The War of the Lotuses: Warrior of the Moon
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A True Master of Air

As Aang led the bombing run on Appa he half expected to see an army of enemy airbenders, at this point he wouldn't be surprised, but aside from a few flying rocks and some arrows the skies were clear. Each airbender carried two bombs on their gliders, any more and they wouldn't be able to fly, but Appa carried six. The airbenders dropped their payload on the rear units of the assassin's army. After hearing the explosions down below Aang gave the signal to descend. As they dived down however Aang heard screaming coming from behind him. He turned to see several of his airbenders plummeting to the earth with shredded pieces of gliders. Desperate Aang steered Appa back and managed to catch them. He looked around for the cause when he saw multiple blades of air lash out of the clouds and strike more of the airbenders, shredding their gliders but leaving them unharmed. Aang told one of the other airbenders he'd caught to steer Appa and save as many as they could. Meanwhile he grabbed his glider and jumped off Appa, and flew where the blades came from. He quickly dodged more blades of air as he neared the top of the clouds. As he left the clouds he saw Lu Ming floating in the air smiling as the moon was eclipsed behind him.

"Impressive my young friend. You are indeed worthy to bear those tattoos." Lu Ming complimented as Aang circled him.

"How can you fly without a glider?" Aang asked trying to buy some time for the airbenders below.

"You tend to learn some tricks after living a century in times of war." Lu Ming explained, "If you hadn't frozen yourself, you possibly could have come up with even more uses for airbending than me."

"But then I probably would've been killed." Aang countered, "And know enough to beat you." Without another word Aang closed his glider, while making an air spout to keep him air born, and swung and air swipe at Lu Ming.

The assassin smiled as he countered with one of his air blades. The air blade cut through Aang's attack but was stopped by an air shield Aang created. "Air swipes, so basic." Lu Ming patronized as he rushed forward. "Show me what the Avatar can really do against a true master of the air!" he cried as he charged an air sphere in his hand.

The Sword Masters

Sokka's blade cut through the water weapons of the assassins with ease. When the eclipse happened the assassins drew their steel weapons, most of them were types that involved a chain or whip like structure. Sokka quickly cut through each assassin that dared to approach him. One assassin however proved to be more of a challenge. The assassin wielded a kusari-gama, a sickle on a chain with a weight at the end. The assassin swung his bizarre weapon in a near unblockable fashion. Sokka tried to get in closer but the assassin kept him at bay. Finally Sokka saw an opening and moved in, but it was a trap and the assassin quickly caught the sickle as it flew by and slashed the blade across Sokka's chest, scratching his armor. Before Sokka could react the assassin then swung the weighted end and slammed it into the scratched armor, shattering it and sending Sokka sprawling to the ground. As the assassin moved forward swinging his chained weapon Sokka saw his life flash before his eyes. Just as the assassin finished spinning his chain, a blade went right through his back.

"I hate show offs." Kaine said as he pulled his jian sword out of the assassin. Kaine turned his masked face to Sokka and offered him a hand. "You okay?" he asked as he helped Sokka to his feet.

"Fine." Sokka said as he picked up his sword. "Have you seen Suki?" he asked as he cut down an assassin.

"Last I saw of your girlfriend she was kicking the crap out of these guys with Rha." Kaine answered as he parried a strike from one assassin and decapitated another.

"She's actually my wife." Sokka clarified for Kaine as he drove his sword through the heart of another.

"I'm sorry." Kaine apologized as he cut an assassin's chest open, spilling his innards everywhere.

"Who are you apologizing to, me or the assassin?" Sokka asked seeing Kaine's brutal kill.

"Both I guess." Kaine laughed as the assassins began to retreat. "Well that was fun." he added as he shook the blood off his blade and sheathed it.

New Plan?

Toph, Riku, and Bumi stood with the earthbenders waiting for something to do. Despite Sokka's brilliant plan, the goof forgot to give them something to do once the two armies actually met.

"Brilliant plan Sokka, give us absolutely nothing to do after the fight actually starts." Toph complained as the battle continued without them. "You want to go fight?" she asked turning to Bumi.

"Why I thought you'd never ask." Bumi exclaimed seconds before launching himself into the air, straight into the heat of the battle.

"I still say he's insane." Riku said while watching Bumi descend upon the battlefield.

"All the same he's entertaining." Toph said before she started running to the battle, along with the rest of the earthbenders, eventually only Riku remained.

"Eh, to Hell with it." Riku mumbled before he launched himself into battle the same way as Bumi did.

A Moonless Rematch

Katara watched Lian carefully as the assassin approached her carrying two whips in her hands. Without a word she threw one of the whips to Katara. She caught and looked at it skeptically.

"You know how to use a whip right?" Lian asked sarcastically as she ran her fingers across the small scar she received on her cheek during their last fight. Katara smirked as she cracked the whip. "I'll take that as a yes."

Lian swung the whip at Katara, who ducked under and cracked her own whip at Lian's feet. Lian jumped over the whip while swinging her whip overhand. Katara winced in pain as the whip sliced clean into her back.

"That looked like it hurt." Lian commented as blood streamed down Katara's back. As the fight continued Katara received more injuries. Hmm, she seems a bit off.' Lian thought as she landed another hit. Last time I couldn't land a hit to save my life, literally. And why is this eclipse lasting so long?.

Lian cracked her whip at Katara's neck to end. Katara moved her arm at the last second and the whip wrapped around her forearm. With a powerful yank Katara pulled the whip from Lian's hand. The assassin didn't wait for Katara to make her next move and she rushed forward, stuck her leg between Katara's, and shoved her to the ground. Lian then drew a dagger and prepared to thrust it into Katara's heart, but something stayed her hand. Katara took the opportunity and grabbed Lian by her collar and pulled down as she brought her head up. Their heads crashed together and Lian backed up as Katara struggled to her feet.

"I have to win." She whispered. "For both of us."


  • A kusari-gama is a weapon that was commonly used by Ninja Assassins

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