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Sokka said to Aang "You have no idea where you're going, do you?"

The entire group is mounted on Appa. The siblings and their parents are riding in his saddle while Aang sits atop of his head, looking back. Appa's fur seems dirty and disordered.

Aang happily said, "Well... I know it's near water."

Appa flew over a vast body of water.

Sokka sarcastically said, "I guess we're getting close then."

Katara is preoccupied with sewing a hole in Sokka's pants; Aang glancing over at Katara from atop Appa's head, Momo perched on his shoulder. He concocts an idea to impress Katara.

Aang said, "Momo, marbles please. "

Momo dives into his shirt and emerges, handing Aang two small, gray marbles.

Aang said, "Hey Katara, check out this airbending trick!"

Bending air, Aang manages to spin the two marbles quickly along an equatorial plane as he grins happily.

Katara takes no notice and continues to sew.

Hakoda said, "That's great, Aang."

Disappointed, Aang stops performing the trick.

"Katara didn't even look."

Katara looks over Aang and attempts to show enthusiasm as she said, "That's great!"

A dismayed Aang said, "But I'm not doing it now."

Sokka waves his arm breezily at Aang like he is trying to shoo him.

Sokka said, "Stop bugging her, airhead. You need to give women and girls space when they do their sewing."

Kya casts her son an annoyed glare.

Kya irritably said, "What does your sister being a woman have to do with sewing?"

Sokka lazily rested with his arms behind his head.

He said, "Simple. Girls and women are better at fixing pants and boys and men are better at hunting and fighting and stuff like that. It's just the natural order of things."

Katara suddenly smiles and showed that the pants were still ripped as she sarcastically said, "All done with your pants! And look what a great job I did!"

She angrily tosses the pants in her brother's direction. The pair of pants hits Sokka in the face. He quickly scrambles to free himself.

Sokka protested and pleaded, "Wait! I was just kidding.

He sticks one arm through the large hole in his pants.

He said, "I can't wear these! Mum, Dad, please!"

Aang said, "Relax, Sokka. Where we're going, you won't need any pants."

Aang yanks Appa's reins to the left, his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth. Appa picks up speed as he flies.

Appa has landed and Team Avatar has dismounted at a beach of an island covered with mountains.

Sokka said, "We just made a pit stop yesterday. Shouldn't we get a little more flying done before we camp out?"

Aang is looking at something, his hand held against his brow.

Hakoda said, "Sokka's right. At this rate, we won't get to the North Pole until spring."

Everything proceeds as it is, until Aang says that the water is cold.

Katara, Sokka, Hakoda, and Kya still stand on shore, the adults exchange glances, while Appa walks away, clearly taking interest in something else. Sokka makes a circular motion with his left hand around near his left temple, signaling at his sister and their parents that he thinks Aang is crazy. Aang is swimming toward the deep waters of the bay where the koi fish are. He dives under and immediately appears again, now holding on to the back fin of one of these giant animals as it jumps out of the water before diving again. Katara, Hakoda, and Kya smile broadly and impressed at the sight of Aang riding the Koi fish while Sokka stares at the scene with an uninterested look upon his face and his arms crossed. Momo is jumping excitedly up and down as Aang's koi fish reappears again.

Sokka asks if Katara is kidding, lazily gestures at Aang in the water, and says that the fish is doing all the work.

Kya notices something behind Sokka and runs off in the direction of Appa.

Kya said, "No, Appa. Don't eat that!"

Appa grunts. A widely smiling Aang atop of the fish is presumably in an attempt to impress Katara. As Katara, Hakoda, and Kya run off inland, Aang is disappointed.

Everything proceeds as it is, until Aang still surfing on the koi fish's back, smiles widely, unaware of the danger beaneath the water.

Katara and her parents reappear next to Sokka again while Momo is screeching in alarm.

A worried Hakoda said, "What's wrong?"

Sokka said, "Aang's in trouble. Aang!"

Katara said, "Get out of there!"

Aang grips the dorsal fin of the fish, his smile having now faded. He looks surprised at the commotion on the shore. The Water Tribe family motions for Aang to exit the water, flailing their arms and calling to him from far away.

Sokka said, "Get back here!"

Aang, who, believing them to be cheering him on, waves only to suddenly be hurled off the koi fish, into the water when the koi fish is being pulled under. Sokka suddenly grows alarmed as Aang collides straight into him, having reached the shore safely. The dorsal fin of the creature disappears beneath the surface. Katara and Kya run to where Sokka and Aang have come to a halt. Sokka was leaning against a tree trunk, a trail marking where his body slid across the ground. Aang is seen dressing himself as Katara, her parents, and Momo approach the two.

