Winter solstice
The Unavoidable End
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Emblem of the Outlaw


Three: Water



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Misfortunes Carry Sorrow

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Epilogue: Tying the Final Loose Ends

The Ides of March have come...

Thus ends a story bathed in the world's blood,

As the bullet pierces body and breast

Of the young Avatar, ending the flood

Also putting the Avatar to rest.

If only I had told them before now,

If only I remembered loyalty,

When we first joined together, and that vow,

Not even Liwei's standing, royalty,

Could break our great unmovable resolve.

To make the world a better place for all—

To see that corrupt world simply dissolve—

And here, now, for that purpose I will fall.

But they should have known that this must occur,

For I'm sure, if they knew, they would concur

That this is the only way, this is fate.

I knew as soon as I saw Kyoshi,

Roku, Aang, Korra, that the news which wait,

Would not be pleasant, but crucial for me.

It was that I must die at the portal.

The energy of the Avatar's death,

Of his rebirth, thought always still mortal,

Would be that final action: a last breath

To close all the portals once and for all.

Why did I not tell this to my friends? They

Could have taken it, to later recall

How I died, but saved the world from dismay.

Through our adventure, I was no zero.

In fact, I can call myself the hero.

Book Three: Water - End


  • The ending of Emblem of the Outlaw was timed so that it would be finished on the Ides of March.
  • The idea to have the final chapter in Shakespearean sonnets was inspired by someone from my school who has been procrastinating on reading *coughcough*

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