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First Strike is the second chapter of the fanon The War of Creation written by SSJ-Trunks.

Chapter 2 -First Strike-

It was quiet in Garsai that day, the people went about their daily deeds unaware of the conflict approaching them. On the Horizon a Fire Nation army marched towards the Earth Kingdom, at its head were Shinzo and Shinzu. The brothers marched quietly towards Garsai their prescene unknown. It happened in a flash from the hills came Firebenders seemingly infinite in number. The citizens were cut down in their hundreds with the Avatar fighting for evil instead of good. As hope began to fade a second army was spotted on in the hills. They wore Earth Kingdom Royal Armor with Earth King Liang at the front. They charged towards the invaders knocking them back with unlimited determination. They forced the invaders back up the hill and into a nearby mountain range before return to Garsai and digging in (literally). At the Fire Nation War camp a man in robes stepped in and sat in front of the Fire Lord "Brother they have set up Great defenses and the Air Nomads have sent a squad to help" Shinzo rose and walked towards a map of the area. "How many do they number" he asked.

"About 100 Air Nomads and 5,000 Earth Kingdom Soldiers" Shinzu responded pulling back his hood.

"Key Figures?" Shinzo responded immediately.

"Earth King Liang, High Monk Tyris and his apprentice Irrad". Shinzo thought for a moment the years of strategic planning worked out scenarios in his mind. Shinzo then smiled as he looked to his brother. "I think its time we brought my unit in."

"Don't you think that's too much the Zaibatsu are genocidists! This is madness!"

"Are you questioning my rule! Remember you place" Shinzo shouted as he slammed his fist onto the tables destroying a small part of it.

"Very well I will inform them" Shinzu muttered as he began to walk out.

"One more thing, your place as my brother can only last so long" Shinzo said cocky as he sat on his bed, Shinzu walked out his fist clenched.

Day 2 Counterattack

Earth King Liang walked out his tent his face relaxed as he walked up to General Fung Lee. "Any activity General?" Liang said as he stood next to Fung Lee. The General relaxed a bit as the King and he were close friends. "Nothing much aside a from a scout we got him though" Feng said proudly.

"Its odd they'd let the scout die so easy and by himself" Liang said his voice sounded quiet.

"Do I detect some pity my king?" Feng said playfully.

"No I just think no man should die alone" Liang said his voice cold.

"There was something odd about him though" Feng said changing the subject seeing Liang's discomfort.

"Enlighten me" Liang said he attention focused.

"He was wearing some sort of custom armor, its not Fire Nation standard" Feng replied.

"That is odd, special forces perhaps" Liang said he voice was wise from his knowledge of war. As Feng was about to reply another voice came in before him.

"Its Zaibatsu, Fire Lord Shinzo's personal Guard," said Tyris walking up to the two men his apprentice, Irrad, followed closely behind.

"Ah Tyris good for you to join us and might I ask how you acquired this information?" asked Liang.

"I spoke briefly about the subject with Shinzu when we studied Airbending he said they do 'Demonic things'" Tyris replied as generated a small Air ball shaping it into a variety of things.

Their conversation was cut short by an explosion in the lower east-side of the city. The four traveled towards it Tyris quickly assumed his fighting stance taking out six Zaibatsu soldiers in the blink of an eye. Liang donned his Earth Gauntlets while he instructed Feng Lee to go back and stop any more attacks. Irrad used a 'wind sword' which was a high speed current of air capable of slicing through anything. He cut through a squad of Zaibatsu soldiers instantly and joined his master in the fight. Liang quickly smashed a few skulls and cause an avalanche of boulders by creating an artificial earthquake. From behind the soldiers a hand was raised and a bulky man stepped forward his hand hidden a mysterious mask. "Who are you" Liang asked, the man stood silent with a spear in his hand. A Zaibatsu soldier responded "Raion, They call him Raion."

"Let him talk" Tyris shouted.

"He doesn't" the soldier responded. Tyris grew angry and sent lighting sharp gust of wind at Raion but it had no effect, the man's armor barely touched. The General then walked forward his spear cutting against the ground. "This guy doesn't look so tough" Irrad said as he charged towards Raion. The General's stance remained the same but he brought his spear up and with a single slash brutally cut down Irrad. Tyris was engulfed with rage, before he could let it out a soldier ran up to them saying that the Zaibatsu were heading their way. After Tyris' instincts kicked in he made the 3 vanish a gulf of air. Raion stood in front of his new trophy, removing Irrad's prayer beads he hung them on his belt. "We move," he said his voice emotionless..

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