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The Truth


"Mom can I have that one please!!!" A young girl said with a spark of happiness in her eyes as she pointed to a doll.

"Oh alright my little starlight." Ursa said with a happy glimmer in her eyes All the while thinking "Good thing she seems so calm today. I don't know why my husband wants her to become the perfect heir."Ursa then gave her daughter the doll that she just pointed out no more than two minutes ago.

"Thank you so much mommy." Azula said as she gave Ursa a big hug. Although she wasn't tall enough Azula hugged her mother's legs for all her worth.

"You are very welcome my little starlight." Ursa said with a smile on her face.

Just then a palanquin came with the usual four servants carrying it. Only the boldest of them dared to speak "Umm Ma'am...we are here to take you to the Palace."

"Under who's orders?" Ursa asked politely.

"Well Ma'am... It was under your husband's orders." The man said shaking. Everyone heard the stories of Ursa's legendary firebending skills. Some even said she could defeat someone as skilled as Firelord Azulon in his prime. And rarely even in whispers they said she held the almost mythical ability to use white fire.

"Hmm...If Ozai is to trouble to come down here himself then it isn't important enough to interrupt my family time with my daughter. Go tell him that if he doesn't come here himself. Then he won't see me until I deem my time with my daughter over." Ursa said in an commanding tone.

"Y-Yes Ma'am!!!" The servant said. He left with his companions almost in a sprint for the Palace.

Azula giggled uncontrollably at the sight as the servants were all running at different speeds. After they were out of sight Azula asked her mother "Mommy won't daddy be angry with them?"

"Of course not my little starlight. He is going to be mad at me." Ursa said in a soft tone.

"If it is going to make daddy angry then it's okay if you want to end this our walk." Azula said in a caring tone.

"Of course not!" Ursa said in a strong tone "If your father wants to give you personal battle strategies, fine. If he wants you to learn more advance fire bending, fine. But if he even tries to take even a minute of our time together then daddy is a little silly in the head." Ursa said in a sharp tone.

"I love you mommy." Azula said with all her being.

"I love you to my little starlight." Ursa said as she picked up her daughter and gave her a big platypusbear hug.

Azula woke up. "Was that a dream? Or was that a memor..." Azula's thought was cut off by a man's voice.

"Good you're awake. I'd hate for you to be dead." The man said his whole face concealed in shadow.

"Once I am through with you you'll wish I was dead. How dare you interrupt my battle with the Avatar?" Azula said with an honest rage. She targeted the man and shot at him with a blasts of blue fire.

"How interesting." The man said dodging the fire like it was child's play.

"Oh I'll show you interesting!" Azula said starting her stance for lightning.

"We can't have that now." Was all that Azula heard from the man. When she was half way through her motions for the technique. The man in one quick fluid motion ran up to Azula before she could get back to her defensive stance. As he was up to her he knocked out her legs and started to form a fire blast punch towards her face. The punch stopped no more than two inches from her nose.

Azula enraged that someone would dare taunt her so much. That would stoop to such lows as to not finish off their opponent. "What are you spineless or senseless?" She said trying to bait the man.

"Neither." The man said simply "I just wanted to show you something." The man then let out a white flame no more than an inch outside his fist.

His face was so confusing to Azula she was a master of deception herself. Even for her level this was unheard of. There was no trace of any human emotion even in his smile. Even when Azula fought him that smile seemed glued in place. It never budged even an inch "You can fight with white fire as well?" Azula questioned.

"It seems you are mistaken. You can only Firebend blue fire. Mine is white." The man said turning his back to her.

"Big mistake, now all I have to do is keep you distracted." Azula thought to herself as she prepared to attack. "Of course I know that you idiot. I knew someone who could Firebend white flames." Azula said to keep the conversation going.

"First of all don't even try attacking me while my back is turned. Also your cloths seem a bit burned" The man said unshaken even in the least at Azula's baiting.

Azula although angered checked her bearings after she felt he was far enough to not be a threat. To her surprise he was correct. "I know what you did. Don't expect me to thank you for your help. I never asked for you to interrupt my battle with the Avatar." Azula said in a confident tone.

