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Chapter 2: Icy Land

Chapter 1 : The Trip

It was the start of the spring, flowers were blooming around the village and people were starting to breathe fresher air and enjoy nature. He was about fifty years old, and had never stopped his studies about the different cultures around the world. You'd expect a fifty year old to look.. fifty, but Pathik looked very young and still had many things on his to-do list, including visiting Wan Shi Tong's library to further widen his knowledge.

Back in his twenties, Pathik's father, Ching, had given him a small boat as a sign of appreciation for what Pathik has achieved in his studies. Although he only used it once or twice, Pathik has kept this boat in a very good condition because he had big plans on exploring the world on his own, and because it reminded him of his father who was taken, against his will, into the Fire Nation army when Pathik was in his thirties and he never returned. Not even a single message. The reason for that is still unknown to Pathik or his mother. Rumors around the village suggest that he died because of his own mistakes and weakness.

Ching was known as a great leader around the village, since his fighting plans and leadership once led the village to victory against the thieves who raided it. However, he wasn't that much good of a fighter himself. He wasn't a fire bender neither were any of his family members, and he failed to learn the art of using any weapon.

Anyway, Pathik has lived quite some time now in his village and he thought it's time to leave and explore the world. After all his mother died a few years ago, and most of his friends have joined the army. Pathik gave his house to a poor friend of his, Ton Rha.

"I'm leaving tomorrow to meet a friend of mine in the Southern Air Temple.." started Pathik.

-"Oh is it that Gyatso guy?"

-"Indeed. Then I plan to wander around the Earth Kingdom and learn about their culture."

-"Oh my that sounds like a long trip."

-"Indeed. I might also never return here. That's why I want you to have my small house."

-"Never return!? Why?"

-"Don't worry about me, Ton Rha. I already made my mind up. I want to explore the world. I have no one else to give this house to. Please accept it."

-"Okay Pathik, thanks a lot. I'll make sure this house stays in excellent condition."

-"Amazing. Farewell, Ton Rha."

-"Goodbye buddy!"

Pathik woke up the next day, with his small boat ready to sail heading for the Southern Air Temple. Since Pathik's village is in the south of Fire Nation, the only place he's ever visited outside of the nation is the Southern Air Temple, where he became friends with an older Gyatso. Monk Gyatso of the Air Nomads was a fun, peaceful friend of Pathik. The boat has left the city and Pathik was on his own. Having sailed a bit more than midway to the temple, Pathik faced an unpleasant surprise while meditating in his boat...

Meanwhile, Ton Rha has already sold his old home to another guy, and started making some changes in his new house. The house was pretty cool, but Ton Rha wanted a touch of his own. After he added new cupboards in the kitchen and replaced three of the five chairs in the small living room, Ton Rha finally entered the bedroom. He was surprised to see that there was no bed, Pathik had a small bed sheet on the floor on which he slept. Ton Rha also checked the small closet, he decided not to replace it because he thought it was nice, but he had to buy a double bed for his wife and himself, as well as a small bed for their upcoming baby.

Pathik noticed that the sky has turned red, and several war ships were travelling from the Fire Nation to Pathik's same destination: the Southern Air Temple. Pathik immediately stopped meditating and sailed as fast as he could, knowing that there was something wrong going on. As he moved closer to the temple, he began to realize: his own nation is attacking the Air Nomads.

He soon noticed that the war ships he saw held firebenders whose powers were enhanced by a comet. There was a visible comet in the sky which empowered the firebenders so much. Pathik has heard rumors about the Fire Lord's plans to make a worldwide war and invade the Air Nomads to wipe them out and kill the next Avatar, but he never believed that Fire Lord Sozin would do such a horrible act. But Pathik has also studied nature and the art of firebending, he knows that this comet can make a firebender virtually invincible. Pathik was afraid.

Bugged by the thought that his own nation are cruel murderers, Pathik changed his route and headed to the Southern Water Tribe, hoping that he could find answers to his questions while residing there. He also saw this as an opportunity to study the southern ways of waterbending and learn about their culture first-hand. So he continued sailing south, skipping the Air Nomad area. Pathik only hoped he had enough food for his unexpectedly longer trip.

Night was about to go off and allow for a new day to begin, Pathik has woke up and started meditating in his boat, and Ton Rha's beds arrived to his new house.

Ton Rha: "They are a bit smaller than I thought, but they are comfortable enough."

"I hope the baby doesn't disagree," said his wife. She was a beautiful loving woman, but she always seemed to be somewhat grumpy.

After Ton Rha finished his work in the marketplace that day, he went and bought a small picture of Fire Lord Sozin. He was very fond of him and loved the Fire Nation more than anything else. Meanwhile, Pathik has just arrived at the Southern Water Tribe...

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