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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Warped Unknown in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Alien h r giger pitch by adonihs-d2xjobm
The Warped Unknown
General information

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi












Avatar: The Last Airbender


Two years after Aang defeated the Fire Lord, all is tranquil and calm. But looks can be deceiving. Halfway across Aang's solar system, a super-intelligent alien species known as the Bristaljos, (briss-stall-jhos) plan to invade Aang's world and subject its people to their infamous genetic tests. Once the Bristaljos invade, all of Aang's world is thrown into chaos. With genetic mishaps, freakbenders, and other horrors running rampant, it is up to Aang and his friends to save his world from a new menace, but at what cost?


  • Aang age 14- Now living peacefully in Ba Sing Se, Aang is enjoying life at its fullest with his girlfriend Katara.
  • Katara age 16- Enjoying her life with Aang in Ba Sing Se, Katara's good mood has no sign of ending.
  • Sokka age 17- After settling down by himself, Sokka continues to be the meat-and-sarcasm-guy.
  • Toph age 14- Still busy with her metal bending school, Toph is thoroughly enjoying her teaching career.
  • Zuko age 18- The duties of a Fire Lord to his people are seemingly endless, keeping Zuko knee-deep in work!
  • Appa age ?- Livin' and lovin' the grassy fields of Ba Sing Se!
  • Momo age ?- There are so many trees in Ba Sing Se! Gotta climb 'em all!


Book 1

Rise - Storm Gathering - Advancements - The Portal - Siege Of The Northern Air Temple Part 1 - Siege Of The Northern Air Temple Part 2 - Hive - Destruction - Testing - Freakbenders

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