{[(Watch until Suki grabs Sokka by his collar and says that the Unagi is going to eat well tonight.)]}

Kya said, "No, don't hurt it. He didn't mean it. My son is just an idiot sometimes."

Suki released Sokka, but still stared at him in dismay.

Aang said, "It's my fault. I'm sorry we came here. I wanted to ride the elephant koi."

Everything proceeds as it is, until Appa lazily lay on his side, eating hay while two villagers are grooming him. Appa grunts and chews. Inside the main house on the first floor were Aang, Katara, Hakoda, Kya, and Momo sitting at a long table. A villager places another dish on the already richly filled table. Aang, Hakoda, and Momo are very excited to see the display of delicacies in front of it, but Kya and Katara support an uneasy look, until Aang throws his arms in the air while Momo digs in and chitters.

Aang said, "All right! Dessert for breakfast!"

Katara pokes one of the squishy looking, orange puffs with a flat top in front of her. A doubtful Kya picks up and closely investigates the dessert she just pokes. Aang and Kya on the other hand do not share her reluctance and the former starts stuffing his face, two desserts at once.

Aang said, "These people sure know how to treat an Avatar!

Katara still is not convinced about the deliciousness of the dessert she is holding. She glances at Aang.

Hakoda said, "Mmm."

He offers one of the desserts he is holding to his wife and daughter.

Kya said, "Kya, Katara, you've got to try these!"

Katara puts down the orange dessert, accepts the dessert her mother offers her and takes a bit.

She said, "Well, maybe just a bite..."

Momo sneaks up to Aang and snatches the dessert out of his other hand and quickly dashes away, who smiles at his pet. He does not let the theft bother him and quickly gabs another dessert in front of him while Katara munches down the piece of cake and reaches across the table for the same dessert Aang just took.

Aang glances to his left, over the hunched mother and daughter to Sokka. Momo appears between Hakoda and Kya and quickly snatches another cupcake from the table before vanishing underneath it.

Aang said, "Sokka, what's your problem? EAT!"

Sokka is sitting in a corner, walking with his arms crossed while staring in front of him.

He said, "Not hungry."

Aang leans backwards to be able to look past Katara, Hakoda, and Kya to Sokka; his eyes wide open in surprise.

Aang said, "But you're always hungry, Sokka!"

Hakoda said, "He's just upset because a bunch of girls kicked his butt yesterday".

Sokka said, "They snuck up on me!"

Hakoda said, "Right. And then they kicked your butt."

Momo is lying underneath the table with his front paws around a bunch of pastries he collected. He chewed while Sokka angrily stands up.

Sokka said, "Sneak attacks don't count!

He walks out with big strides, mumbling, "Tie me up with ropes! I'll show them a thing or two."

He comes back to the table to face Kya, Katara and Aang. Momo grabs some more pastries that lie around him.

Sokka said, "I'm not scared of any girls."

He snatches some of the desert of the table as he said, "Who do they think they are anyway?"

He shoves one of the deserts in his mouth and stalks off again, mumbling "Mmm...this is tasty."

In the back villagers are still working on beautifying the statue of Kyoshi. Aang is still holding one of the sweets as the looks at Katara.

Aang said, "What's he so angry about? It's great here. They're giving us the royal treatment!"

Katara said, "Hey, don't get too comfortable. It's risky for us to stay in one place for very long."

Momo's arm comes from underneath the table. He scans the table for new pastries to snatch. Aang lowers his arm with the pastry and offers it to Momo's grasping paw.

He said, " I'm sure we'll be fine."

Momo feels the desert and quickly snatches it out of Aang's hand.

Aang said, "Besides, did you see how happy I'm making this town?"

He moves closer to Katara and then turns around to look out of the window at the statue.

"They're even cleaning up that statue in my honor!"

Hakoda said," Well, it's nice to see you excited about being the Avatar. "

Kya said, "I just hope it doesn't all go to your head."

Aang said, "Come on, you know me better than that. I'm just a simple monk."

Everything proceeds as it is, until when the angered unagi spews power streams of water to the rocks before submerging again,.

Katara lays Aang on his back.

She shouted "Wake up, Aang!"

She looked around for a while before starting to move her left hand over his chest, while supporting his head with her right. She bends the water Aang had swallowed right out of Aang's mouth.

Aang coughed out the last of the water.

He weakly said, "Katara, don't ride the unagi. Not fun."

The chapter proceeds exactly as it does until an impressed Suki smiles as she tells Sokka "Not bad."

Sokka smiles back at Suki with confidence.

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