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The War of Creation is a fanon written by SSJ-Trunks it details the effects of the war on each nation.

Chapter 1 - The Message

Shinzu paced up and down the halls of the palace, thinking of what his brother had just said, "We should take adavantage of their weakness and destroy them!" his brothers words echoed in his head. He walked outside and bent all of the elements to help him meditate. General Mato walked outside and sat alongside Shinzu. "My lord your brother requires a response," the general said as he conjured a flame and made it dance. "Very well," replied Shinzu as he got up and walked back inside. The General remained his posture calm, knowing of the years of battle to come. Shinzu walked into the throne room and on the throne his brother, Shinzo, sat. Shinzo got up and said, "Have you come to a decision my brother?" he asked. Shinzu bowed his head and muttered, "Okay brother, I will fight with you," Shinzo walked down from his throne and put one hand on his brother's shoulder. "You made the right choice," Shinzo whispered to him as he walked out of the room. Shinzu remained his head down, regretting what he had done.

The Southern Air Temple

Tyris watched his apprentice, Irrad, training heavily he knew what was going to happen they both did. There was a report about a severe increase in Fire Nation military movements and the Nomads knew what it was. Fire Lord Shinzo was about to declare war and the Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom did not heed their warning to bolster their forces. The Air Nomads were dug in awaiting the inevitable. A monk came to Tyris with a letter with the Western Air Temple's seal on it. Tyris' face dropped as he read it, "My Brothers we are at war," said Tyris unaware of his future role in this conflict.

The Earth Kingdom

Earth King Liang sat on his throne, relaxed as dancers entertained him. His little paradise was cut short as a messenger burst in "My King the Fire Nation has Declared war!" Liang immediately rose and sent the dancers out. "As of when," he asked.

"Just now, Sire," the messenger replied his head still bowed in front of his King. Liang clenched his fists with anger as he was not going to let his empire be destroyed. "Very well if he wants a war, we'll give him one! Ready the troops and get General Fung Lee we move tonight!" the messenger went out as quickly as he came in. Liang sat on his throne his head fell as he truly thought about a Fire Nation invasion.

The Northern Water Tribe

"Then it is true?" asked Chief Liako, the soldier nodded as Liako's face dropped. He sent out the soldier to ready for war as he walked back into his chambers. He saw his wife, Lana, asleep next to her was their son. Liako looked at the boy then walked out on the balcony he clenched his sword and swung it violently at the air. He'd worked so hard to create the tribe and he could lose it in a flash. In the distance Chief Noko's ships approached and Liako and his guards walked down to greet them. His brothers face was dark and fearful as he walked towards him he put his hand on his shoulder "They have made the wrong choice," the two men walked towards the barracks intent to defend their people.

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