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March 16, 2014

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Back to the North, Part 2

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The Trial of the Heroes

It was a quiet morning in the Fire Nation. It was sunrise. Team Avatar was at the Fire Nation Royal Palace. It had been one year since Team Avatar had escaped from the Galactic Empire at the North Pole. Team Avatar was sitting down and relaxing for the morning.

"It's been a whole year since the last major attack by the Empire," said fourteen-year-old Avatar Aang.

"I doubt the Empire just forgot about us and left," said sixteen-year-old Katara.

"I think it's time we made our next move," said seventeen-year-old Sokka.

"Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?" said fourteen-year-old Toph Beifong.

"I'm going to have to agree with Toph, a direct attack on the Empire? We wouldn't stand a chance," said eighteen-year-old Fire Lord Zuko.

"I agree," said seventeen-year-old Suki.

"So what should we do then?" Aang asked.

"Simple. We let the Empire come to us," Sokka said.

"Yep, we're dead," Toph said.

Many light-years away from Earth, five Imperial Star Destroyers and their respective TIE fighter escorts rendezvoused in space. Despite the immense size of each Star Destroyer, all fell under the shadow of an even more enormous ship: the Super-class Star Destroyer, Executor. The ship's commander was the most feared man in the galaxy. So fearful even the utterance of his name struck fear into the hearts of men.

Darth Vader.

Clad entirely in black, with a helmet that completely concealed his head and a cape that reached the floor, Darth Vader was darker than deepest space.

Then, Admiral Ozzel and General Veers walked onto the bridge.

"My Lord, it is done. Cato Neimoidia is now under our control," Ozzel said.

"Good," Vader said.

"What is our next move, my Lord?" Veers said.

"Set coordinates for the Earth system. We still have business to attend to there," Vader said.

"Yes, my Lord," Veers said.

Back at the palace, Aang was sitting in a field outside the palace. The Avatar gazed out at the sunrise, deep in thought. Katara walked up and sat down next to him.

"Hey," she said smiling.

"Hey," Aang said with a sigh.

"Something wrong?" Katara asked.

"No," Aang said quietly.

"Come on, be honest here," Katara said.

"I'm just worried," Aang said.

"About what?" Katara asked.

"The Empire hasn't attacked us for a whole year. I'm worried about what will happen next," Aang said.

Katara placed her hand on Aang's shoulder.

"I know you're worried, but just calm down. Nothing bad is going to happen," Katara said calmly.

"All right," Aang said standing up.

"Let's go," Aang said.

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