The capital at night
The Untold Story
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Hidden Secrets

The Thief

The day is almost over, and it's becoming night time here in the Fire Nation. You can hear the crickets chirping clearly in the silent night. The moon shines with its luminous glow over center city. All of the shops and stands are now closing up.

"What a tiring day!" The owner of the Hot Meal shop is about done closing up when he hears the shop door creak open. The owner looks to see who came in, but all he sees is the door slowly swinging back and forth.

"Hello? Is anybody there? We're Closed!" He says. He hears a sound come from one side of the room.

"Who's there!?!" He yells out. A sound comes from behind him. He freezes from the fear that shoots throughout his body. He can barely breath properly. He is grabbed from behind and turned around in a way so he can see the perpetrator. Within a second though, he is knocked unconscious. The shop owner wakes up to the voice of a Fire Nation guard.

"Where am I?" The owner asks.

"You are outside of your hot meal shop sir." The guard explains. "You were robbed last night, and we found you unconscious on the floor of your shop," he says. "Can you remember anything about what happened last night?"

"I can't remember much," the owner explains.

"Were you able to take a look at the face of that man?" The guard asks.

"No," The owner explains. "He was wearing a mask; all I could see were his eyes, which were blue."

"Thank you sir. I'll be sure to come around your shop every so often to make sure everything is alright," The guard says.

"Thank you," The owner says.

The Spark

Fire Nation Palace

The royal palace.

It's in the middle of the afternoon. Princess Azula is in the Royal Palace.

"I would like to go out for a look through some of the shops in the town today on the carrier," she says to one of the royal guards.

"As you wish princess," he says. Him and some other guards prepare the way for Azula. They bring out a platform with a cushion on it so Azula may sit down while they carry her through the city.

"Flip those curtains over the top! I wish to get some sun today!" she exclaims. As soon as that is done, they are on their way out for a brief stroll through town.

"Let's go to Center City. I wish to see the jewelry they have there today," she says. As they continue through the main street of Center City, everybody steps aside and demonstrates acts of respect because she is royalty. Azula looks at all the people and grins. As she looks to her right side, she sees a boy rushing through the crowd with a bag of groceries.

"Stop!" She yells to him. He stops in his tracks, and turns to look at Azula.

"Why do you rush by me and CLEARLY fail to show me respect?" She asks.

"Princess! Please, excuse me. I'm sorry. I didn't even notice," the boy explains.

"Are you trying to tell me that you didn't notice me being carried down this road in a royal seat by royal guards?!" She asks.

"I'm sorry princess. I'm in a rush to bring these goods to my sickly father. I didn't even bother to look up," he explains.

She stares right into his his eyes, eating him inside.

"I cannot deal with such disrespect! I will let you be on your way; but hope I don't catch sight of you again!" she exclaims.

"Thank you princess," he says as he continues on.

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