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The Meeting Table

The Fire Nation Entourage arrives at the Great City of Omashu. However, there is little time left for relaxation and some peace. There are rumors of more refugees coming from the Fire Nation. Another Prince arrives at Omashu. An army is waiting to invade. Another is waiting to defend. All the separates them is the Ocean, the Mountains, and The Wall.


"Gah, Where am I! Let me out! What do you MEAN I can't Leave, I'm the..." Those were the screams down the hall.

Sokka can't sleep

She was awake.

Mian awoke with a start. She was awake. He jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on, and ran out the door.

"Tia." He said, at the doorway of the Princess' room.

"Mian, where ARE WE?! And..MIAN! You're okay!!" Said Tia, hugging the confused Avatar.

"Yeah, for several weeks now. We're in Omashu. Royal Palace. You and Ami were feeling sick, so they gave you each a room to relax in." Explained Mian "Ami, woke up earlier today, much quieter then you." He teased.

"Oh, shut up. Well..." Began Tia, turning to the Guards "sorry about that, I suppose I'll just get back to...sleeping?" She collapsed back into the bed.

"She's quite the handful, isn't she?" Complained the Guard, closest to the door.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" yelled Tia, from her bed.

"Not a thing your majesty, nothing at all" Stuttered the Guard, who bowed out of the room. Mian only smirked, and walked back to his room, tomorrow would be rough.

"What do you mean, invasion?" Asked Mian

"Now, listen here, alright those Phoenix Islanders have established a base about a hundred miles away. We have to prepare the Armies for defense," said the Omashu King, Kai.

"Alright, Kai. We want in on the Defenses. Or I'll beat you up," said Tia


We believe that you should leave for Ba Sing Se.

"Some Cousin, you are. Well, whatever, of course you're all in it. Your Majesty, Hokui, we believe that you should leave for Ba Sing Se. It's safer there," said the young 20-year old Kai

"Now, listen here I fought for my Nation in the..." Began Hokui

"No, sir. We can't risk it. The Airship is already here. Your bags have been packed and loaded onto the ship." Interrupted Kai

"What? Now, you listen here, boy..." Began Hokui, again.

"No, dad, he's right." Interrupted Zura. Hokui conceded defeat, and after hugging his son good bye, he left for the Capital.

"Hello, General San," said Kai. Him and Team Strike were at the top of the Omashu Wall discussing defensive perpetrations. "How do they go?"

"The Defenses must be steady, we're digging in the trenches, our men are ready at your will, sir," said San. "But, sir, there is someone here to meet you, first. Enter." He said pointing to the door.

"And, in I come! Hello, Citizens of Various nations and younger brother," said Mizu

"Mizu!" Said Mian, hugging his brother. "Where have you been?"

"Water Tribe, Fire Nation, Southern Fire Nation, Air Nomad Territory, one of those Air Ships, a Fort, and South Eastern Earth Kingdom," said Mizu.

"How's the Fire Nation?" Asked Zura.

"They destroyed us, and we were forced to flee, however some small groups hold out...for now. I'm sorry, Zura," replied Mizu.

"Oh," said Zura, taking in the sad tale of his nation.

"Yes, yes, welcome, welcome, but we must arm the men, now," said Kai.

"As always, such a rush, aren't you dude? How's it going?" Asked Mizu, giving his old friend a hug.

"Alright, Alright, welcome, but now please, to the matter at hand," replied Kai.

"I believe I might be able to help there," said Hai, followed with a nod from Sky, as well.

"And who would you two be?" Asked Mizu.

"I'm the Prince of a powerful clan in the Islands, and he's a rebel. We're on your side, and well versed in their tactics," said Hai.

"Alright, so what do you have?" Asked Kai

"In General, the Islanders have a simple strategy for land battles. They launch attacks by their Mounted Calvary, who raids the front lines. Then they fall back, pretending to retreat, in General most of the men will follow only to be massacred by the awaiting soldiers. They do that several times, then using their mounted archers, they attack with several attached to each battalion. The archers attack the Generals, and our leaders, from a distance dropping morale and the soldiers blitz into the lines. Then Chaos ensues, and they let it run wild." Summarized Hai

"Boy am I glad we have you on our side" Said Mizu in awe. "Well, then how many men do we have, General?"

"This might be our secret weapon. We have only 4,000 here but there are about 10,000 just several hours away. They've been awaiting such an invasion for months, and are scattered thought local villages. And at my command they'll organize and reinforce. Lucky for us they only have...9,000 as my spy reports. Unlucky for us, it will take a while before the reinforcements can arrive."

"I suggest that we sandwich them, between our troops," said Tia.

"Alright, Alright, look, I'm from a peaceful nation. I'm not really sure where I fit in to this..," said Ami, getting up.

"Wait! Ami, aren't you an archer? And Omashu has some Archers I'm sure, right?" Asked Sky, suddenly standing as well.

"Well, yes," said Ami, and a nod from General San, but he mentioned they lacked a proper leader.

"That's perfect! Ami's dangerously good with the bow and arrow, and can lead them. They can kill of the early raiders, and the Archers, too," said Sky.

"Brilliant!" Said Mian "How did you think of that, Sky?"

"Hey, I've led the Bombers for quite a while, haven't I now? And do you guys have a guerilla force by the way? I would be happy to lead them," answered Sky.

"Well...yes, in fact we do. Now, to the details of the plan?" Asked Sen.

"Listen, I'm tired, I'm out," said Mian, leaving with the rest of team strike minus Hai who was requested to stay.

Pohuai Stronghold

The Fort was heavily guarded.

Jeong, slowly stood up. The Fort was heavily guarded. He would just "blend" in while they marched to Omashu. There he would kill them. Those three would pay for what they did. And their stupid little friends, too.


Behind the Scenes

This Chapter is mainly planning defenses against an invading army. The Avatar, planned an invasion of Omashu, from a while ago, and Team Strike would hold them off.


  • Mizu enters the story.
  • Kai of Omashu is named after Waterkai a fellow fanon author, and is a cousin of Tia.

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