The Very Beginning
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The Lost Isle of Atlantis





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October 23, 2012

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Gods and Mortals

Long, long time ago before the first Avatar was born, or before the Hundred-Year war an ancient civilization, most advanced society at that time also known as city of Atlantis.It was a perfect place for anyone. As for it was the very first advanced civilization alive. Atlanteans, were known as the most powerful people in the world. They knew what rest of the world didn't, the knowledge was locked away from the rest of the world. And that's how the wars began, people got obsessed with it. They turned against Atlantis and Atlantis turned against them. The whole war was about getting Atlantean Chrystal's, they had power none had seen before. But of course some did it to know how are they able to manipulate the four elements. It all began years ago...

Atlas was the King of Atlantis, Poseidon the first king to ever rule it have died along with his wife. What was left was Atlas and the rest of his brothers, also including young Atnos. While at war, the other brothers were killed and Atnos was just a four year old child by the looks at that time, actually in Atlantean age he was twenty years old. Atlanteans were immortal, that is till the day all wars began, but even so Atlanteans could live a longer time period than usual person. One day, the palace was invaded and Atlas was killed. Arkantos, the admiral of Atlantean army saved the young child, Atnos. Priests decided that it would be the best, if he would keep the baby and protect him on all cost. Atnos was now thought to be 'gone' and Kastor was 'born'.

Three hundred years had passed since then, the war was still going on. Kastor was now '17' he was a strong warrior, fighting alongside of his 'father' Arkantos. The war was nearly over, Atlantean good ages were returning and so as Kastor's. The past he had was now locked away, for he may never find out the truth. Arkantos did promise not to tell Kastor his true identity, only if Atlantis is at danger and it needs his help.The boy knew nothing of his past, only a few blurry images which he thought were dreams, but for him so called dreams were reality.

Kastor went out of his house, he held a small grin. Suddenly his mother grabbed his hand, Kastor sighed."What is it, mom? If it's a question where am I going then please don't worry! I'm seventeen years old now, which is basically 340 years, so no need to worry!" He said while being quite upset.

Saruna smiled softly at her son. "No, dear. And yes, yes..I know. You're a lot older now and I should stop worrying, but what I forgot to tell you that Kleito wanted to see you." From being upset he turned to happy, Kleito was his best friend so what could be better than seeing him.

"Yes, thanks for telling me! It's been a while I've seen him." He smiled happily and ran away, Saruna fold her arms and walked back in.

"I wonder what Kleito's up today! I mean...He always comes up with some crazy ideas!" Kastor chuckled lightly, he ran towards the center of Atlantis. It's where they usually met, right by the shrines of Poseidon. Kastor ran over a bridge, he stopped for a moment as looked at the circular canals that lead to Atlantis heart. Many ships could be seen sailing in the docks with new Cargo supplies. Then he looked back up at the shrines of Poseidon and began to run towards them. In a few minutes Kastor managed to get till the top of Atlantis.

Kleito was standing by the stairs that lead up to the temple, he ran down as saw Kastor coming up and hugged him tightly."Hey, Kast! Long time no see pal!"

He smiled and hugged Kleito back. "Hey, so...What are you up for today?"

Kleito smirked. "Well you're about to see it, I've got the most craziest idea I've ever had till now..."

Kastor fold his arms and chuckled."Let's do it!"

Later, Kastor and Kleito were by a giant waterfall, it was really high and big. "I'm not so sure this idea is...good. I mean, it's a giant waterfall! I doubt my bending even could protect me from death!"

"Oh what's the big deal, all we gotta do is jump and who ever had the biggest splash, wins!" Kleito said as made a path of earth rocks for them so they can get till the middle of the waterfall.

Kastor fold his arms and sighed. "Fine, but If I'll get badly hurt, you're dead!"

Kleito smirked as pushed Kastor down. "Enough talking, time for a freefall."

"WHAAA!!!!!!!" He screamed as his eyes teared up from the powerful wind that was going in his eyes.Then he used airbending to stop right before the water, Kastor sighed in relief and then fell in water making a small splash.

