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The True Beginning is the first chapter of World at War.

Author's Note

Well, here's the first chapter of my new fanon series, World at War. I figured since Flash is working on the next chapter of Kyoshi Revolts, there's no harm in giving up a little sneak peak. Well, that's all I gotta say on the subject, since this is probably the only Author's Note I'll ever make. Enjoy, and be sure to catch the thirteenth chapter of Kyoshi Revolts, The Forsaken Son, when it comes out!


6 AG, 13 Years Ago

Outskirts of Garsai

Confronting Yon Rha

The storm worsens as Fire Lord Sozin waits for his Imperial Guards

The rain poured, as the sounds of rumbling earth and lightning echoed through the mountains. Fire Lord Sozin looked on to the landscape of the city. At this point, there wasn't a doubt in his mind that his men had lost. The great Earth Kingdom city of Garsai would not fall today.

"Fire Lord Sozin." A messenger runs over to the elderly man, who, by the age of 88, was still the greatest living Firebender on the planet. "The battle...has failed. All of our men have been captured. You must flea with the Royal Procession, or they could capture you as well!"

"Retreating is not my strong point." the Fire Lord says to the weary messenger, bluntly. "I intend to return to this city another day, and burn it to the ground. General Sun, do you recommend a retreat?" Sozin looks out to a large man of his 40s, donning the prestigious clothing of a High Fire Nation General.

"Your highness, you know I would have no problem in staying and fighting out these savage Earthbenders. But the Fire Nation depends on your survival. A 6 year old heir would not be sufficient enough to run an entire nation!" the General says.

"Very well. I will pay you with my trust General. We shall retreat tonight." Sozin says, while looking on to the city. "First, we must cross the Bay of Garsai. Hopefully, the Earthbenders have not yet reclaimed the area."

Garsai Bay

"We're almost there, honey. I can see the city." Says a Water Tribe man, no older than 30.

"You here that Ganku, sweetie, we're gonna be safe." Says a beautiful Water Tribe woman. In her arms, a small baby begins smiling, though his giggles turn to cries when he hears his mother scream.

"It can't be!" Says the Water Tribe man. "The Fire Nation has invaded Garsai!" The woman holds her baby to her chest, as the eerie figures of Fire Nation soldiers approach them.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" Says an elderly man, garnered in expensive Fire Nation clothing. Unfortunately for these Water Tribe immigrants, this man was Fire Lord Sozin himself.

"F-Fire Lord Sozin!" The Water Tribe man exclaims, seeing the very Ruler of the Fire Nation in the flesh.

"General Sun, it appears we have Water Tribe immigrants. Why don't we give them a proper greeting?" Sozin says to the General, smugly.

"Very well. Men, take out the Water Tribe refugees!" Sun orders. The terrified family looks on to see five members of the Royal Procession surround them.

"Su, take Ganku and get into the city! I'll take these men on myself!" The Water Tribe man jumps onto land, and bends two water whips on each side of the guards, throwing four of them in the water. He approaches the final guard, and shoots an icicle right through the man's forehead. "Su, GO!" The man says, noticing his wife is still near.

She runs away with the baby, though Fire Lord Sozin pursues her. "No, Su!" The Water Tribe man attempts to help his wife, though he is shot in the back by Sun. "Game over." Sun says as the man falls to the ground.

Su, with Ganku in her arms, runs over to the city. "Please, soldiers! I need Earth Kingdom soldiers!" Sozin suddenly stops, and quickly generates a large bolt of lightning. He shoots it at Su, though she jumps up, and the lightning is only able to hit her legs. In a moment of sheer pain, Su's grip on her baby loosens, and she accidentally lets go of him. The baby goes airborne, and falls - right down a well.

"NO!!!!!!!" Su screams in horror as she sees her baby fall into the well.

"Oh, what a pity. Not very good with your hands, are you mommy?" Sozin says, taking pleasure in seeing the woman's pain.

"You lowlife bastard!" Su screams, while looking at Sozin's cold eyes. A spark of lightning shoots from the clouds, making Sozin's rough wrinkles and leathery skin visible.

"Arrest this woman!" Sozin shouts as General Sun and his Imperial Firebenders make it to the scene. The soldiers quickly handcuff the crying widower.

"Now let's go. I'm sick of this entire city!" Sozin says, as the rain pours down into the well.

At the Well, Morning

"Now Youn, remember to get two buckets of water." Says a man, stepping outside of his house.

"Okay Gal, I got it." The woman says back to her husband.

She walks over to the well, and begins winding up a bucket of water. She notices the bucket is unusually heavy, and, looking down, she sees a baby at the bottom of the well. The poor thing was dead. But wait - she heard crying. Yes, the baby was alive, and it was crying! Youn begins frantically winding up the bucket. She finally sees the baby, and lifts it out of the bucket.

Youn looks at the baby with an unsure look. The baby, looking back at her, smiles, and reaches for her nose. Youn laughs. She looks around for a moment, and then looks back down at the baby.

"Gal! I think your going to need to set up a new crib!" The woman says, while looking at the baby, thoughtfully. She looks down at his clothing, and sees the name "Ganku" etched in it.

19 AG, Present

Garsai, Governor's Palace

Ganku looks down at the flowing stream. This was no ordinary day for Ganku – today he turned thirteen, which was, in his city, the age of a man. He puts his hand in the stream, and begins freezing small balls of ice. Did I mention that Ganku was a Waterbender?