"I never saved you." The man said in an unreadable tone.

"Oh Right just some other Person who could Firebend white fire saved my life." Azula said sarcastically.

"You just said you knew someone else who could use white fire. They probably saved you." the stranger said.

"That's impossible she couldn't have, she's dead." Azula said.

"Anyways I have an interesting proposition for you." The stranger said.

Azula took awhile to respond "I'm listening."

(2 Miles away from Avatar Roku's Island)

Only several miles away from Roku's Island the whole group was getting jumpy. No one had ever seen Aang so intent on anything besides getting Appa back in Ba Sing Se. The silence was surprisingly broken by Aang "Look I know you all are wondering why we suddenly had to leave. I assure you guys that it really is..."

"The end of the world." Everyone broke in except Kaida.

"If we don't stop them they'll destroy everything." Aang continued.

Everyone looked at Aang with a confused look.

"Fine let me tell you what I was told." Aang said.

Long ago the Five Great Bending People lived together in peace in harmony. Then everything changed when the First People struck. Their power was fierce and their forces even fiercer. They struck without mercy. The four divided in war the People of the Air with the First. And the people of the Water, Earth, and even their kin the people of Fire were opposed to the First Great Benders. The land was torn; blood was spilled for a thousand years. Then in one day all the horror was over. The spirits had intervened. On that day The Blood of the Sun, The Guardians of Balance had been sealed away only to be called on when the world needed them most. On that very day the blood soaked earth forced its entire spirit into one living person. And that person was The Avatar. As long as the Avatar can keep the peace the First Great Benders will never return. And the Akuma no me will never see the light of day.

"Question, if I may?" Kaida asked.

"Go ahead." Aang said.

"First of all, if the "First People" were in fact The Guardians of Balance then why would they start a war with the Earth, Water, and Fire people? And what do these "First People" bend anyways?" Kaida asked.

"Well even balance is messy Kaida. I assume that they thought the war was what was best to keep balance. And not one of the previous Avatars knows for sure but they remember one thing about this element. It is the element of solitude it is suppose to never be around anything else besides itself. Do you have any more questions?" Aang asked politely and formally.

"Two things in fact." Kaida said in her strong tone. "Would you all stop treating me so formal like?" Kaida said irritated.

"I never treated you like anything besides a person I barely know." Toph said.

"Thanks, I guess... Oh and I was wondering you said The People of Fire were kin. Does that mean anything?" Kaida asked.

"Probably not those people were separated from the Fire Nation thousands of years ago." Aang said bursting with knowledge.

"Yeah you're probably right." Kaida said unsure staring into the sky lying down in Appa's saddle with her hands behind her neck.

(Avatar Roku's Island Cave)

The cave was light due to a fire made by Ryuu. All of the figures were there except... "Where is Altair?" Miku asked bored.

"He said he was going to get some fresh air." Daichi informed Miku.

"Oh boo, he could be anywhere now." Miku said a little interested.

Suddenly a strong gust of air blew throughout the cave stirring up the fire. Miku turned her head to the entrance.

To her surprise no one was there. "I could have sworn he was..."

"Who was?" Altair asked right behind Miku.

"AAAAHHHH!!!" Miku screamed as she bent some water towards Altair. Froze it leaving Altair's entire upper torso up to his neck encased in ice while she jumped away startled.

"Could you please let me out?" Altair asked acting regular like Miku did nothing.

"No I won't let you out!!!" Miku responded angry.

"Why not?"

"You did that on purpose didn't you?" Miku accused Altair.

"Yes because I really wanted to be frozen today." Altair said cynically.

"NO, I mean you purposely snuck up on me." Miku said still angry at Altair.

"... I have no idea what you mean." Altair said in his serious tone.

"Hey I'd love to enjoy the squabbling couple a bit more but someone is coming." Ryuu interrupted.

"WE'RE NOT A COUPLE! Wait someone is coming?" Miku shouted.

"Who is it?" Daichi asked.

A beastly roar rang throughout the cave.

"Well I have one idea. It's the Avatar and his friends." Daichi said.