"Oh C'mon!" Kleito sighed as land in water making a huge splash, he dive up to the surface. "Was that the best you could do?"

"Kleito, if you wouldn't have pushed me.Yes it could have been better, I wasn't ready yet ya know...." Kastor said as swam out of the water.

"Oh whatever, we'll try this again later then." Kleito used earthbending, a rock hit him highly in the air and he land next to Kastor making a small earthquake. "Epic landing!"

Kastor facepalmed. "Sometimes you seem so childish to me..."

Kleito gasped a bit. "We'll we're just teens, get over it... and I'm not a child."

Kastor laughed a bit as looked at his friend. "I think you are...."

Kleito tackled him down. "That's it!"

Later, when it was already sunset Kastor went back home. His clothes were dirty and a bit scrapped. Saruna gasped when saw him getting in like that. "What happened?"

Kastor took of his shirt. "Oh nothing, just had a small 'fight' with Kleito. Anyway, anything new?" He asked as put on a new shirt.

"Nothing really, well except the fact that finally you're father is returning from his war mission."

A grin appeared on his face. "Sweet! I'm glad that he's returning, I missed him." Kastor sat down

By the evening, Arkantos with the rest of the fleet arrived with their ships at harbor. Kastor ran over the bridge, then he ran on a platform and used airbending to land on his father's ship. "Dad!"

He ran towards his father and hugged him tightly. "Kastor! I'm so glad to see you!" Arkantos said with a smile as hugged his son.

"So, was it a victory?" Kastor asking curiously.

"Do the ships look damaged?" He asked with a chuckle. "Yes, of course it was a victory. Now what stands in our was the kingdom we've never managed to conquer. Every corner around that underground city.... It's impossible to get to it when we are already lost."

Kastor fold his arms. "Yeah, I've noticed, every times you go fail."

Kastor, Arkantos and the rest of the army stepped out of the ship once it docked.Suddenly the priests came to Arkantos. "We're glad you have arrived, we have to discuss about something very important."

He nodded, Kastor grabbed his father by the hand. "Dad, what's going on...Can I go as well?"

Arkantos sighed and shook his head. "I'm afraid not, please go back to home."

He sighed and let go of Arkanto's arm."Fine, s-see ya later then!"

Later, by the evening, Arkantos had returned he seemed to be devastated and sad.The boy looked at his father and fold his arms."Can't you really tell me what happened? You seem to be down, when you came you were happy and now look at you! A big pile of....You."

"I can't...I'm so sorry Kastor, but this information is not meant for you."Arkantos seemed to hide something from Kastor, but he didn't knew what was it? Whether the Priests told to Arkanto something about him, or something only highest people of Atlantis can know."I'm going to sleep, goodnight Son"

Kastor watched his father walk to the bedroom."Whatever that was about, I'll find out what was it. My father seems to be so suspicious...."Kastor thought to himself."Mom, I'm going out for a...Uh walk!"Kastor ran outside, Saruna didn't even manage to say a word when he was out already.

Kastor ran towards the temple of Poseidon, he ran across the bridges that lead from one land circle to another till he finally got till the heart of the city.Kastor airbend himself up on Temple roof and looked around, he saw nobody around and jumped off of the roof. He sneaked closer to the entrance and watched if there is no priest, luckily no one seemed to be in the temple.Kastor sneaked inside, he began to look for something important. Some scrolls, files.Kastor found a room filled with many scrolls, he began to search one by one of them.

Suddenly a priest went in the temple, Kastor heard footsteps.He gasoed as dropped the scrolls and looked for the nearest way out. Kastor sneaked to another room as fast as possible and noticed there was a window, he airbend himself out of it and ran away from the temple.

Meanwhile the priest heard something, he ran in the room of scrolls and noticed a few scrolls were on the ground."Odd, Is somebody there?"The priest began to look all around the temple, but he seemed to be the only one there.

Kastor was at the harbor."Phew...That was close one."He thought to himself."I better get home, don't I?"He walked towards his home, hoping nobody knew he was there.

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