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Avatar:The Shadow Lord





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07 March 2011

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Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang

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The Breakout

It's a dark night. The shadow is everywhere. The clouds are black. Only the moon shines and bring a little light to my endless pain. Because the shadow inside me can't be stopped. And I am coming Avatar. I will destroy your world. A comet is felling like a burning star but it is covered by a purple aura. It falls into the Earth Kingdom. All the world little by little is conquered by shadow and darkness. Aang awakes in terror. It was a nightmare. Momo awakes too and saw Aang feared of something and full of sweat. Aang was breathing very deep. Roku appeared before him.

"Aang?" Roku said floating in the air. Aang removed some of his sweat from his forehead and turned to see Roku. Still breathing deeply he asked:

"Roku, What was my dream about?"

Roku closed his eyes like he had a fear to answer this question. He gulped and then started to talking.

"Aang this nightmare will become real if you don't do something drastic to prevent it. You must reunite Team Avatar and prepare for a new war." Roku said and disappeared.

Aang had left with his mouth opened by fear from the last works Roku has said. He turned to see Momo.

"We leave tomorrow morning Momo." Aang said and Momo moved his head at the right side.

"Goodnight Appa. Goodnight Momo." Aang was saying while he was yawning. Then Aang fell back to sleep again.

The next morning...

The sun is shining a few minutes now. Aang awakes. He stands up removing his blanket. He takes his clothes and dresses. He take his new glider. Momo jumps at his shoulder. Aang runs outside of the temple. Appa lets a growl when he sees him. Aang climbs at top of him. He takes the rope and says.

"Goodbye Western Air Temple. Appa, Yip Yip." He moves the rope and Appa walks a little fast and then jumps into the air flying.

"So as the Fire Nation is more near than any other. Lets go find Zuko." Aang turned the rope to the side and Appa turned that way. Appa is now flying to his destination, The Fire Nation. They kept flying all the day and al l evening. Aang was dying of being bored. Momo was playing in Appa's fur. Near the night they landed at the ancient ruins where The Sun Warrior's City is. Aang slept on Appa like Momo did.

The next morning....

Aang awoke first of all. The sun blinded him until his eyes get used to light. After some hour he awake Momo and Appa. After all of them ate fruits they continue to fly. By the evening they were flying across the sea. Suddenly Aang saw a small island and moving the rope he commanded Appa to go there. The island was becoming bigger and bigger. Aang watched it carefully and understood it was a prison. Appa landed front of the gate. The guards lifted up their spears afraid of the suddenly landing. Appa turned around and the guards saw Aang at top of him. They lowered their weapons after they recognized Aang as the Avatar.

"Can I stay here?" Aang asked. The guards nodded. One of them walked front turned around lifted his head to see the walls and shouted at the guards that was at the top of the wall.

"Open the gates." The gates began to open slowly making a lot of noise. The sunset was near to end. One of the guards took Appa and lead him to a big room. Appa entered the room a little afraid because it wasn't open from above. The other guard leaded Aang to a room at the most high places of the prison. Aang entered the room with Momo. They both relaxed on their comfortable bed and fell asleep quickly. The news that the Avatar was at the island spread very fast from cell to cell, from guard to guard and even in the most deep room of the prison a guard asked another guard that was guarding the cell.

"Did you heard the news? " The guard that came before a little asked.

"No." He answered.

"The Avatar is here." The guard answered and left the small path closing the door. Inside the cell a woman with an evil smile on her face says,

"It's time to break out."

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