"What?!?!?!?" Ryuu and Miku say in unison.

"They're early, I suspect the Avatar himself had to go into the Avatar State to have finished this quickly." Daichi continued.

"Well let's have some fun while Kenichi is away." Altair said still in the block of ice.

"Wait fun as in my kind of fun, fun? Or your kind of fun, fun?" Miku asked hopeful.

"I'm surprised to say this. But we are going to have your kind of fun Miku." Altair said rolling his eyes.

It took no longer than a split second for the Ice to melt. "YESSSSSSSS, OH THANK YOU THANK YOU. Let's go have some fun." Miku shouted like kid in a candy shop and pointing towards the cave's exit.

"On one condition though." Altair said as Miku was about to leave the cave.

"Awww, stupid conditions they're never any fun." Miku said disappointed.

"The Avatar is mine. You two coming with us?" Altair asked Ryuu and Daichi.

"Depends on who my opponent is." Daichi said.

"I'll go, just for by the off chance Miku breaks her jaw and can't talk for 5 months." Ryuu said still expressionless.

"Awwe, you're such a sweet talker." Miku said.

(2 Miles away from Avatar Roku's Island)

In the middle of the ocean Kenichi was wearing a sakkat and lying on the bottom on a small boat built only to hold no more than five people. The boat was floating at a slow pace towards Roku's Island.

A sky bison passes over the boat with extreme speed.

Suddenly Kenichi sat up. "Well it seems that the Avatar and his friends are early..." a few moments pass then his eyes widen "Dear spirits!!! Miku might try to have fun with them." Kenichi then took his stance in front of the sail. "We'll let see how fast you can go then." Kenichi said to the ship. He then continued the circular motions pulling apart his chi into yin and yang. And the most dangerous part of bending this dangerous element the collision and fusion of those chi.

Every time he created plasma Kenichi remembered what his mentor taught him. "Plasma is the element of solitude. Bending plasma is the most dangerous thing you can ever do. Almost nothing can touch or block plasma without being destroyed by its sheer heat, let alone it's raw power. Even fire is tamer to control than plasma. Firebenders can grasp only one small form of plasma and that is lightning. Why they can bend lightning and not other plasma was a very controversial topic. Being the element of solitude plasma is attracted to other plasma. In the process to make plasma one must condense it before any other action can be made. For when one fuses their chi and releases it means they are taking truly opposite forces and making them one being. In the process of making plasma the bender themselves will tire out using their won energies... But these forces still are opposite, so they eventually will split apart again. The resulting plasma made from your energies mixed tries to expand so the chi may separate into those original parallel forces of yin and yang. And in that expansion you can lose a hand, a limb, or even your life..."

Kenichi took a deep breath and took the orb of plasma and form it into a spiraling bulbous cone and pressed it near the sail. The boat took off, Kenichi was heard saying "Wooooooo hooooo!!!!"

(Avatar Roku's Island)

The group was landing almost right next to the jagged entrance of the cave. The whole group just sat on Appa waiting for the enemy that may not be there to make the first move. They dismounted from Appa when four strangers appeared to be coming from the dark void that was the cave's entrance. The group that walked out consisted of a muscular man wearing simple green Earth Kingdom clothes he was obviously an Earthbender due to the fact he didn't wear shoes. His stride was somewhat regal he carried such grace for an Earthbender. A young woman who was wearing a simple cloths that were dyed blue she carried a water pouch like Katara. She seemed boundless with energy; she made steps so unnecessary it was as if she were playing a game with the ground. Then there was what they only could assume was the Firebender of the group. The only thing that leaded them to that conclusion was a fire red kimono he wore. A perpetual smile was placed on his face. The the Man leading the group he was the one who drew the most attention from the Avatar. His body was somewhere in between bulky muscular and skinny. His stride matched what Aang expected it was almost as if he was walking on air. His cloths were oddly like a light leather armored cloak with an unmistakable color code of the Air Nomads. The last piece Aang was looking for was the Arrow tattoos.

Aang muttered "Who are yo-ohf?" his body formed a position as if he got the wind knocked out of him.

