The Trial of the Heroes
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March 16, 2014

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The Unseen

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Vader's Temptation

Aang had gone flying on his glider to look around the Fire Nation. However, it was nightfall, and Aang was lost. He was flying through a field when he saw a strange temple standing right in the middle of the field. Aang landed in front of the temple and decided to go investigate. Halls with pictures of men wielding swords covered the area. Aang then entered the center of the temple.

A huge statue of a monk was in the middle of the temple. skeletons were everywhere. The bodies had robes and small hilts everywhere. Aang picked up one of the hilts. There was a red button on it. Aang pressed it.

A green blade of pure energy shot from the hilt. The weapon made a humming sound. Aang was stunned and amazed at the same time as he deactivated the device. Who could have constructed such a powerful weapon?

"Who could have built this temple?" Aang wondered aloud.

"It was constructed by the Jedi one thousand years ago Avatar," a deep voice boomed.

A chill went down Aang's spine as he whipped around. He knew who that voice belonged to.

Darth Vader.

Aang faced Vader and activated the weapon.

"The lightsaber is not your weapon of trade," Vader said.

So that was what this weapon was called. A lightsaber.

Vader activated his own red bladed lightsaber. Both of them paused, waiting for the other to strike.

Aang raised his weapon and brought it down on Darth Vader, but Vader raised his saber and blocked the attack. There was a loud electric crackle as their lightsabers made contact. The Dark Lord pulled away and swung, but Aang blocked. Aang brought his weapon down on the Sith Lord, but Vader raised his weapon and the two locked sabers. Vader pushed forward and Aang was knocked back, but the Avatar was on his feet in seconds. Both swung their weapons at the same time and clashed, Aang swung, but Vader blocked, Vader swung down, but Aang blocked, and the two locked sabers again. Vader swung backward and brought his weapon down, but Aang raised his weapon and blocked, Aang swung backward and then right at Vader, but the Dark Lord brought his saber down and blocked again, both brought their weapons down on each other and their sabers locked again. Both swung again and clashed, both swung at each other again and clashed. Both swung downward and clashed.

Aang was gasping for breath, and was already tired.

"I am impressed," Vader said.

"I'm just getting warmed up!" Aang said. Though he himself knew that was a lie, and Vader knew it too.

Aang attacked, and soon their sabers were moving faster than their eyes could follow. Suddenly, Vader swung hard and Aang's lightsaber fell out of his hand. Vader swung down, but Aang rolled out of the way. Vader leaped into the air and swung down, but Aang jumped out of the way. He saw another lightsaber. Aang raced over, picked it up, and turned it on. This lightsaber's blade was blue. Aang continued his duel with Vader.

After a whole hour of dueling Vader, Aang shot an air blast, sending Vader flying out the temple. Aang grabbed six lightsabers, one for himself, one for Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Suki. Aang snapped out his glider, and took off.

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