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Jian had not been able to sleep at first but she had eventually gotten her rest. Jian could not believe that she was called for this horrible display of so-called entertainment. How could they have picked me for this? She thought. Me out of all of the people in my district. Jian had already suffered enough in her life and now she was being forced to fight to the death in some insane Blood Bath. Jian remembered her family going through so much despair. Jian came from this horrible world. Her older brother's name had been called seven years ago and he had not come back out. Life was a struggle in this world; everyone was forced to strictly obey the harsh laws that prevented them from having any rights. Now that she thought about it, maybe she wanted to be here. At least she would be able to finally stand up to someone. And if death came to her at least she would no longer have to live in this horrible world. Jian had trained round the clock and was an expert at using a katana and arrows as well. Jian was now joining her fellow tributes; today was the day the Gamemakers would introduce everyone. As Jian joined her tributes, she saw many faces who she knew would soon die and she also knew that one of them could be hers.

"Good Morning, everybody and now it is time for what all of you have been waiting for," Siezio started.

"Today, we will be introducing all of our tributes for this year's Blood Bath!" Ezagon finished his friends' sentence.

"Let's go now and meet our tributes." Siezio said.

"Good call, old friend." Ezagon concurred.

"First up, this young man is a master swordsman and even kidnapped his own brother once." Siezio said. "Tribute #1, Lee!" Siezio announced. Not one person watching cheered.

"Next is an Airbender who I hear is quite the stubborn one," Ezagon said. "Ladies and gentlemen, tribute #2, Hanuel!"

"Next we have quite an interesting one." Siezio said. "A Firebender who is also skilled with a sword, tribute #3, Zoa-" Ezagon whispered something into Siezio's ear before he could continue. "Ahem, I mean Rokan!" Siezio continued.

"I rather like this next one, he is full of excitement. Our fourth tribute and a Firebending master, Zorin!" Ezagon announced.

"Our next tribute is skilled with a katana and bows. Not to mention she has survived certain death before!" Siezio proclaimed.

"Let's hope she will not do it again for our sake." One of the tributes whispered. He was given an angry glare from Jian.

"Introducing the fifth of our tributes, Berani!" Siezio said.

"On to tribute #6," Ezagon said quickly. "Our next tribute is an assassin and the leader of her own group called the Polar Revolution, its Asaki!" He announced.

"Tribute #7 is a bit of a criminal from what we have heard," Siezio remarked. "Introducing, Naomi!"

"I feel kind of sorry for our eighth tribute. She has had such a rough life." Ezagon said.

"Wow, you feel sorry for someone, Ezagon?" Siezio said in shock.

Ezagon chuckled at this. "Come on, my friend. I thought you knew me better than that, of course not," the Gamemaker said. "Please welcome, Luna!" Ezagon announced.

"Next we have the prince of the Earth Kingdom himself, and not to mention he is quite the lover boy, tribute #9, Moku!" Siezio continued announcing. "Let's go on to our next tribute!" Siezio said.

"Ugh, this is getting boring. Let's make the rest show us what they can do." Ezagon suggested.

"And how will we do that?" Siezio questioned.

"By using our new holographic practice fighters!" Ezagon said, excitedly.

"Once again you impress me with that sick mind of yours, Ezagon!" Siezio commended his fellow Gamemaker. "So who will be first?" Siezio inquired.

"Our tenth tribute. The leader of a group known as the Anti-Benders, Jamie!" Ezagon answered. The Gamemaker summoned the holo-disk and a virtual fighter appeared before him. The young man known as Jamie, without a word launched himself at his virtual opponent, Chi-Blocking him to the ground and immobilizing him. Jamie then dealt the final blow by striking his opponent with his fist and the hologram disappeared.

"Well done!" Siezio declared. "I am very impressed by the hatred you have in your heart!"

These two are crazy. Jian thought to herself.

The next tribute stepped forward. "Let's see what our eleventh tribute can do." Siezio stated. "Introducing, Sha!"

Sha crept forward, slowly. "If you that last guy had a lot of hatred then you have not seen anything yet!" Sha remarked. He drew his hooked chain as his holographic opponent appeared. The virtual soldier lurched at him with a powerful punch but it's hand was cut clean of by one swing of Sha's chain. He then proceeded to impale the hologram by swinging his chain right towards it. Even the Gamemakers were shocked at how vicious he was.

"Now for our next tribute, the mighty yet kindly Earthbender Yun Zhen!" Ezagon threw out the holographic disk and Yun Zhen's opponent appeared before him. "Let's get this over with." Yun Zhen said, slyly. He shot an Earth pillar at his opponent, sending him flying before disappearing.

"Fantastic!" Ezagon declared.

"Yes it was," Siezio concurred. "Let's see what our next tribute can do! Tribute # 13, Chao Feng!" Chao Feng faced the hologram that had just appeared and knew this would be easy. He unsheathed his katana and silently sliced it's arms and head off.

"I rather enjoyed the simplicity of how he took him down." Siezio commented.

"As did I," Agreed Ezagon "Now feast your eyes on our fourteenth tribute, the Weatherbending leader of a group known as the Meteorologists, Kianna!"

As the holographic soldier appeared, Kianna summoned a storm cloud and shot a barrage of hail down on her opponent. "That is how it is done." She said.

"Outstanding!" Ezagon remarked.

"Here is our fifteenth tribute," Siezio started. "The supposed greatest assassin in the world, Feng!"

Feng drew an arrow and took aim at his opponent. The arrow hit it's target, dead on. "Come on, that was way too easy." Feng said.

"Now for our next tribute!" Siezio announced excitedly.

"Yes, it's the leader of yet another organization known as the Five Pillars, Haewa!" Ezagon finished his friends' sentence.

Haewa took out his Bo staff and slammed in into his holographic opponent several times, taking it down quickly.

"Now for tribute # 17!" Siezio announced. "This girl comes from our own universe and is quite skilled with a bow, introducing, Jian!"

Jian knew it was her time to shine. The hologram appeared and she took out her bow and aimed at the area where her opponent's heart should have been. She shot her bow and the robot instantly disappeared. "Now that was too easy." Jian said glancing at Feng who she could tell was tense with jealousy.

"Alright, now let's see what our eighteenth tribute can do!" Ezagon said. "The former Southern Peak Water Tribe Chieftess, Kyasin!" Kyasin's opponent appeared before her. She quickly took it down by bending water out of the air and turning them into ice spikes, sending them into the hologram and making it disappear. "Excellent!" Ezagon declared.

"I think we should hold back on the holograms for the rest of our introducing," Siezio decided. "I'm rather ready to see our tributes in action against each other!"

"I agree." Ezagon concurred.

"Then it is time to see our next tribute, the leader of the Air Nomads, years in the future it's Sonam!"

"Let's get on to our next tribute, the Firebender who uses shurikens, Ashley!" Siezio announced.

"And here is our twenty-first tribute, the lovable Airbending teen, Lee!" Ezagon said . "Our twenty-second tribute is a Firebending, sword swinging, Dark Lotus member, Feng!" Siezio said.

"Oh great, another Feng." Ezagon muttered to himself. "Let's meet our twenty-third tribute, a Demi-Avatar with wings! It's Iggy!" He finished.

"Now, last but not least, tribute #24!" Siezio continued with the announcing. "This one is an Avatar from the Foggy Swamp Tribe who has only mastered two elements so far, Ike!"

"Now that we have announced all of our tributes-" Ezagon started.

"Let the Blood Bath begin!" both of the Gamemakers announced. Everyone attending cheered, yelling for the fights to begin. Jian gulped, nervously. "It all ends here."

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