If you found that this episode was far too yaoi for you, please continue reading. Episode's 2 and beyond have way less Gay Romance, and is more subtle.
Sorry if you were offended.
This episode contains content that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 15.
Read with caution.

Strong Sexual Situations
Strong Gay Romance
Strong Language
The Water Tribe Boy
Chapter information

The Chronicles of Ian


Book One: Water



Written by

Ian Bernard


Ian Bernard

Release date

September 23, 2010

Next chapter

The Avatar Has Arrived

Episode Description

The Water Tribe Boy is Episode 1 of my Fan-Fiction, The Chronicles of Ian. Ian is a teen boy that we meet. He lives with his mother Jaime in the Northern Water Tribe. In the beginning of the episode, Ian has to go to the docks to buy a fish for his mother, and then must join her on her trip to The Strip, a shopping center for spiritual items. Jaime needs to restock her supplies at her spirit shop. While his mother is shopping, Ian notices the scroll shop, were his friend Kyrie works. Kyrie tells him she found a scroll that she hasn't stocked yet, and gave it to Ian. The two discover after reading it that it is a bloodbending scroll.
Later that day, Ian and his mother are honored guest at Princess Yue's engagement party. Ian is attacked at the party by some bullies he encountered while running errands for his mom that morning. After the duel is ended by Master Pakku, Ian and Kyrie are invited by Hahn to smoke with him at his house. During the party, Ian and Hahn were flirting, which lead up to their romance at Hahn's house.

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The Water Tribe Boy

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The Avatar Has Arrived

New Pages

Ian | Jaime
Kyrie | The Strip

Character Romances

Ian | Hahn
Hahn | Yue
Chronicles of Ian

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  1. The Water Tribe Boy
  2. The Avatar Has Arrived
  3. Tales of the Northern Tribe
    1. Myra's Big Day
    2. Sokka's Lucky Break
    3. Katara & Aang's
      Dinner Date
    4. Ian's Walk With Jet
  4. The Fire Nation Attacks
  • None Released
  • None released

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