Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The War After in the last hundred years.

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The War After
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After the war ended, things were never the same. It seemed like a brighter future, but it was horrible. An ancient nation wanted revenge on Team Avatar; the Energy nation. Will Team Avatar be able to defeat these energy benders? You will find out in The War After!


These are the main characters in The War After.



Aang the Avatar is a 12 (biologically) year old kid who is the last of the air benders. He is fun, loving, and strong. The first thing he said to Katara was "Will you go penguin sledding with me?" Every episode except "Zuko Alone" had him in it. Aang is the youngest air bender to get his master tattoos.


Katara and her older brother Sokka found Aang in an iceberg when going fishing. She is an expert water bender and healer. She has another talent in water bending called blood bending which she unwillingly learned. At age eight her mother died in a raid, having a powerful influence on her as she matured. She is the last of the water benders in the South Pole.


Together with his younger sister Katara found Aang drifting along in an iceberg in the South Pole. He is in charge of the warriors at the village who are young children about seven-nine years old. He is a swords master trained under Piandao, a member of the Order of the White Lotus.


A 12 year old blind girl who sees with her feet. She was unknown by the world caused by her overprotective parents. Unknown to her parents she participated in earth rumble and became champion of it until she met Aang at a match. She is the first earth bender to metal bend. In the later chapters she will meet Qiang her perfect match.


Zuko, Prince of the Fire Nation was almost killed at age 12. He hasn't seen is mother since that very night. He was banished from his nation for speaking out in a war meeting and told if he returned he would need to have the Avatar with him.


A new character meaning "strong". He will be Toph's boyfriend in the series. He is a perfect match for Toph; he is an excellent earth bender and has her personality. He is 13 years old and ran away from his home in Ba Sing Se before Azula took the city. Not much is known about his parents except what he tells.



Meng is the lead energy bender and wants revenge on Zuko's ancestor Sozin because most of his ancestors got caught in the genocide and his parents died shortly after his birth because of their wounds. He was found by the energy benders and trained in that art. He was able to do so because he was a spirit unable to bend the main elements. His family came from the Earth Kingdom, but had been visiting some family friends there. He has a Jet type of problem.


Azula is the younger, crazy, sister of prince Zuko. She thought her mother didn't love her as much as Zuko, so she wanted her father to think she was perfect to make up for her mother's love. In the canon she unknowingly saved Zuko's life by teasing him about what she overheard her grandfather and father talking about the subject.


Book 1 - Air

This book is the beginning to a new chapter of Avatar. It will have action, adventure, romance, and drama. A new war will start because of one person, Meng. See the drama in Book 1- Air, The War After.

Chapter 1 - In The Wind

About a year after the war was stopped trouble started again. Zuko has just arrived in the Western Air Temple for a Team Avatar meeting. Zuko was targeted and almost killed the day before. He was attacked by Meng the leader of the energy benders. Meet a new character in this exiting chapter.

Chapter 2 - On Board

After boarding the ship Team Avatar sees a strange island and recognizes the Lion Turtle he had met before! He says, "I have come in your time of need so, you can beat Meng, the misguided one. I would like you to meet some old friends..."

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