The Trial of Katara
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The Trial of Katara is the ninth chapter The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


Katara woke up as she heard the sound of boots thundering up the stairs. But she was trapped beneath Jet's body.

Soldiers stormed into the room. What did they see? Their captain, with a bloody knife sticking out of his back and there with him, the Gypsy girl. What had happened here?

Katara was arrested, accused of being a murderer and a witch. Even Miyuki the cat did not escape, they said she was a demon in disguise.

At the Fire Nation Palace, the court of judges came together for Katara's trial. She shaked with fear as the old men in the council of judges stared down at her.

A witness said that she saw Katara enter the building with Captain Jet, who looked as though he were under a spell.

The old woman then heard a scream from the bedroom, but when she entered, all she saw was a red-robed figure fly out of the window. The cat must have transformed into a phantom Fire Sage!

The judges talked together before casting their verdict: guilty of witchcraft and murder! This meant she would be sent to the gallows! They turned to Katara. Would she admit her guilt, or die showing no regret?

Katara denied the charges, she was innocent! But this angered the judges! She was taken down to the dungeon to be tortured. "I deny everything!", was Katara's statement.

As the torturer fit a buskin to her leg, he asked her once more to admit she was a witch! Bravely, innocent Katara refused. "No, I am innocent.", refused Katara.

As the screws were turned, the contraption cruelly spueezed the girl's leg. The pain was worse than she ever imagined. She screamed in pain and terror. "I confess! Have mercy!", screamed Katara.

Having confessed her guilt, Katara was thrown into a cold, damp cell to await her terrible fate. She was to be hung from the gallows at the place of grieving.

While there, she had an unexpected and unwelcome visitor, the wicked Fire Lord. He taunted her through the bars of her cell, describing how he stabbed Jet, and telling her that the handsome captain was dead. "The blade entered deep.", taunted Ozai. "Leave me, you monster!", sobbed Katara.

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