? Your mom or your dad. While writing this, I had to stop because it was too difficult of a decision to make without giving it some thought. His mom dying was a tough choice to make.

Toko and Mokolo are about to spar in place of an entire war essentially when Dakko's actions take over. Here some interesting things happen. When no one else can waterbend, Kyla can. She is able to create large pillars of ice. How? Spoilers.

Then the Spirit controls the Avatar in a strange way. It most certainly will come up again.

Dakko is confronted about his theft, not long after being rejected by his girlfriend who is now married. Things aren't quite going his way. These events are all starting to shape him.

Kilo uses the moment of peace after the Spirit had attacked to introduce his idea of creating a new tribe in the South. Kilo, however, does not end up very happy after the decision is made. Mokolo had forced him to go, but now he seems unsure.

Episode 8: The Division

The theme of this chapter is division, hence the title. We start off with Taizo and the other Airbenders departing from the North Pole. Wato, who once seemed friendly with Taizo, is rejected by him, seemingly due to Yinlo. Wato's world has fallen apart. Thankfully, his father pulls through, having been listening to the conversation Wato was having with Kyla. Wato is going to the South.

The Avatar makes the choice to let the knowledge of the spirits become the stuff of legends as to not let anyone harm them again. He sends a scroll to the Library, which at this point sounds as if it is still in tact.

The entire city is waiting for a decision to be made. Kilo gets a quick lesson from Jong-Mu, hoping to get an answer out of him, but to no avail. He already knew though. Toko keeps the North and Mokolo along with the Avatar travel South.

Kyla chooses to go to the South. She's grown since we first met her. The Avatar helped expose her to equality and her own power. She never wanted to leave and now she's eager as ever to go. But Kilo, he's the exact opposite. He once wanted to leave as soon as possible, but now he's staying.

We get a glimpse of the Pincher, who uses a minor form of bloodbending. She has a mysterious past but it won't really get to be explored until season three. Toko seems to have changed into an even worse ruler.

Episode 9: Found and Lost

For the first time, we get a look at the direct thoughts of the Avatar. When he came here, he wanted to stop the revolution and be done with it. Now, he's committing himself to an entire journey to the otherside of the World. At the cost of his own life so it seems.

We finally learn what happened with the Air Colony. Jong-Mu destroyed it while trying to rescue Shofini. In an attempt to stop the oncoming slaughter, he slaughter an entire civilization. Taizo explains that he was the man that the Avatar saved instead of Shofini. Except Taizo lies about the uniforms they were wearing, trying to make it seem like it was the Avatar who attacked under a misconception.

We finally find out Taizo's real plan--to kill the Avatar and end the Avatar Cycle.

Meanwhile, Kyla and Dakko reflect on their leaving. Dakko is running away from Koko but Kyla still has an attachment. Kyla stills feel passionate about helping people and teaches Wato how to heal the pregnant woman in Taku. This actually has two ramifications. One in the next chapter, the other in the Darkest Day storyline.

Kyla also finds out that Koko is aboard and that Dakko has a muddy past. Quite shocking to her, and as quick as she thought she found a potential friend she lost him.

Mokolo is becoming quite the dictator. He has never actually led an entire tribe before. His anger surrounding his love life is taking over and leading to harassment.

And last, we learn that Shofini somehow survived the attack on the hospital in the Air Colony. However, she is also somehow tied to Jong-Mu's death.

Episode 10: The Stone Blooded Avatar

The first season finale. I knew what was going to happen with Jong-Mu from the start, but I must say, it was hard to see this character go. I quite enjoyed his growth of being stone blooded and stern to becoming compassionate and helping the Water Tribe. But his story was over for the most part. I never saw him making it to the South Pole.

In this chapter, we think he's talking about his Shofini and that he was supposed to marry her, but in fact we find that he was talking about his wife all along.

Shofini is his daughter! That was not something I ever planned. In fact, Shofini was originally meant to be a boy named Shofin who was a spy in the Air Army. But he evolved into the Avatar's daughter once I wrote the ninth episode. She is very strong and manipulative, as we see with Taizo.

Shofini survived a great fall somehow, and his wife's prophecy was finally coming true. Jong-Mu saw his wife in his daughter's looks, and now he was dying. The stone blooded Avatar died by bleeding to death from being stoned.

Taizo is manipulative too though, as we see with Dakko. Dakko's mind isn't in a healthy place and Taizo is feeding him a lot of negativity. He's messing with Dakko and it's working.

We get our first hint from Jong-Mu that Kyla is special. She's the stuff of legends. This series is devoted to her becoming a legend. Over the next two books her story really unfolds along with her power and her origin.

Melora's death was something I hadn't anticipated either. Originally only the baby was going to die, but I figured this would affect Wato a lot more. He had just learned of healing pregnant woman by Kyla in the previous episode, but it would seem it wasn't enough.

It wasn't until I started plotting out season two that I realized Shofini was going to see the Green Spirit again. Wato's father also reappears, but I knew he was going to follow Wato.

This finale sets up for the rest of their travels. Dakko has just killed his ex. Mokolo is becoming a tyrant. Kyla is reunited with Kilo. Yinlo's wife has died and his army has disbanded. Shofini's father is quite possibly alive after all. Now they continue their journey to the South.

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