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Oma Village and Shu Village History Woman.
The Two Villages History
Chapter information

Omashu Tales





Written by


Release date

May 28, 2013

Last chapter

Oma and Shu's Training

Next chapter

The Necklace

Near the cave where they trained earthbending, Shu creates the big pond. They are enjoying their conversation...

"Oma, I want to tell you about our village's history..." Shu said. He took the book. He opened the one hundred and twenty-first page.

"Me too.." Oma said...

"Let me begin the tale..." Shu said.

"Long ago, my village's leader, throw a celebration. The villages were friends until something happen... My village invite your village... And they compete for the most beautiful woman in the village. They wore a beautiful dress. It costs more than anything... Until they both accidentally trip off and fall. The woman from your village blamed the woman from my village and the other way around..."

"So... They are... Wrong? Who are they?" Oma asked.

"So you learned much but not history? Oh darn... okay... So, the woman from your village is your great great great great great grandmother... While from my village is my great great great great great grandmother also... The one that wear purple is your relatives while the pink one is my relatives." Shu said pointing at the picture.

"How can they get the dress?? We don't have it now!" Oma said.

"Of course... They sewed it and found the materials all by themselves." Shu replied.

"Oh... What a bad story.. Then? I am so interested. I liked this kind of story. So what happened?" Oma asked.

"They fought and they use knives and made their dresses ripped off. The villagers from each village brought the woman and fought the other villagers that is protecting the woman's enemy and the other way around..."

"Only that!?" Oma shouted.

"Yep... Only that..." Shu said, "See this book..."

"What is it?" Oma asked.

"The history book mine... With my mother's journal... Open page 157..." Shu said.

"Alright..." Oma said, "WOW!!! This is the history!! Why don't you open page 157 from before? Huh? Huh? Oh Shu!! May I borrow this book?"

"There's my mother's journal. Sorry. So?" Shu asked.

Page 157: The woman that wore purple dress is protecting her village while the woman that wore pink dress is protecting her family so they blamed each other. Most villagers said that the woman in purple is too over protective while the woman in pink is selfish and clumsy. They were best friend... And they joined the competition. They were ashamed so they blamed each other.

"Oh my..." Oma said ashamedly.

"Yeah.." Shu said.

"Oops!" Oma yelled. The book fell and the book opened at page 200; the last page of the book.

"200?" Shu asked, "Oh no..." "The necklace," Shu thought.

"I want to read it!" Oma exclaimed.

"That's my mother's journal!!" Shu shouted.

"Wait!!" Oma yelled.

My mother's journal: My son is a robber! I can't believe it. When he is with the dumb girl from the other village, he stole her necklace... I know I hate the girl but that necklace is the necklace which is so precious! Proud but sad..

"No..." Oma said. She began to cry... "From all this time. How could. The one I trust so much. The one that I am counting on... Is a stealer? That necklace is mine... My precious necklace..."

"She knows it... Oma!" Shu yelled.

"You betrayer! Now I remember. The necklace is passed on to generations and generations start from my great great great great great grandmother!!!" Oma shouted. She ran and blocked the way using her earthbending. The wall is so big with mazes. And she dag so low until a big amount of water appear so she could block's Shu's way. She cried and broke up with Shu. "We're done, Shu! We're done! I'll hunt your house and I'll bring my necklace back!"

Heartbroken Oma

Oma cries and leave heartbroken.

"Oma, I..." Shu said but cut.

"Forget it fool!! You are a fool!" Oma yelled. Oma went underground and took the book.

"That's mine!" Shu yelled.

"Who cares! You stole my precious necklace without permission while I will take your precious book! Deal with it!" Oma shouted.

"No!!" Shu screamed.

"Sorry, Shu..." Oma said while crying. She hates Shu now.

"I'm so stupid!!" Shu shouted.

"He's an idiot..." Oma said weakly while crying, "He's pathetic, sad and empty!!"

"How can I get out? Oma is a strong earthbender..." Shu said. "Now all I need is go underground and go to my house!!!"

Shu ran to his house. Oma went underground and she still read the book. Shu boosted and is faster than Oma. He arrived first.

"My necklace is in the garden..." Oma thought. She went to Shu's house. She boosts up. She cried. She remembered the moment Shu pretends to love her.

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