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Book 1: Air Chapter 6: Hi Sho Village Part 1: The Village

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Book 1: Air Chapter 7: Hi Sho Village Part 2: The Bandit King

The Waiter is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is an undercover waiter of the village named Hi Sho which is located in southern part of the Fire Nation within some woods, and is one of the supporting characters within the chapters Chapter 6: Hi Sho Village Part 1: The Village and Chapter 7: Hi Sho Village Part 2: The Bandit King.


The Waiter, is an undercover waiter in the village of Hi Sho, in the southern Fire Nation. He was tasked by King Utsah, to investigate the disappearances of the village. Though he was tasked at the time that Rong Yan and Yong Ten showed up, they did the job for him.

The Waiter works at the local restaurant of Hi Sho Village, just listening, and talking to any of the locals that does not work for the Mayor, if they heard anything about this place.

Rong Yan and Yong Ten meet him during their first time to the restaurant he works in, he didn't think much of them either he thought they were just random travelers.

For the past several nights the Waiter had seen Avatar Rong Yan and Monk Yong Ten sneak off in the middle of night into the woods or snooping around the village. The second time they go to the restaurant he confronts them and tells them that he saw what they do every night ever since they came here.

He swore he would never tell anyone and that, one night while walking "home" he heard the old man chanting strange words, and that he saw flashing lights escaping from the bottom of his door. He told them to investigate, so that they also see what the old man does at night.

The next morning they returned to the restaurant and the Waiter was nowhere to be seen, his co-worker a waitress said that he was nowhere to be seen and she was worried, as she also had heard the disappearances. They had thought that the Mayor had gotten rid of the Waiter.

Utsah's Bandits

Within Utsah's bandits he is the scout or spy and the master swordsman for the bandits. He stays behind in the camp to work on things, with the other bandits.

When the time came to raid Hi Sho Village, he ran in with his squad in first, to fight off the evil spirits.


The waiter, is a master swordsman of Utsah's Bandits, he teaches the new recruits who wish to learn the arts of sword fighting.

He wields a large red blade, that he fights with a small dagger that he uses to skin game.


  • Like the Mayor, the Waiter does not have a name.
  • The Waiter, is an inspiration from the old man that got away from Hama.
  • The Waiter, looks like the Pro-bending announcer.


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