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What is a Digimon??

Kouichi The darkness of the night is what I awoke to. I felt terrified for a moment. I thought I was him' again. The problem was that I couldn't see. Wait, I couldn't see. Depite how many people would find that horrifying, I took solice in it. If I was him, I could see just fine. What little solice I had left when I remembered everything. Where were Ren and Takuya? The two were the ones who saved me, and now they vanished. "R-ren?" I called out, "Takuya?"

A fire lit a couple seconds later, followed by bickering. "For the warrior of flame your terrible at lighting a campfire."

"You try it, Water Girl."Takuya growls at Ren. He glared at her, and it seemed that he was going to do something.

Ren was scilenced after that. Scilence enwrapped us all, until I walked over to them, and sat down next to them, hoping to end the scilence there. Putting them both in a headlock, I finally got a laugh out of the two.

When the laughter stopped, we sunk in to scilence again. Except this time, the scilence was caled for. We all needed to think for a moment.

"So,"Ren broke the scilence, "What should we do?"

Takuya thought for a moment, "I guess we find the others."

"If Churbimon hasn't found them first."I countered.

More scilence.

Sokka It's not normal to wake up in a foest. Espically when you don't remember being knocked out. It couldn't have to do with the war. It's over.

"Who's that!"a squirly voice asked.

"Huh, who's there!" I looked all around me, but only saw a... yellow rabit walking on two legs... What rabbit walks like that?

"It's a human."It announced.

"Yeah, I'm human. SO what?"

"Well, you don't see humans in this word a lot."Another creature said. A mammal like creature, with a pink waistband thing.

"WHAT ARE YOU!"I shout, losing what little cool I had.

The creature hit his forehead in annoyance,"I am a Digimon. Do you know nowthing of the Digital World?"

"So, this place is called the digital world, no?"I ask, curious.

"YEP~!"The rabbit thing exclaims.

"How can I get back to my world?"

"Follow me."The mammal thing said.

Ren Takuya and I decided that going to find the others would be impossible, yet we'd try it. We told them to stay at the clearing until we got back, though considering the noise of battle, they might've come looking for us.

"We won't find anything in this darn maze!"Takuya exclaimed.

"Not with you complaining!"Kouichi repreminded him.

"Neither will you yelling!"

"Both of you, shut up."I say rather calmly, putting them both in a headlock.

"Yes Ma'am."

Katara "So, where are we supposed to go?"Aang asked, tilting his head.

"I don't know!" Zuko exclaimed, angerly flicking some fire at Aang.

"Both of you calm down."I exclaim, putting my hand on both of their shoulders, "We can't argue, not when there's a murder running around in this world."

"Well,"Toph said,"The kid's still alive, but I can't explain it. Before, he wasn't human. Now he and the others are."

"Well that's... uhh.."Zuko stammered, trying to somehow move his stifined hair. Whatever the guy did to his hair, made it as unmoveable as a rock would be to a waterbender. It covered his scar well, though it made him look depressing.

Looking at my teammates they had no resembalance to what they looked like before. Even I didn't. Whatever fashion was in this world, it was ridiclous. I couldn't even keep my hair loopies. The only thing that was safe was my mother's necklace. Ugh, the things girls wore in this world are utterly impossible to get into. I don't see how they would wear it.

Fashion aside, I had to admit, Zuko looked cute.

Toph put her hand on the ground,"The three are gone, I think we're safe now."

"Good."Aang remarked.


"We're lost."Zuko remarked.

"How'd you guess?"Toph remarked sarcastically.

Aang took this oppritunity to test his peace making skills,"Let's not fight." he said, stepping in between the two.

"MAKE ME!"Toph shouted. Though, she would look a lot tougher if she weren't in a skirt. ang grabbed her ear. "OWWWWW"She excliams.

He let go,"There."

A flash blinded us for a moment,"What was that!"Zuko shouted.

Toph put her hand on the ground to sense the vibrations better. "It's those kids again. But there are seven more."

Takuya Looking around at the others told me one thing. Evil found them first. It was terrifying to see Zoe this evil. I'd never seen her like this.

Ren grabbed me by my arm,"Come on Takuya!" she dragged me into the portal-thing. And things fadded to black.

Toph "They're gone."I announced, "And we're following."

"What!"Twinkle Toes exclamed."WHY?!?!"

"Because. We need to figure this out. Now."I replied, going in their direction.

The others gasped.

"There's something above the ground, isn't there."

"It's another portal. I bet they went through it."

"The man did say we'd have to go through one world to get to the other one."Katara remarked.

"You'll have to push me through."I said,"I'm not going in voluntarily."

Zuko pushed me in. And everything was black.

Katara "We're looking for Pakku, right?"

"Yeah."Aang replied to me.

We had been walking for hours, when a figure emerged from the trees,"Katara?"He asked.

"PAKKU!"I exclaimed, and then I noticed something beside him, Sokka.

"Katara, what are you doing here?"He asked.

"We were about to ask you the same thing."Toph remarked.

Ren "She's waking up."

I felt someone throw their arms around me, and I realized it was my mother. "Mama?"I question.

"Renny."She whispered. "Miha."

"What happened???"I asked, giving her that certain look that she deciphered as I just came out of the Digital World.

"You and your friends were all in comas."

I bolted up and looked around,"Where's Kouichi!?!"I exclaimed.

My mom brought me to another room, where I saw Kouichi laying still on the bed. "Kouichi!"

Running over to his bed side, the doctors looked shocked at first, but then realized how, much I cared.

The monitor befan flat lineing. "NO!" I finally let myself cry,"no."

The only noise was the monitor flat lineing, and everyone sat in mourn, Ms.Kimura sobbing. I felt a hand comfort me by touching my back, I blamed it on Mama. "Ren."I heard a whisper below me.

The monitor had flat lined because the line had fallen out of Kouichi's arm. His mother rushed over just as quickly as I did. My mom and I silently decided to leave them alone.

Going in to another room, we saw Takuya. He was all ready awake, and stared confusingly. We shared a serious moment, and he suddenly ran into another room.

Katara "So," Sokka asked Pakku,"What news should everyone our age know here?"

"Other than the fact there are ten kids in a coma, not much."Pakku replied.

"Wait."I said,"Ten? How do ten kids fall into a coma?"

"According to the people around here, if it were caused by an infection, they would all have it."

I felt really bad for those kids, but I couldn't get involved. I knew it. Pakku then opened a door into the house he was apparently renting. "Whoa!"

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