Suddenly a split second later the man in the cloak appeared his fist in perfect position as if he punched Aang then appeared in front of them.

Aang looked into this man's eye. All he saw was hatred and disgust.

His other arm then reached out to the side making a twisting movement with his wrist and in one movement he pressed his palm around an inch from Aang's out rooted chest.

Aang went as a flying blur pass Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Kaida. He slammed strait into one of Appa's legs. The bison roared out of agony as well as Aang.

The speed of the two hits was so fast the pain hadn't accumulated until a few seconds after he hit Appa. The blunt force of the punch to stomach was immense. Yet it was second only to the searing, stinging pain of his back when he collided with Appa. "Appa?!?" Aang thought.

The bison's leg was fractured at the very least.

The others looked at the man then at Aang then at the man again. His hood was blown off by the wind he generated had revealed an arrow tattoo on his forehead. The odd thing was that he had a full set of hair. His arrow was also narrower than Aang's. He then appeared in front of Aang and Appa again from out of nowhere.

Katara ran to protect her husband. Before she could have reached Aang the woman dropped from above her face to face blocking Katara from Aang.

"Ah ah ah, this is a fight between them. You have bigger worries." The women said as she opened her water pouch.

"Like what?" Katara asked rhetorically as she opened her own.

"Like me." The woman said flushing out water. And formed two water whips in each hand from the water.

Katara decided the octopus stance was best. For this long range offense. To her surprise the woman released the water into two floating orbs in front of her instead of attacking.

The woman punched into each orb so the whole arm was encased in water. She then froze the water to Katara's surprise. The woman picked up both her arms and knocked both the blocks together. Most of the ice shattered except three sections the whole fist was encased up to the pivot point of the wrist then the rest of her forearm was encased in ice up to the elbow. And finally the third section was encased up to the shoulder joint. The other arm was the same except that the fist was larger than her hand really was.

Katara had never seen any such technique before. So she tried to grasp the arms with four of the eight octopus arms.

This attempt backfired as when the arms made contact with the frozen arms. They themselves froze slowly. With a quick flail of her arm the woman broke her new frozen shackles. She quickly darted in close range of Katara and started making extremely fast punches it seemed as if she had multiple arms.


While that was happening Toph had confronted her opponent. She walked up to the man; he was giant, as far as she could tell. His muscles weren't tense and his heart beat was regular. "He isn't even ready to fight." Toph had thought to herself. "I wonder if he is easily provoked. If he is then this will be a breeze." Toph then thought up a strategy. "Why won't you fight me?" Toph asked

". . ." The man stayed quiet.

"Is it because I'm a woman? Because let me tell you I have beaten guy your size before." Toph continued.

The man continued to say nothing. He turned around and started walking away.

"Why won't you fight me?" Toph asked now done baiting him, and actually curious why.

"I don't fight opponents that fight for no reason." bulky man said as he continued to walk not turning to glance at Toph.

"What do you mean no reason? You attacked us. We have every reason to fight." Toph said doubting this man's ideals as a warrior. Toph did respect the philosophy, but the limits this man had set for it seemed too strict to Toph.

"The actions of my companions are not mine to take responsibility for. It was their choice to attack your friends, not mine. There is no reason for us to fight so we won't." the bulky man explained while still walking away from Toph.

"What do you consider a reason then?" Toph asked, she never met an Earthbender that didn't want to at least spar with someone else who presents a challenge.

The bulky man stopped in place "There are only two reasons I will ever fight an opponent. One is to defend the innocent who cannot defend themselves. And two, when I am ordered to do so by my superior officers."


Kaida faced her opponent. Her stance was prepared for battle.

Her opponent was not he stood straight and tall. His kimono was flapping in the wind that smile still in place unshaken unmoved. It was not a friendly smile or even a deadly smile. It was just one that only deceived his true intentions.

"Aren't we goanna? You know." Kaida asked the stranger.

"Oh you mean fight. Spirits no I am here just to spectator. Not that I have a problem fighting you. I only came here to enjoy the view." the man said still with the unwavering smile placed on his face. He then sat on a rock to comfortably enjoy his show.

