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The War of Creation






First Great War


10,000 years ago


Avatar World


  • Fire Lord Shinzo Killed
  • First Avatar Spirit Killed
  • Countless lives revived
  • Half of Arctic destroyed


Fire Nation

Air Nomads, Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom


  • Fire Lord Shinzo
  • General Ming
  • General Mato
  • Avatar Shinzu (Early War)

Air Nomads

  • Monk Tyris
  • Monk Irrad

Water Tribe

  • Chief Liako
  • Chief Noko

Earth Kingdom

  • Earth King Liang
  • General Fung Lee

Forces involved

Fire Nation High Guard

  • Air Nomad Commandos
  • Water Tribe Assassins
  • Earth Kingdom Soldiers


Thousands (Revived)

Thousands (Revived)


The War of Creation

The War of Creation was the first great war since the beginning of the four nations. Its result was the destruction of the original Avatar Spirit and resurrection of countless lives. The Fire Nation under the influence of the [[Fanon:The True Black Shadow|The Black Shadow]] (Fire Lord Shinzo) declared war on the world with his brother Avatar Shinzu at his side. As the conflict escalated into a full-scale war the land was ravaged. However at the end of the conflict it was decided the event never be recorded as it would be horrifying to describe.

Major Battles

Battle of Garsai

In the first push towards the Earth Kingdom the armies encountered problems when an elite task force led by General Fung Lee crippled the front line of the Firebenders. Avatar Shinzu led a counterattack with his squad of Deathbringers and successfully pushed the Earthbenders back. Fire Lord Shinzo himself took the front line intent of testing his new found powers. He quickly dispatched half of the enemy troops singlehandedly before facing off against Feng Lee. The Earthbender fought bravely even stabbing a sword through Shinzo's shoulder but was eventually destroyed by Shinzo, who had turned into demon form, and later burned the once great city of Garsai to the ground.

Battle of The Western Air Temple

The First attack on the Air Nomads was led by Shinzu who Shinzo had trusted with the task. He traveled to the temple with his Dragon and with his elite Deathbringers all who had their own Dragons. After Arriving and finding the Air Nomads heavily dug in Shinzu did the impossible, he ripped the cliffside from the earth spinning it around then slamming it into place upside down killing all nomads by crushing them against the rock.

Battle for the World

The Final battle between the brothers was in arctic as Shinzo led a charge on the Northern Water Tribe. Shinzu, now fully enlightened, intervened and challenged his brother to a duel of fates. As their battle ensued the Arctic was ripped apart with half the continent being destroyed beyond repair. Shinzu ended the six day duel by sacrificing the Avatar Spirit to kill Shinzo and revive all the dead.

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