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This fanon series is completed, meaning all expected chapters have been released.
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The Water Tribes
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August 2012-November 2013






The Impossible Girl

The Water Tribes


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This story encompasses the events that transpired to the Northern Tribe separating and eventually leading to the migration to the South. Along the way, the waterbenders face the dangers in the North and South, as well as witness the Darkest Day in Fire Nation History while traveling the oceans. The Avatar must assist the new Water Tribe, at the risk of the Avatar's own life. Together, they begin to build the Southern Water Tribe.


Water Nation

Palokk - The previous Avatar whose companion was a Polar leopard.

Toko - The Water Nation's current chief.

Mokolo - Military Leader of the Water Nation.

Kyla - A 16 year old water healer who discovers her bending can do more than just heal.

Kilo - A 17 year old novel water bender who enlists in the army prior to the upcoming civil war.

Dakko - Waterbender, member of the revolution.

Wato - A young waterbender who lives near the docks

Earth Nation

Jong-Mu - The current Avatar. He was born in the Earth Nation, and now he is 118 years old. He's strong headed and has been known to use forceful measures to bring peace.

Gwali - The Avatar's badgermole companion.

Omu - An earthbender living in Taku watching after Gwali

Shofini - A mysterious woman who has ties with Jong-Mu

Fire Nation

Zyon - Fire Nation citizen who takes to science

Lily- Fire Nation citizen who has recently lost her parents.

Air Nation

Taizo - An airbender looking for a home.

Yinlo - An airbender leading a group into the Water Nation.

Melora - Yinlo's wife.


Book One: The North

# Chapter Title Date Released Chapter Description
1 The Northern Water Tribe 8.26.2012 The Avatar makes his way to the Northern Water Tribe to help the chief prevent an oncoming war.
2 The Revolt 8.28.2012 Jong-Mu must stop the revolution before it evolves into a war. The true leader of the Revolt is revealed.
3 Whispers of the Ice 9.9.2012 Yinlo converses with the city as it divides in half. A Spirit emerges from the Oasis.
4 Hail Storm 9.17.2012 Ice falls from the sky, preventing the city's plans. Meanwhile, Kyla calls out for help. The Revolution creates its first innocent death toll. Avatar Palokk knows of a prophecy.
5 Moon 9.24.2012 The Avatar journeys into the Spirit World. Someone plots to steal the Moon spirit.
6 Ocean 9.24.2012 Jong-mu repeats his past actions in an attempt to stop the City's war. The identity of the leader of the Revolution is revealed to Toko. The Ocean and Moon spirits are put in danger.
7 One or the Other 9.24.2012 As a spirit attacks the city, Wato is faced with an impossible choice. Taizo's past is explored.
8 The Division 10.3.2012 The airbenders leave. The city determines who will stay, who will depart.
9 Found and Lost 10.12.2012 The waterbenders travel to the city of Taku. Yinlo and the Avatar recount the events of the Air Colony's destruction.
10 The Stone Blooded Avatar 11.5.2012 Jong-mu must protect the waterbenders traveling South from an army. An evil plan is put into motion that ends in death.

Book Two: The Oceans

# Chapter Title Date Released Chapter Description
1 Another Sun Rises 2.8.2013 The Water Tribe deals with the ramifications of the Serpent's Pass. They head towards the Fire Nation.
2 Village of the Dead 3.29.2013 After discovering an abandoned village, the Tribe questions their future.
3 A Blind Eye 4.2.2013 The Tribe has to make a choice in order to save others.
4 Army of Creators 4.18.2013 An army that was once affiliated with the Sun Warriors is discovered.
5 The Darkest Day: River of Fire 4.20.2013 Mokolo and Zyon set out to stop a kidnapping plot. Kyla looks for the Green Spirit.
6 The Darkest Day: The Green Spirit 5.16.2013 The Darkest Day in Fire Nation History.
7 The Fiery Stone 5.23.2013 Yinlo returns and tries to reconcile. Mokolo keeps Zyon's promise. A battle ensues in the Patola Mountains.
8 The Legend of the Skeleton Ship 5.25.2013 A set of caverns are discovered that are painted with blood. Someone goes missing
9 Heritage of the Earth 5.28.2013 Omu tries to show Jong-Mu how great an Avatar he's been.
10 The Fallen Moon 6.1.2013 The Tribe makes it's way to the South Pole to discover a terrifying force.

Book Three: The South

# Chapter Title Date Released Chapter Description
1 The Blood From the North 6.22.2013 Years have past since the events of The Fallen Moon. Old ties from the North come back to haunt the newly formed Southern Tribe. The newest air temple has completed being built. A village in the Earth Kingdom is visited.
2 Red Ice 7.20.2013 Kyla and Kilo explore a lighthouse.
3 Moon Flowers 8.2.2013 A princess appears. Kyla and Lily continue their search for the lake.
4 The Snow in the Forest 8.13.2013 Toko returns. Dakko's past is explored.
5 The Silver Mirror 9.20.2013 Palokk returns with his prophecy and his past. 

Someone is abducted.

6 Stolen Water 9.23.2013 The leader of the Red Lotus is revealed.
7 Darkest Night 10.8.2013 Kyla finds herself in a powerless position.
8 The Ice King 10.16.2013 Kyla stumbles upon an old friend in a new kingdom.
9 The Four Spearheads 10.22.2013 A major war takes place
10 The Southern Water Tribe 11.4.2013 A Legend is born.


The Impossible Girl

Once this series ends, a new series focusing on a character related to Kyla will take place. I've got the story mapped out and have been leading up to it for a really long time. It will hopefully come out along the same time was season two of Legend of Korra.

Here's the link to the Main Page


Typhoonmaster's Review

"There are many minor allusions to the canon show that made me go "Oh!!! That makes so much sense!" I thought WaterMasterFinn was very creative in incorporating some of those subtle things because when I caught them I had a eureka moment more than once. "

MibuWolf's Review

" I really got the adventure-y vibe from this one. Following the Avatar as he goes about his business is always a good plot for adventure, and for the first time in a while I really do feel the author has accurately categorized his fanon."

Mageddon725's Review

"The idea behind the plot is incredibly unique, touching on an area of Avatar lore that has not, to my knowledge, been explored in such detail."

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