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February 8, 2014

A week had passed. He'd allowed himself some grieving time, to get over the initial shock. It still stung, though. He wondered if that would ever change.

Yue was Sokka's first true love, the first girl he gladly would have sacrificed anything for. She was the first girl he ever opened up to, the first he ever explained his feeling, his hopes, his likes.

The feeling, he knew, was reciprocated by her. She had always listened, always volunteered her own thoughts on each subject. They'd become friends, if not more.

He knew she had died for a cause she believed in, a sacrifice she knew would benefit the world over. But it didn't help much. She still lie dead, and no closer to him.

He had appreciated his sister's attempts to console him, as unsuccessful as they might have been. He'd tried to forget her, but her visage still burned in both his mind and his dreams. He hadn't been able to sleep for some time now.

Katara said a proper goodbye might help. He believed her.

It was a surprisingly modest grave, with a stone placed on the ice resting next to other fallen chiefs. A small carving read only her name, and a small inscription lie under it, insisting her death was not in vain.

He approached it, and stood there. For many moments her simply gazed upon it, as if he had nothing to say. He did, but had no channel to express it. He simply stood there. No tears, no sniffles, despite the biting temperature, use silence.

He wasn't sure how long he stood there, but he did not break his gaze.

Finally, he knelt. He took something from his pocket, a small carving he had made for her whilst she was still alive, and placed it at the base of the grave.

He knelt there briefly, before finally standing and turning to walk away. He made only a few paces before turning back to view the stone one last time. He uttered one word;


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