Kaida respecting the man's choice not to fight sat down and viewed the spectacle herself.


The man that had forced Aang to hit Appa's leg was now standing over him.

Aang opened his eyes. The second that that happened he saw the man spitting out of disgust.

"Master of all four elements, right, if you can't stand up to The General of Air then you would have no chance against The Akuma no me."


Katara was holding of the punches of the woman who had a terrifyingly joyful face of mercilessly beating her opponent. Katara was protecting her center to protect the unborn baby.


Sokka was behind the bulky figure his palm on his sword ready to be drawn and strike. When he was five paces away from the humongous figure he fully drew his sword silently not to arouse the attention of the giant that stood before him.

The whole time this was happening Toph was seeing the vibrations with her feet. Sokka's breaths were short and restrained, most likely to mask his presence to the bulking figure. His heartbeat was fast the adrenalin rush must have caused that. Toph knew she had to distract the man for Sokka so he could get the perfect opportunity to strike. "Why only those two reasons?" she asked.

"Why would I need to explain that to you?" the man said.

Sokka was in perfect position, he raised his sword skillfully swung it at the man's head.

The bulky figure threw up a stone wall in time just to stop the full force of the blow. The sword had cut his right cheek in a vertical manner. Blood flowed of the thick cut the sword almost hit its mark. The man then formed a stone cell that accompanied the wall that he threw up towards Sokka.

Sokka was completely trapped his sword couldn't cut through the stone anymore due to the shock to his arm caused by colliding with the wall of earth.

Toph then stomped on the ground five times that raised up three boulders and two smaller rocks. She then kicked the first three boulders in the directions around the massive man then she threw the two small boulders barehanded at his center.

The bulky figure threw up an earth wall like Toph had planned him to do.

The three massive rocks threw an outline like a door and the two smaller rocks that were thrown at a higher velocity knocked down the outline on to the top of Toph's opponent.

To Toph's surprise the man had turned the solid wall into a quicksand like substance by hitting it in two distinct spots. The substance only warped around him like he was slowly moving through mud.

Toph continued to fire rocks at the massive figure.


Kaida was about to go help Katara with her opponent. When the strangest thing happened. A boat went flying into the cave entrance that was at least several hundred yards from any shoreline.

Everyone stopped fighting when the ship sailed past their heads. No one moved a muscle; everyone heard a voice coming from inside the cave.

"Well that is almost the last time I'll ever try that, again." The voice said

Kaida recognized it was a man's voice due to her and her odd opponent being the closest to the cave.

A man walked out of the cave his step was that of an average man. His figure was similar to the person who attacked the Avatar. His apparel was odd to say the very least he wore a traditional sakkat on his head, he had some strange looking cloak it supported a hood it even looked like the one that that airbender wore except it was black and very thin. Even if it was armor it couldn't stand up to any fire or earthbending. The one thing that drew everyone's attention though was his eyes; they were purple of all colors. And around his neck was hanging the medallion of a dot within a circle.

Kaida then remembered what they had planned on Appa before they arrived

...20 min ago

"Any opposing forces we meet will be small fry to what our real target is, The Akuma no me is suppose to be the most dangerous being in existence. And before you ask yes even more dangerous than the Avatar. The one thing I was told was that they always carry the medallion of the Fifth Nation, A dot within a circle colored as purple as the eyes of the Akuma no me. So the plan is we wait out the opposing battle to save our energy to strike the Akuma no me..." Aang said

...present time

Aang got up, Katara broke free of the punches, Toph changed directions, and Kaida got up from the rock she had sat on. They all headed for the same place. Towards the Akuma no me. Toph threw a rock, while Kaida threw two fire blasts. Katara sent an icicles and Aang sent a wave of air.

The four strangers looked ready to pursue but the Akuma no me shouted "STAND DOWN." he sent up two rocks of his own kicked them to collide with Toph's. The second the water whip touched him it froze and broke under the pressure. He formed an air orb around him that shrugged of Aang's wall of air. And when Kaida got close enough he jumped into her fire and grabbed her closed fist. The second the Akuma no me's eyes met Kaida he hesitated thinking "You".

