The Veil is Lifted
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The Fall of Freedom



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Pabu Lannister

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December 20, 2013

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The Test

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The Instruments of Death

The trials concluded just before dusk and many had passed their tests, while others were unlucky in their attempts.

After dinner, Ototo went with some of the other nomad students to go explore the temple and see what kind of mischief they could get up to. Jiyu did not feel like going with them and decided to go to the meditation garden.

Jiyu proceeded up the cobblestone path till he reached the main platform and began to meditate. Jiyu always felt that he had an exceptionally strong affinity with his spiritual side and sometimes saw visions which were at most times, blurry and out of focus.

Master Leio said that she felt Jiyu's strong spiritual connection and always made a habit of checking up on him from time to time.

Jiyu began to meditate and could feel an aura of peace surround him as he thought of the day's events and his love for Jinsei.

He felt as though he could hear Jinsei's voice calling him. He opened his eyes and thought to himself how realistic his meditation was that it was like Jinsei was standing before him.

A brief moment passed, Jiyu realised it was not a dream and that she was in fact, standing in front of him, calling his name. He snapped out of his trance and immediately stood up and asked what she was doing.

"Oh I just came up to the garden to do some, you know, meditating since it is called the umm, garden of meditation," replied Jinsei curtly.

"It's more of a rocky hill than an actual garden," said Jiyu awkwardly.

"I guess you're right," laughed Jinsei. "They could at least put some fire lilies or panda lilies up here to brighten up the place," Jinsei quipped.

They both laughed ecstatically.

"Wow, you really are something Jinsei," said Jiyu.

"Thanks, you're definitely something too, like today at the trials," replied Jensei.

"Oh, you saw that?" asked Jiyu intently.

"Of course; it was amazing how you carried the barrel with such ease, you made it look like it was nothing," said Jensei.

"Didn't think you were one for physicality and all; always thought you were more of a humble, spiritual kind of person," she continued.

"The physical airbending type stuff is okay, but in all honesty, I do feel more in tune with the spiritual side of things," said Jiyu. "I don't know, there is just something about the spiritual side that just draws me in, I'm not sure what it is exactly," he said.

"You might think I'm crazy but I have strange visions at times, they're blurry and out of focus though, it's kind of hard to explain," said Jiyu.

"That's pretty amazing, can you possibly describe it to me, these visions?" asked Jinsei.

"I'll try," replied Jiyu.

Jiyu began to close his eyes and conjure up the vision he'd lately been having. "Well it's dark, I can't see anything really," he said.

"Keep trying Jiyu," said Jinsei.

"I see snow falling but I'm not too sure where I am, everything around me is dark," he said. "I must be in the South Pole, just because of the snow falling everywhere but the sun is quite warm here, I can feel the heat on my face" he continued. "It's quite warm for the South Pole, I always thought it would be colder," Jiyu said. "Wait a second, it's clearing up a bit; nope it's gone again," he said glumly.

"Try again Jiyu, I know you can do it," said Jinsei as she took a hold of Jiyu's hand. His heart began to race like never before. Holding her hand made him feel as though the world was in suspended animation.

He opened his eyes and looked into Jinsei's eyes. He never noticed how beautiful her eyes were, a gray and greenish colour that shone like silver pendants in the sunset and her hair was light brown like chocolate. Jiyu couldn't help but admire her beauty. It made him feel so alive, just like at his airbending trial.

"Please continue, I want to know what you see," said Jinsei eagerly as she grasped his hand tighter.

Jiyu closed his eyes again and saw it again, the falling snow, the darkness around him and the feeling of the beaming hot sun of the South Pole. He could feel the energy flowing all through his body and Jinsei's soft, tender hands grasping his, as everything started to come into focus.

"I recognise those walls, the unique engravings and rivets along the roof," Jiyu said. "The halls, the garden, the courtyard," he exclaimed.

"It's the Eastern Temple but it's snowing here, it's... wait... no, that is not snow," said Jiyu.

"It's ashes," he continued.

"What do you mean?" Jinsei said, puzzled.

"Oh no! The shrine and everything is crumbling and smouldering!" Jiyu exclaimed in terror.

"Fire; fire and ash everywhere and... death!" shuddered Jiyu in horror.

Jiyu opened his eyes, sweat running down the side of his face. Jinsei could see the fear in his eyes.

"What does this mean Jiyu?" asked Jinsei.

Jiyu felt bewildered by the sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach.

"It means we are in danger," said Jiyu. "We must go warn Master Leio and the others."

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