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The Vindicators
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"Out of the Past"

The Vindicators is an action and drama three-part story set in the World of Avatar. The story, written by Rassilon of Old, effectively serves as an alternate season finale to the first series of The Legend of Korra, in an imagined ending inspired by The Avengers.

Set directly after the end of "Out of the Past", The Vindicators follows Avatar Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tenzin, and Lin facing Amon's endgame, as they fight alongside new characters to defeat Amon and the Equalist revolt.

The story will be released in three-parts.


Production on the series began on the afternoon of June 14, as a mode of practicing creative writing, and procrastination. Highly excited by the trailer for The Legend of Korra's season finale, creator Rassilon of Old decided to write his own finale, drawing inspiration from the 2012 Marvel superhero movie, The Avengers.

The writing process for the first chapter, "Initiative", took all of two hours. The second and third chapters, "Balance" and "Endgame" respectively, will hopefully be written – and finished – tomorrow.


No. Title Summary
101 "Initiative" Korra awakes to find Air Temple Island overrun by Republic City's new anti-Equalist taskforce, the Societal and Cultural Abasement Response Faction, which throws the whole island into disarray.
102 "Balance" Korra discovers a disturbing secret about Miekka, and the battle for Air Temple Island begins. Can Korra and her team pull together in time to face the Equalists?
103 "Endgame" Amon's first move has been made, and his endgame is in motion as Republic City burns to the ground. Is Korra alone strong enough to face Amon and the Equalists? Or will the world be "equalized"?

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