"Somebody looks lonely." Says a girl, walking over to Ganku. She was dressed in expensive Earth Kingdom clothing, and had a distinctive head piece in the shape of a stone on her head. "Ganku, it's your birthday, be happy."

"But Tasha, it's this whole 'becoming an Imperial Earth Soldier' thing. I just feel...weird about it. I feel like an outcast. I'm not an Earthbender. I'm a Waterbender. I'm...different." Ganku says, while looking out to the stream.

"Oh Ganku, your anything but! Our city needs you. My father always talks about how you were our precious gift from the Spirits of the Earth." Tasha says. "Your Waterbending is what makes you who you are."

"Thank you, Tasha." Ganku says, while looking into the eyes of his thoughtful, beautiful friend.

"I mean, at least you can join the army." Tasha begins. "You're a man. They prohibit women from the Army. I don't even have the political influence over any part of the Earth Kingdom Military! And I'm the Governor's daughter."

"Some things are hard to get even when your royalty." Ganku says.

"But not for Man-"

"TASHA!!!" Yells a girl, who seems to be about sixteen years of age. This was Mandee, Tasha's sister.

"What do you want Mandee?" Tasha says to her disgruntled sister.

"Where are my shoes? You know I hate it when you wear my shoes!" Mandee yells while running around frantically.

"I didn't take your shoes, airhead. Earthbenders don't wear shoes." Tasha says, while Mandee lifts up Ganku's legs, trying to find her precious shoes.

"Mandee, what are you doing?" Ganku says.

"Looking for these?" Says a boy, seemingly about the same age as Mandee. In his hands dangled two bright, sparkling shoes.

"My shoes! Gimee gimee gimee." Mandee says, grabbing the shoes out of the boy, Ro's, hands.

"How about a thank you?" Ro says to the mean heiress.

"Whatever Ho." Mandee says, while trying to put on her shoes.

"My name is RO! We've known each other for 15 years and you still don't know it!?" Ro says to a disinterested Mandee.

"Do I look like I care? No. Now move!" Mandee says, pushing Ro away.

While Mandee walks away, Tasha pushes the ground under her feet backwards, causing Mandee to fall forward. Using Waterbending, Ganku places a layer of water over the dirt, turning into mud. Mandee splats face-first into the mud, soaking her entire body in it.

"Haha, you guys always know how to cheer me up." Ganku says to Tasha and Ro, while Mandee seethes in rage.

Fire Nation Palace, War Room

Zuko in his dream

Prince Azulon listens to General Sun's plans with distaste

A very old Fire Lord Sozin sits prominently on his thrown, as fire dances around him. On one side of him is General Sun, who has aged, and Sozin's nineteen year old son, Prince Azulon.

"Admiral Min, your report." Sozin says to one of his men.

"Thank you, sir. Recently, we have been expanding our tactics. The Earth Kingdom continues to be our greatest match. We have been able to conquer three of its seven best strongholds, but we still have Han Tui, Garsai, Omashu, and of course Ba Sing Se left in our path to victory. If we can't conquer Han Tui and Garsai, access to the Eastern Earth Kingdom will be impossible, leaving an attack on Ba Sing Se out of the question. With Ba Sing Se in the picture, we will never be able to achieve complete victory. As for the Water Tribes, we are currently considering raids on the Southern Water Tribe, but first we must capture its Waterbenders. If we don't capture the Waterbenders from the South soon, they will be able to mobilize and possibly create a city as high-security as their Nothern counterparts." The Admiral says.

"Your words mean nothing and your logic is flimsy." Says General Sun, standing before the man. "You speak of defeating the Southern Water Tribe, of conquering Garsai and Han Tui, but yet you make no effort of mobilizing your ships in an attack on those cities. Obliteration is our only method." This final sentence ctaches the attention of the Fire Prince, Azulon.

"You are wrong, General. To win a war, you must be sneaky, conniving, precise, and deadly. With that way, you lose little armies, and you'll have more to conquer than just rubble." Azulon says sharply to the General.

"War comes with sacrifice, Prince Azulon! And I know your father would agree." Sun declares. With those words, all eyes in the room turn to Sozin.

"...I have no opinion on the matter! But since the two of you seem so determined, fine! I shall order up an organization with the objective of conquering Garsai. And you two are going to lead it. Sun, you are my best General. Azulon, you are a prodigy. I know you both won't fail me." Sozin says.

"But father-"

"Enough. I want no more of this discussion. You do as I say, Azulon." Sozin says to his son, with a cold, chilling glare in his eyes.

"Alright, I'll be the bigger person here, Fire Lord Sozin." Sun says.

"Then shut up and leave!" Sozin yells.

Azulon and Sun leave the room in respect.

"Okay, listen here, Sun." Azulon says to the General when the two are out of the room. "We're gonna try this by my rules. And I promise you, in a few days Garsai will be history."

"And what if your wrong, Prince Azulon? About everything?" Sun says, smugly.

"Then I hand control over to you." Azulon says to Sun.

"Very well." Sun says. "I trust you."

Azulon walks away. Sun can only watch him with a suspicious glare.


  • The war methods argued over by Sun and Azulon are somewhat reminiscent to the different behaviors and methods of Azulon's grandchildren. Prince Zuko was originally very destructive in his quest to capture Avatar Aang. He was very outright, and used straightforward attacks to achieve his goal. Princess Azula, on the other hand, was sneaky and precise. A famous example was how she used a coup d'état to conquer Ba Sing Se.

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