Kaida took advantage of this and seeped his legs knocking him down.

Toph bolted his arms and legs to the rocky ground using earthbending.

Katara then froze his whole body up to the neck giving Aang the seconds he needed.

Aang placed his right thumb on the Akuma no me forehead and his other hand on the chest. Then Aang and the Akuma no me started to glow Aang his original light neon blue.

Katara never saw Aang energybend but she knew the costs of it so she never wanted to see him energybend.

Something was of the Akuma no me's energy was not a pure color like Aang's it was purple, yet at the center of his eyes there was black.

(Kenichi's Inner Chakras)

A vast city full of skyscrapers at first Aang thought he was in the Republic City. "No" Aang thought shaking himself of this delusion. He had to search for the chakras of the Akuma no me. First he had to find the most powerful chakra the Akuma no me had then lock it then lock the rest of them. Lucky for Aang the strongest chakra is represented by a vast poll of spiraling energy. Aang looked around the city to no avail not a single chakra was seen. Then a single drop fell on Aang's shaven forehead. He looked up in amazement. Not one but two massive containers were floating above the city. Aang though "Those things must contain oceans of unused energy" Aang then realized what he just thought. He quickly flew using airbending to the rim of the containers. As he reached the top he realized that they were already sealed.

The odd thing was the dam like structure that was blocking the two oceans had two massive holes in them and the energy was falling out into two waterfalls.

Aang then realized again that it wasn't a dam, it was a mask!!! Aang had no time to think about it.

"Wh-Well well well a new victim for me to destroy." a demonic voice said.

Aang turned around to see the Akuma no me but he was all wrong. His jacket was white his sakkat was white his skin was snow white. The only thing that wasn't white was his eyes. His terrible demonic eyes. The sclera was black and his pupils had shrink contrasting to the now dark purple color.

"Wh-What's wrong you came here to destroy me why don't you give it a shot." the animal like figure baited.

Aang couldn't move, he couldn't escape from those ungodly eyes.

Aang suddenly felt the spell snap as an arm was place on his shoulder. It belonged to the Akuma no me except he was all normal even the eyes "You should leave here Avatar Aang this is my monster to battle." he then turned to face Aang, his palm suddenly was in front of Aang's forehead.

All it took was one push and he went flying off towards the city below. Aang never felt so helpless in his life. Those eyes, those demonic unholy eyes Aang had never seen anything like them before. Then Aang thought the "He faces those eyes every day. He must hate to see his own eyes everyday like that." Aang viewed as he was plummeting motionless a battle that was not of two men but of a demon and his animal.

"Wh-Well now that he is gone lets continue." the creature drew his sword and so did Kenichi. Plasma was floating of both blades. Kenichi's was black. The creature's was white.

As he was descending Aang saw a powerful explosion of pure white and pure black colliding...

(Avatar Roku's Island)

The first thing that came back was Aang's hearing; someone was shouting his name.

"Aang? Aang? Aangggg?" he instantly recognized it as the twisted voice of that monster.

Slowly it turned into the shouting voice of Katara "Aang, Aang, AANGGGGGGGG!!!" instantly Aang opened his eyes to see the beautiful woman he married.

"You were out for a long time Avatar Aang. Are you okay?" The Akuma no me asked standing behind Katara with his group behind him as well.

"Akuma no me?" Aang asked confused.

"Oh no just call me Kenichi." he said.


  • Originally Daichi was supposed to wear the sakkat.
  • In this chapter some of the fundamentals of Plasmabending are revealed.
  • The name the author has given for the demonic Kenichi is "AntiKeni."
  • Every time AntiKeni talks the author uses a different font from normal he will also use it for another occasion that will be later revealed.
  • Fun Fact: Most Plasmabenders are non-aggressive the exception to this is Miku and AntiKeni and ???.
  • The vast oceans of energy are really that. A vast ocean of energy.
  • "Akuma no me" is an official title Kenichi has in the structure of the culture of The Fifth Nation

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