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The Unleashing is the ninth chapter of Rise of an Avatar written by the user Carloso.

Chapter 9 - The Unleashing

It was cold that morning as the sun struggled to shine past to clouds blocking its light. Today was the day, Xu Ki was in the city. Shinn knew this was his golden opportunity for revenge. He had woken early that morning as his unit were going to be in the ceremony welcoming the Fire Lord. Ren had succeeded in his end of their agreement by getting Shinn into the ceremony and Shinn was ready to finish what he started.

One thought was still his mind, the words that Fuma had said to him yesterday "You have a choice Avatar, you can leave Xu and the Balance intact or you can risk disrupting a fragile peace".Shinn still had no idea what Fuma meant by those words. But he had to make a choice. To Kill Xu or leave him standing, would it worth it to leave him alive after all the pain he had caused?

Shinn pondered the thought once more before heading out towards Ren. The unit would be escorting the Earth King to and from the ceremony. This would have Shinn practically breathing down Xu's neck. Shinn was pulled out of his thoughts by Ren.

"Today is the day Shinn, just try to not get us all killed," said Ren walking towards.

"I intend to end this and then get on with my life," replied Shinn, "I came to the Earth Kingdom for a fresh start, it's not my fault my past came as well."

"You can't escape it you know, no matter how far you've gone you actions will still had effects."

"Mhm, but I can't see anything negative from Xu's death."

"Just remember Shinn, think carefully before you act," said a wise Ren, "Let's go it's time."

"I will, just make sure you don't try to stop me."

Ren and Shinn walked up to their ostrich horses and rode through the city, citizens were already lining the streets eager to catch a glimpse of the mighty Fire Lord. Shinn was more nervous that he'd ever been before in his life. What seemed simple to finish was now much more complex. Shinn had no idea his intentions would meet such resistance and what was most surprising was his own self-doubt. As they reached the palace Shinn clenched his sword he knew he had little time to consider his options.

Earth Kingdom Palace, Central Courtyard, 1 Hour Later...


So be it, 'Let's end this'

It was silent as Ren, Shinn and the rest of troops stood in formation. Stood with his two bodyguards at the back of courtyard was Earth King Kyu, he was a strong man who would always fight for the right cause.

Shinn's heart raced as he saw a group of Fire Nation soldiers enter the courtyard, from a balcony unknown to everyone stood Fuma and his mysterious hooded master.

"Do you think he knows what will come?" the hooded woman asked.

"No, however I believe in him and he will choose right," reassured Fuma.

"Let us pray you are right my friend."

The Fire Nation soldiers stood in two opposite lines as they waited. Shinn's eyes widened. Instead of the Fire Lord, Xu Ki walked into the courtyard with his sword already drawn. Xu smiled as the Fire Nation soldiers drew their own weapons.

"What is the meaning of this!" demanded Kyu.

"I am under orders from Fire Lord Zuang to kill you," replied Xu.

"What has this nation done to anger him?"

"Its existence angers him."

"This is madness!" shouted Kyu.

Xu smiled and turned towards Shinn, his eyes locked on him. Xu holstered his weapon and extended his arm.

"Shinn,my vendetta against you is over," said Xu, "Join us! Join your own nation."

"You are a soldier of the Earth Kingdom! Defend your home!" pleaded Kyu.

Shinn was surprised more than anything, but he was also torn. This was the choice that Fuma had warned him about, Shinn clenched his sword in anger. He was speechless, could he betray a nation he hadn't even been in a month for his home. Or should he side with Kyu and destroy the man who murdered his parents. Shinn looked up and noticed Fuma watching.

"Choose!" shouted Fuma's voice in Shinn's mind.

Shinn debated in his mind and lowered his head. His head rose with a smile as walked towards Xu. He shook Xu's hand as a sign of their partnership. Shinn's happy expression turned to one of anger as his grip tightened as Shinn used his other hand to deliver a strong punch to the gut knocking Xu back and into the wall. As the guards rushed to attack, Xu called them off.

He stood up and wiped the blood from his face. "So be it. Let's end this," he said drawing his sword.

Fuma and the hooded woman looked on as both of these mighty warriors prepared to face off. Shinn and Xu locked as they stood across from each other. Shinn pounced and swung at Xu who blocked it and retaliated with a punch to the face.

As Shinn tried to maintain his posture Xu unleashed attack after attack as he slowly pushed the young Avatar back. Shinn made his move and rolled to the side and managed to get a solid fire blast to the side of Xu. Xu swung round and kicked Shinn in the face. Xu unleashed another attack and using Shinn's position to his advantage disarmed him.

Shinn attempted to dodge Xu's swing but was unsuccessful as he received a cut to the chest. Shinn recoiled in pain as Xu mockingly threw his weapon to the side. Xu grabbed Shinn by the neck and punched him repeatedly in the chest. He then threw Shinn to the ground and stamped on his back. Shinn screamed in pain as Xu showed no signs of backing down. Shinn looked for any help but Earth King Kyu was busy fighting the soldiers who were trying to kill him.

Xu kicked Shinn again and knocked him against a wall and reclaimed his sword. Xu smiled and spoke.

"It's been fun Shinn, but this is it goodbye," mocked Xu.

Shinn still had his head down as Xu swung, but in less than a second Shinn's arm had moved to block Xu's attack. Shinn looked up at Xu. There were no pupils in his eyes. Shinn extended his arm and with that movement broke Xu's sword in half. Xu walked back in awe as a red aura glowed around Shinn. Shinn spoke, his voice stronger and more confident than ever before.

"I can never forgive you...for what you've done!!!!!" declared Shinn.

Xu fell back as the air around Shinn swirled violently when an aura appeared around him and the ground cracked beneath him. Shinn's eyes were glowing blue as Fuma and the hooded woman watched.

"Incredible..." said Fuma.

"It's unreal!" shouted Xu.

The ground shook as far as Ba Sing Se as Shinn's aura intensified, the Earth spun as it orbited Shinn. He let out a cry of rage as a cloud of dust hid him from view. Flames shot out from the dust as it seemed it would never end. Shinn let out one last cry of rage before his transformation saw any chance of slowing down. A blue light shone through it as the ground died down.

Xu looked on as the dust faded, his eyes widened as he saw Shinn. Shinn's hair was outstretched and his muscles had doubled in size, earth floated around him as twin rings of fire circled him. Shinn's expression was one of rage as Xu couldn't believe his eyes. Shinn walked towards Xu and stood in front of him.

"," he said. Fuma and the hooded woman watched and smiled.

"The True battle begins," said Fuma.

"He has made his choice?" asked the woman.

"No, he hasn't even seen the problem yet," replied Fuma and despite his mask being in the way, you could tell he was worried.

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