The War is Over
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"Avatar: The Last Airbender"

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The War is Over is the first chapter of Book Four: Avatar. It was created and written by Glenn31.


Team Avatar is happy that the 100 year old war is finally over, but The Avatar has a lot of other problems to deal with.

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"It's finally over!" Said Avatar Aang to his new girlfriend, Katara. "I know, for once I'm in the Fire Nation but I'm not looking around every second to make sure there aren't any Firebenders around.

The whole team was living in the Fire Nation Royal Palace while their new home in Ba Sing Se was being prepared. Fire Lord Zuko walked into the room. He wasn't dressed in his traditional robe, but instead a Fire Nation armor and his Fire Lord headpiece? He and Aang were going out on the Royal Ship to give word to other warriors that the War was over and that the Fire Nation was now living in peace with the Water and Earth Nations.

"Aang, it's time to go" said Zuko.

The Avatar and the Fire Lord set off on their journey; it had been a few months since the end of the War. Almost exactly when the two stepped outside the palace the sound of screams were heard and Fire Nation airships were firing at the Capital.

Zuko looked up at the ship with an angry look, "What do they think they're doing?"

A figure jumped from the airship and landed flawlessly on the ground. The figure turned to face Aang and Zuko, and both of them recognised her at once.

"Hello Zu-Zu" She said.

"Azula!" Exclaimed both Zuko and Aang.

"I thought you were still locked up with the cuckoos" said Zuko.

"I got out early, for good behavior" replied Azula. She then looked up at the airships "ATTACK THE FIRE LORD, NOW!" To Be Continued

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